The Truth About Cancer

Right now the government we trust whether it be the United States, Canada, Europe or any

country, they are making sure that the public are consuming foods which absolutely DO cause disease

and then receive toxic chemicals as there so called "cures."

This is not good intention or accidental and if you think it is, then you need to really take a second

look at what is going on. So what is this so called "think tank" agenda behind devising such a plan? Well of course feed the

population with unlabeled GMO pesticide corn and soy, aspartame, dump fluoride in our water

systems, pump up our animals with antibiotic and hormones, oh and don't forget about the fructose corn syrup (HFCS) we consume regularly.

Then the planned choice of action when sickness prevails is: chemotherapy, pharmaceutical drugs

and radiation, and of course surgery. This is not coincidence. It's planned and planned well.

“I would like to dispel the myth that the pharmaceutical industry is in the business
of health care and healing. Because, in fact, what the pharmaceutical industry is in the
business of, is disease maintenance and symptoms management. They are not in the
business of curing cancer, Alzheimer’s or heart disease because if they were, they
would be in the business of putting themselves out of business and that does not make sense….

The pharmaceutical industry does not want to cure people.” Gwen
Olsen, former pharmaceutical industry insider and author of ‘Confessions of a Drug Pusher’

"The chief, if not the sole, cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been
Dr. Robert Bell, former Vice President, International Society for Cancer Research.

“From 1920 to the present time, we have made little progress in the treatment of adult cancers. So, a person who gets prostate cancer or breast cancer today will live as long as a person who got it in 1920.” (Charles B. Simone, M.MS., M.D., Founder, Simone Protective Cancer Center)

“Why are people terrified when they hear the word cancer? Because they know it [conventional cancer treatment] doesn’t work.” (Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D. Founder, Whitaker Wellness Institute)

“To the cancer establishment, a cancer patient is a profit centre. The actual clinical and scientific evidence does not support the claims of the cancer industry. Conventional cancer treatments are in place as the law of the land because they pay, not heal, the best. Decades of the politics-of-cancer-as-usual have kept you from knowing this, and will continue to do so unless you wake up to their reality.” John Diamond, M.D.

 “Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society are derelict in their duties to the people who support them.” (Dr. Linus Pauling 1986, Nobel Laureate)

Dr Day said “We can cure almost every cancer right now [1969]. Information is on file in the Rockefeller Institute, if it’s ever decided that it should be released.”  Dr Day continued “But consider – if people stop dying of cancer, how rapidly we would become overpopulated. You may as well die of cancer as something else”. He continued, “The plan was to control and cull the population through medicine, food, new-laboratory made diseases and the suppression of a cure for cancer.” Dr. Day said in the lecture that he would be in real trouble if this information got out. 

If you value your health and your children's then read about GcMAF.

GcMAF is an essential human protein our bodies make that removes a number of diseases including cancer. All 6 billion healthy humans make their own GcMAF.  If healthy we make around 10,000 cancer cells a day, but your GcMAF, which has six attacks on cancer, destroys them every day. In all GcMAF has 20 beneficial attacks on disease.

Nagalase is a protein made by all cancer cells and viruses.  Nagalase blocks production of GcMAF thus preventing the immune system from doing its job.  Without an active immune system, cancer and viral infections can grow unchecked.  So basically Nagalase can cause you to have cancer or other viral infections or diseases such as Autism.

Guess what, Nagalase is an ingredient in Vaccinations.

In 2014 bunch of doctors began turning up dead around the country (USA) under mysterious circumstances. Some twelve doctors died within three months and many were found under suspicious circumstances (such as randomly out in the woods or suffering sudden heart attacks even though they were young and in otherwise great health). 

Authorities quickly ruled some of the deaths suicides seemingly without even really investigating the circumstances surrounding the death. Some of the doctors were linked to each other through their research. These dead doctors all seem to have one thing in common: they were studying the effects of GcMAF and/or nagalase in regards to cancer patients or links in children with autism.

One of the more high-profile murders was that of Dr. James Bradstreet, whose body was discovered floating in a North Carolina river, a single gunshot wound to his chest.

Bradstreet, a renowned physician known for his skepticism of immunizations (particularly the MMR vaccine), and his progressive autism research, was raided by the FDA one week before his mysterious death. The details of the raid remain largely unknown. 

