Boston Bombing Hoax - 2013

For all those who believe every word of your government and intelligence agencies such as the FBI, CIA, MI6, MI5 and Mossad then you need to think again.  Because the photos below show definitive proof that you the public have been massively deceived about all the terrorist bombing happening in Europe and America.  Below is cast iron evidence that the Boston Bombing was a hoax and staged event where nobody died and nobody got hurt except the 2 men who got falsely blamed for this fake bombing.  The people who took part in this event are nothing but frauds and traitors to humanity and you must count the American government, intelligence agencies and the media in that sentence as well.

On April 15, 2013, during the Boston Marathon near the finish line at 666 Boylston Street, an alleged bomb exploded at 2:49 p.m, allegedly killing three people and injuring 282 others.

Thirteen seconds after the first blast, at 3:02 p.m., a second alleged bomb exploded 180 yards down from the first explosion, also on Boylston Street. The photo below was taken from the perspective of the first explosion site, showing the second blast down the block.

Look at the picture below.  The first explosion went off right behind all the flags.  If it was a real bomb it would have knocked down all the flags but none of them were knocked down. Nothing flies into the street: no debris, no nails or pellets, and certainly no bodies or body parts.

David Steele, a former Marine and the second-highest-ranking civilian in the U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence says that most terrorists are false flag terrorists and were created by American security services.

This is what he had to say about the alleged terror incidents at Sandy Hook, Orlando and Boston.

“Most terrorists are false flag terrorists, or are created by our own security services. In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI. In fact, we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI informants that are trying to incite terrorism. We’ve become a lunatic asylum.”

Steele continues: “Boston bombing, for me, the truth teller was when the rabbis and the priests rushed to comfort the wounded and they were not allowed to get near any of the wounded. That, in intelligence, we call an indicator. And then you add to that the fact there were no, I mean no, wounded people taken to hospitals. And finally, you add to that the big to-do about the amputee. He turned out to be a hired actor for a company that specializes at putting amputees into battle field simulations. False flag. Boston was a practice attempt to lock down an entire city.”

Steele continues: “the actual bomb was a theatrical device. You don’t buy gun powder at a fireworks store to create a bomb. It just is not done. I had my explosive ordinance people look at this. Everybody laughed at this. This was school kids stuff. THERE WAS NO BOMB. There were no injuries. This was a false flag.”

But what we’re not told is that there was a bomb drill on that same day and mere yards from the marathon’s finish line.

How do we know it?

Because the Boston Globe newspaper on April 15, 2013, at 12:53 p.m., tweeted that according to police, there would be “a controlled explosion” on the 600 block on Boylston Street, across from the Boston Public Library. Here’s a screenshot of the first Boston Globe tweet.

Note that both Boston Globe tweets were published at 12:53 p.m. on April 15, 2013 — 1 hour 56 minutes before the first bomb detonated at 2:49 p.m. EDT.

University of Mobile Cross Country coach and runner Alastair Stevenson, who said he witnessed a drill the morning of the Boston Marathon and was instructed not to worry about it.

Alastair Stevenson stated:

“At the start line this morning they had bomb spotters on the roof of the building, and they had bomb sniffing dogs coming up and down at the start line, and Melanie [his wife] said there were bomb sniffing dogs at the finish line.” “They kept making announcements saying ‘citizens do not worry, this is just a training exercise”.

According to Stevenson this announced drill took place at the start line and around the nearby athlete’s village.

The intelligence agencies who co-ordinated this fake terror event then used the fake ‘terror drill’ explosions and made them into explosion created by 2 young Muslim men with back packs (patsies). Fake crisis actors where then used to play their part, feign injuries.

“The easiest way to carry out a false flag attack is by setting up a military exercise that simulates the very attack you want to carry out. As I’ll detail below, this is exactly how government perpetrators in the US and UK handled the 9/11 and 7/7 “terror” attacks, which were in reality government attacks blamed on ‘terrorists”, Eric H. May, a former U.S. Army military intelligence and public affairs officer.

Nathan (Nathaniel) Folks is a film producer and talent manager who has been in the entertainment industry since 1997 when he worked at Paramount Pictures marketing the blockbuster motion picture, Titanic, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

In an interview with the Voice of Russia’s John Robles, Folks says that back in April 2013 as he was watching the events of the Boston Marathon bombings unfold, based on his experience and expertise as a movie producer, he thought that some things just “didn’t add up” and became convinced that the bombings were a false flag designed to instil “the fear factor” in us, “to keep us scared for as long as they can.” The Boston bombing wasn’t real but a “hyper-reality film-making.” It was a “terrorism that never happened.”