Personally affected by autism, as both his son and stepson were diagnosed with the condition, a significant portion of Dr. Bradstreet's work was dedicated to this cause. He even testified twice before the U.S House of Representatives about the link between vaccines and autism. 

Dr. Bradstreet was working with a little-known molecule that occurs naturally in the human body. GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor), which is the GC protein after it combines with vitamin D in the body, has the potential to be a universal cure for cancer.

As we all know, cancer is big business in this country. We're talking about a 124 billion dollar industry. A number that big is naturally a matter of "national security". One of our country's biggest products is cancer, so why anyone believes the system would ever allow a cure is beyond me. 

As such, it should come as no surprise information about groundbreaking research on GcMAF's cancer-fighting ability has not been widely distributed. In fact, we didn't learn about it at all until doctors started dying for researching it. While those who worked with it claimed it has reversed autism and cured cancer in studies (studies which had to be kept on the low down), consider this on the flip side: if the body is somehow inhibited in any way from producing GcMAF, the person's immune system is utterly compromised, allowing for all manner of diseases. This compound (or lack thereof) is linked to autism, cancer, diabetes, you name it. Without the body's ability to produce GcMAF, a person is set up to get sick and eventually die. 

An enzyme called nagalase excreted by cancer cells (and which is also a component in the envelope protein of viruses like HIV and influenza) is known to inhibit the body's production of GcMAF. 

Dr. Bradstreet et al. had all discovered in one way or another that nagalase is compromising the immune systems of people with autism and cancer etc. by inhibiting their bodies from producing GcMAF, but... 

Here's the bombshell: many of these dead doctors believed nagalase was being PURPOSEFULLY ADDED to the vaccines. 

Why? Population control. 

When GcMAF is given to autistic children it has completely erased their symptoms. That it has cured cancer. Alzheimer's. The list goes on and on. 

So, to sum it up, Nagalase inhibits GcMAF, a lack of which compromises the immune system, and nagalase is linked to autism, cancer, and all manner of diseases, and the dead doctors had reportedly all figured out in one way or another that nagalase was purposefully being added to our vaccines as slow kill. 

That's the theory. Think about that for a second. Let it sink in. 

And we're told we're horrible monsters if we don't shoot our kids up with massive doses of vaccines because they might get measles. 

We could ask a dozen doctors what they think about that theory, but... they're all dead. 

Cancer Statistics

5 Billion Per year has been spent on Cancer Research in the USA alone since Richard Nixon declared war on cancer in 1971.  That is over 200 billion dollars and yet over 550,000 Americans die of cancer every year, over 150,000 people in the UK die from cancer every year, worldwide the total deaths is about 7 million each year. So in the past 40 years 20 million Americans have died of cancer. But why is this when the American government has spent $200 billion on cancer research in the past 40 years. In the U.K, Cancer Research’s income was £621m in 2015. This is a massive failure by any account and I would go as far as saying it is fraud.  It is duping the masses out of their money to line the pockets of the Elite and Big Pharma.

The current path of drug company research will not lead to a cure for cancer (it has not in over 40 years) but it will lead to all the research dollars going into the coffers of the pharmaceutical companies.  Just think of them sobering statistics when someone is holding out a tin for cancer research when you next visit your local store and think where that money is going and for what purpose.  The myriad of charities and research institutions that make up the ‘cancer Industry’ exist only to support the profits of the criminal, Elite-controlled pharmaceutical industries.

The American Cancer Society (3% cure rates) receives more money in contributions, every ten minutes, than the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF) (90% cure rates) receives in a year!! That gives you an idea of the power of the media to control the minds of the general public. Yet, after 60 years of “looking for a cure for cancer,” the ACS still doesn’t have a clue what really causes cancer, much less how to cure it.

Let’s look at the percent of cancer patients who live for 5 years after diagnosis.  If you studied the American traditional medicine “5-year survival” charts.  The 5-year cure rate in America is 2.1%. In other words, in five years after diagnosis, 97.9% of the cancer patients treated with traditional cancer treatments, meaning those who trust the media and pharmaceutical industry, are dead.