Look at the picture below.  This is seconds after the alleged bomb had exploded.  16 people were supposed to have lost limbs here, where are they? Where is all the blood? Where are the 280 injured? This is not reality.

We are told Jef Bauman (below) lost 2 legs below the knee in this blast but the truth is he lost both legs in an accident years ago, but is going to pretend to have lost his legs at the marathon, “bloody” prostheses will need to be attached to his well-healed stumps, to get him ready for his photo op.  My guess is that the hooded man is attaching those prostheses in this image and the role of the African-American woman (in the red jacket) was to get in the way so cameras can’t catch exactly what he’s doing.

Again look at the photo above, if Bauman has just lost his legs blood should just be pouring down his thighs because he has got them raised.  But there is no blood. Later on the man in the grey hood lies down and pretends to be injured. What a laugh.

In the photo below the clean, dry bone of Bauman’s left calf is raised and is on the black woman’s head, but there is no blood. She is wearing a bright white shirt and it is wholly free of blood. The alleged double amputee is still in the crunch position, his hands now in front of his face.

In the photo below still no blood on Bauman's fake leg which is not possible.  You would lose consciousness after 3 or 4 minutes because of loss of blood.

Now look below the man in the hood has finished fitting Bauman's fake prostheses and he is all relaxed lying down and he does not look injured.  According to, Christian Williams also “nearly lost his right leg because of injuries suffered in the blast.”  Yet no injuries to either his hand or leg are visible in the photo below.

Christian Williams (below) on a GoFundMe page claims that he lost all the skin off of three fingers on his right hand in the “bombing.”  As of 5/8/13, he has collected $97,000 on that page.  Look at his right hand does it look like he has lost the skin, does he look in pain, does it look like he has nearly lost is right leg. He got well paid for his acting and fooling most of America and the world.

The man in the hood is now lying down pretending to be injured.  Notice the red paint: Blood is never such a bright red. Bauman is the man with a stick attached to one of his amputated legs. No blood in area where his leg was apparently severed and what is supposed to be a bone is much too thin and straight to be a lower leg bone. The expression on his face is entirely inconsistent with someone who just had both of his legs blown off.  You would be in terrible pain and he is not.

Moreover, a person with an injury this severe would not be conscious, and certainly he would not be ignored while aid workers attended to those with lesser injuries.

Look at the photo above were is the trail of blood along the road.  This is 6 minutes after explosion, he would have lost conciouness by now and he shows no pain for someone who has just lost both legs.

Dr. Lorraine Day, an orthopaedic trauma surgeon who for 25 years was Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery at St. Francisco General Hospital.  Dr Day says: “Wheel chairs may be available along a marathon route but they are NEVER found in ambulances, and wheelchairs are NEVER used to transport severely injured victims. When a victim has lost a lot of blood [as in the case of Jeff Bauman], he or she is always kept flat and transported on a gurney. To do otherwise would put the life of the victim at severe risk.  In Bauman’s case, if a person has both legs blown off, his blood loss would be so severe that if someone sat him up [as Bauman did], he would lose consciousness because his heart could not pump enough blood to supply his brain when he was in the upright position, and he would die, 4 or 5 days after Bauman had his legs blown off, he was photographed in the hospital giving a thumbs-up, happy-faced smile. “This is ludicrous.” When a person loses even one limb, there is a “grieving” process that goes on for weeks”.Dr. Lorraine Day

Carlos Arrendondo (below) was interviewed about the bombing, but almost everything he says about it is a lie.  He says all the flags were knocked down and they clearly were not. He says their was limbs all over the place and the photos prove there was not.  He was there to give the false story to the gullible public.

Look at Baumann below. Someone who lost both legs would spend at least a year recuperating. Instead, Bauman was at a Bruins hockey game on May 4, 2013 (see pic below), which was exactly 19 days after he had both legs blown off. That’s some miraculous recovery! Lying on the pavement, his left knee and thigh were perfectly intact.

Look at all the torn trousers below.  How is it possible for a bomb to shred your trousers like that but make no mark or damage to your leg, there is no blood on their legs. It is not possible for a bomb to shred your trousers like that and leave no damage to your leg. They are actors taking part in a drill.

Look at the photo below.  They have tied tourniquets around the knees when they should be tied tight at the top of the thighs.  Again were is the blood, there is none. On several videos this woman claimed she suffered huge blood loss from her legs, what a liar and what a joke.

Look below at the woman in pink.  She is clearly not hurt at all in the alleged bombing.  Then later she steps into her acting role and pretends to be injured

Now look below the woman in pink pretends to be injured in a wheelchair.

Look at the man in the sunglasses below, his surname is Brassard.  He is still standing after the alleged bomb has gone off and does not look in pain

Now sunglasses man has moved to lie under a window near the shattered glass but shows no pain and no blood.

The woman above in jeans is Brassards wife and she appears to not be injured and no blood on her legs.  

She claims shrapnel was embedded in both of her calves. Do you see anything protruding from the back of her legs?

In the photo below Mrs Brassard has walked away and comes back with fake blood on her leg and hand in the photos below.

Now look Mrs Brassard is back with fake blood which she has applied to her leg and hand.

Look at Brassards wife's hand below she has took her rings off and smeared her hand with blood and then put her rings back on her finger.

The picture below is pathetic. The tourniquet is on his ankles when it should be on his thigh and again there is no blood so why the tourniquet.  Again his leg is so badly damaged but he can hold it in the air like that.

Here is a close up of the sunglasses mans (Brassard) foot.  Clearly there is no blood on his shoe or foot but this liar claimed on his interview lying in hospital that every step he made  there was a pool of blood on the floor coming from his leg.

Listen to his wife in the video below admit every step he took there was a pool of blood. What a liar.

Below is sunglasses man Brassard lying in hospital with his bandages on his fake injured leg. You can see that the media (CNN) are part of this hoax as well. The Brassards collected thousands on a GoFund me page by all the gullible sheeple out there.

Look at the man below (Mr White), clearly not injured and when he sees a camera he tries to hide his face.  Then later we see him in a wheelchair.

Look at the elderly woman below this is the man above Mr Whites mother.  She is clearly not injured after the alleged bomb has gone off with no blood on her left hand or face or leg.  Later she is in a wheelchair with blood all over her left hand and face and leg.  The blood was added after because it was a hoax or staged event.

The man above in the red jacket is her husband. Look at her hand above no blood.

In the picture below she now has blood all over her left hand and face. They have applied fake blood for the photo shoot.

Why did the White family do this acting, one word, money.  Look at their GoFund me page below they have got $85,000 for a couple hours acting.  What traitors to the American people.

The woman below claims she lost both legs in this fake bombing.  Does she look in pain, do you see any blood, are her legs missing. In fact this woman like Bauman earlier is already a double amputee before this event and they pretend that they have lost their legs.

Below she is now in hospital showing off her stumps but she has been a double amputee for years now she will get some nice expensive prosthetic legs for free as well as a GoFund me page probably.

This picture below is so funny. A million tourniquets in the wrong place but no blood or injuries and no pain on the face.

Look at the woman below in the jeans and brown top. Clearly she is not injured as she is photographed in various locations after the alleged bomb has gone off.

But later we see her on crutches with bandages on her right leg but clearly you can see her right leg is fine.

Look at the photo above her right leg is not injured, no torn jeans, no blood.

Now look at the photo below she is on crutches and bandages are on her right leg posing for the cameras going to court to see an innocent man go to prison for for a bombing which did not happen.

Look at the woman below. Her legs look dirty but no injuries or blood or pain on her face yet she claims on interviews and videos that she broke both legs below the knee, what a liar. You would be in terrible pain if that was true and she is not in pain.

The best video showing this Boston hoax are by a Australian YouTuber called Peekay.  All of his videos were removed by Youtube for exposing the hoax but a copy of one of his videos is below.

The people who took part in this hoax are crisis actors and below is the possible form that they would fill in from the Department of Homeland Security.  Other companies that provide crisis scenarios and crisis actors are Crisis Solutions and Crisis Cast.

Chechen-American brothers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev were blamed for the bombing. Tamerlan was killed in a shootout and Dzhokhar was shot and then arrested.

The mother of the two, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva talked to RT news and expressed confidence her sons were framed by the FBI, alleging that they had been following Tamerlan in particular for at least 5 years.

The news of their involvement in the Boston bombing has largely been met with shock.

“I lived next to this family both in Chechnya and here, in Dagestan,” the neighbour told RT. “Their kids couldn’t have done that, they couldn’t have been involved.”

A similar reaction was heard in outpourings from those who knew them in America.

"I'm in complete shock," Rose Schutzberg, 19, who graduated high school with Dzhokhar told USA Today. "He was a very studious person. He was really popular. He wrestled. People loved him."

"They were controlling him, they were controlling his every step…and now they say that this is a terrorist act! Never ever is this true, my sons are innocent!” the mother exclaimed.

It would be indeed strange to suggest somebody so closely watched by the FBI could have plotted terrorist acts without setting off alarm bells. The FBI, however, has in the past been accused of enticing socially-aloof Muslims into plotting a terror act and then 'disclosing' and jailing them, claiming they just saved the world from another villain.