Let’s look at things another way in 1900 1 out of 24 Americans had cancer in their lifetime. Think about that for a while.  In the 1940s it was one out of every sixteen people. In the 1970s it was one person out of ten. Today the cancer rate is 1 out of 2 for men and 1 out of 3 in women.  According to the American Cancer Society, Forty-one thousand (41,000) Americans (64 people per 100,000) died of cancer in 1900 (compared to 550,000 per year today). The conclusion is people were much healthier 100 years ago than we are today.  We lost the war on cancer a long time ago.

The fact is much of the food most of us eat today is not healthy for our bodies and does damage to our internal cells and organs.  Add to this fact we use far more chemicals in our household than we did back then plus, we have been forced into mass inoculation programs over the past 60 years plus some of the deadly additives put in our food such as aspartame, sorbitol, monosodium glutamate, fluoride in our water and toothpaste, chemicals sprayed into our atmosphere (Chemtrails) and Genetically Modified Foods.  It then becomes clear why 1 in 3 people now get cancer.

The simple truth is that there are cures for cancer but we are not allowed to know about them.

You may not know this, but there is an interesting – and disturbing – statistic regarding chemotherapy. You might be surprised to know that 75 percent of doctors surveyed in a 2013 report said they would refuse the treatment for themselves.

That's three out of four.

And do you know why? Because they know of its devastating effects on the body and the immune system, and they are well aware that chemotherapy generally has a low overall success rate. And yet, this ineffective treatment is prescribed for just about every cancer there is.

Fact is, chemotherapy is often worse than the disease it is supposed to treat. Indeed, chemotherapy itself usually leads to a quicker death because of the havoc it wreaks on the body, wiping out your immune system and leaving you vulnerable to some of the most common viruses and bacteria that, normally, you wouldn't be affected by in the least. A common cold, during chemotherapy, can often lead to pneumonia and death, thanks to the treatment's poisonous effects on your white blood cells.

Sadly, as reported by NewsTarget, statistics on chemotherapy-caused deaths are difficult to come by, because hospitals and oncology physicians always assign the blame to "cancer." How convenient that is – even if the eventual cause of death is infection that is caused or aggravated by chemotherapy-induced immune system weakness, the official death diagnosis is blamed on the cancer itself.  

Dr. Hardin B. Jones, a former professor of medical physics and physiology at the University of California, Berkeley, had been studying the lifespans of cancer patients for more than 25 years when he came to the conclusion that, despite popular belief, chemotherapy doesn't work. He witnessed a multitude of cancer patients treated with the poison die horrific deaths, many of them meeting their fate much earlier than other patients who chose no treatment at all. 

That knowledge may certainly disturb some people, especially if they have lost a loved one to this dreaded disease. But that doesn't make this fact any less true.

The good news is, there are legitimate, viable, natural alternatives to chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.  Take a look at for some natural alternatives.

Cancer, that ‘life-threatening disease’ and ruthless killer of countless millions of
mothers, fathers, sons and daughters in the last 100 years or more, is relatively easy to
cure and even easier to prevent.

Cancer research charities throughout the world today, only ever undertake
research that involves chemotherapy, radiotherapy and invasive surgery. If their
‘treatments’ don’t involve butchery, poisoning or radiating your body to such an
extent that your immune system becomes shattered and healthy cells will be destroyed
along with the cancerous ones, then they are not interested. Sometimes this
destructive course will lead to an apparent ‘cure’ but this is often very short-lived as
the disease returns to destroy what little is left of a devastated immune system, killing
the patient long-term anyway but without that person’s death appearing in the
statistics of ‘cancer victims’.
The myriad of charities and research institutions that make up the ‘cancer Industry’
exist only to support the profits of the criminal, Elite-controlled pharmaceutical
industries. In fact billions of pounds worldwide are siphoned from us, the poor
deluded masses, into the coffers of the already mega-rich through highly persuasive,
guilt-enhancing and fear-mongering advertising techniques as the controlled global
media report one false breakthrough after another with monotonous regularity. The
simple truth is that there are cures for cancer but we are not allowed to know about

The truth is there is evidence to suggest that the cure for cancer has been found but has been suppressed by governments, big pharma and the media.

Everyone should know that the 'war on cancer' is largely a fraud." Linus Pauling,
Nobel Laureate

“I keep telling people to stop giving money to ‘cancer research’ because no one is
frigging looking for a cure. We have several and they have been carefully hidden away
from public view...this is a multi-billion dollar per year industry and a ‘cure’ would put
a lot of people out of work.” Geraldine Phillips, cancer research worker, 2011.