Ibragim Todashev was to be a witness at the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Todashev was then shot at point blank range by the FBI at his apartment, he was unarmed and the FBI has blocked the release of the autopsy report. His father accused the FBI of murdering his son in order to prevent him from testifying in court.  The murder of Todashev and the subsequent government-media cover-up raise the very real possibility that the young man was killed because he was in a position to reveal facts about Tamerlan Tsarnaev that would be highly embarrassing to the US government and various intelligence and police agencies.

The evidence provided by the FBI said the bomb was in a black rucksack but Tsarnaev had a white rucksack as the image below shows.  There was no bomb anyway just a loud firecracker.

Paul Craig Roberts (Former United States Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under President Reagan) states: “The documents argue that on the basis of the evidence provided by the FBI, there is no basis for the indictment of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The FBI’s evidence clearly concludes that the bomb was in a black knapsack, but the photographs used to establish Dzhokhar’s presence at the marathon show him with a white knapsack. Moreover, the knapsack lacks the heavy bulging appearance that a knapsack containing a bomb would have.  As readers know, I have been suspicious of the Boston Marathon Bombing from the beginning. It seems obvious that both Tsamaev brothers were intended to be killed in the alleged firefight with police, like the alleged perpetrators of the Charlie Hebdo affair in Paris. Convenient deaths in firefights are accepted as indications of guilt and solve the problem of trying innocent patsies. In Dzhokhar’s case, his guilt was established not by evidence but by accusations, by the betrayal of his government-appointed public defender Judy Clarke who declared Dzhokhar’s guilt in her opening statement of her “defense,” by an alleged confession, evidence of which was never provided, written by Dzhokhar on a boat under which the badly wounded youth lay dying until discovered by the boat owner and hospitalized in critical condition”.

Two young successful friendly men, the joy and pride of their family, with no history of radicalism, all of a sudden choose to commit a terror attack. No 'Allah Akbar' calls, no radical organization affiliation, not a hint of hatred noticed by those close to them. Tamerlan leaving a family behind, Dzhohar just a regular teenager with seemingly common teenage interests. Their actions have not brought around any evident benefit to either of them. It doesn’t add up, they were setup, simple as that.  No one died at Boston, no one got injured as the photos prove. It was all done by lying fake actors who got very well paid for their acting and lying.  They even had the nerve to make a movie about this fake event called Patriots Day, should have been called traitors day.

A person has to be extremely gullible and inattentive to believe the official story.  But that is what most Americans are.

That's right, the brothers are patsies. Whether or not they were trained terrorists with evil motives is besides the point. We know for a fact that Boston was a hoax and no one died. So in that respect, the brothers are innocent, killed and jailed wrongly. The trial was a hoax as well. The whole thing is one giant fraud.

What would be the motive for the fake Boston Bombing? 

Did you notice that martial law was imposed on an entire city (1.5 million). People were forced to stay in their homes and forced to have police enter their homes without warrant. Since one of the key elements of many false flag events is to frighten people into accepting more and tighter control, this one was a success. Didn’t you find that martial law was extreme to search for one man?

This piece below comes from Sheila Casey’s excellent article at

Why would they use actors at Boston?

 “The government has staged many terror attacks to achieve political goals, and they no doubt learned that one of their biggest headaches after such an attack was the grieving family members who kept pointing out the inconsistencies in the stories they were given about how their loved ones had died. For the citizen mindlessly ingesting standard news the official story may seem plausible. Not so for the highly motivated mother, husband or daughter of a victim, who latches on a like a bulldog and won’t let go until they get the answers they seek.

“But the perpetrators still need graphic images of human suffering to incite the kind of rage that prompts the citizenry to willingly surrender their rights and let the feds ignore the law and do as they please.

“The solution was evidently to stage terror attacks with actors, where no one actually gets hurt. In the case of the Boston Marathon bombing, they were able to achieve all the same goals that a real terror attack would have (such as testing whether it is possible to close down a city over a single teenage “terrorist” on the loose) without the nuisance of grieving, inquisitive family members.”

But there is another reason to use actors, perhaps more important than this one: it allows the perpetrators to script the entire event.

Does it ever seem odd to you that, of all the people who suffered horrific losses in Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing, no one is angry? Not a single parent from Sandy Hook questioned why no EMTs were allowed into the school to save wounded children. Jeff Bauman is evidently not angry that the only care he got in the first seven minutes came from a Costa Rican in a cowboy hat. There are no lawsuits. No victims, or families of victims, are even the least bit angry at the government, the emergency response, the media, or any “official” figure.

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