Cancer Cure by Dr. Rife Suppressed

In the 1930,s a remarkable scientist was
professionally discredited and ruined for claiming to discover a cure for cancer and other diseases. Dr. Raymond Rife demonstrated the ability of specific radio-wave frequencies to disrupt viral and bacteria cells. Every biochemical compound, including single-cell organisms, oscillate with a unique

frequency vibration. Because germs are carbon-based life forms, they are susceptible to disruption by
radio frequencies. When the amplitude, or resonance, of the frequency is intensified, the cell can be
shattered and destroyed. By increasing the intensity of a frequency, Rife increased the natural
oscillations of one-celled bacteria and viruses until they distorted and disintegrated from structural
stresses. A crude analogy to this effect is a glass shattering when a singer sounds a high note.

In fact, there are narratives of many successes. A Special Research Committee of the University of. Southern California confirmed that Rife frequencies were reversing many ailments, including cancer.

By 1934, Rife had isolated a virus that incited cancer cells and stopped it by bombarding it with
radio frequencies. He was successful in killing both carcinoma and sarcoma cancers in more than
four hundred tests on animals and in using his frequencies to cure sixteen cancer patients diagnosed as
terminal by conventional medicine.

Soon enough, the established medical community realized that this device not only would wreck the
pharmaceutical industry, but damage medical practices in general. Cures meant fewer visits to the
doctor. Opposition immediately came from Dr. Thomas Rivers of the Rockefeller Institute, who had
not even seen Rife’s equipment in operation.

Overworked and underfunded, Rife and his associates were easy targets for attack. The health
authorities made false claims against him, altered his test procedures so that his demonstrations
would fail, and made impossible demands on him

Rife’s troubles turned more serious. His lab was ransacked on several occasions, but no suspect
was ever caught. He was also harassed by health officials. Baseless and costly lawsuits were brought
against him resulting in his bankruptcy. The suits, some filed by persons with connections to
pharmaceutical corporations, ultimately failed. The USC’s Special Research Committee was
disbanded, Rife was marginalized, and his device today is available only as a costly research
instrument employed by a few doctors and private citizens. Rife died a broken man in 1971.
Although Rife’s work has been confirmed by scientists and researchers outside the United States,
the conventional medical community still ignores the benefits of this technology and continues to
prosecute those who do.

There is a veritable mountain of overwhelming evidence and examples which support
the theory of collusion between activities of Western governments, especially the
United States, along with other prominent members of the ‘medical Elite’ to prevent
an effective cancer treatment being promulgated.

Lets take a look at the conventional cancer treatments.

“Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon or lung cancers. This fact has been documented for over a decade. Yet doctors still use chemotherapy for these tumours. Women with breast cancer are likely to die faster with chemo than without it.” - Alan Levin, M.D.

Research published in The Lancet Oncology showed that chemotherapy kills up to 50% of cancer patients in some hospitals. Almost 1,400 patients with either breast or lung cancer died in England in 2014 within a month of being given chemotherapy,  A British study looked at more than 23,000 women with breast cancer and nearly 10,000 men with non-small cell lung cancer who underwent chemotherapy in 2014. Of those treated 1,383 died within 30 days.

The primary reason for this is that most of them currently in use are highly poisonous, not just to cancer but to the rest of the body as well. Generally, they are more deadly to healthy tissue than they are to the malignant cell. The cellular poisons used in orthodox cancer therapy today cannot distinguish between cancer and non-cancer cells.

The immune system is hit particularly hard by chemotherapy and often does not recuperate enough to adequately protect from common illnesses, which can then lead to death. Some 67 percent of people who die during cancer treatment do so through opportunistic infections arising as a direct result of the immune system failing because of the aggressive and toxic nature of the drugs.

Chemotherapy can cause side effects such as: nausea, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, cramps, and progressive weakness.  Other Effects on the body, Hair cells are fast growing, so the hair falls out during treatment, reproductive organs are affected causing sterility.  The brain becomes fatigued, eyesight and hearing are impaired.

Every conceivable function is disrupted with such agony for the patient that many of them elect to die of the cancer rather than to continue treatment.

You might be surprised to know that 75 percent of doctors surveyed in a 2013 report said they would refuse the cancer treatments (Chemo, Radiotherapy, Surgery) for themselves.  That's three out of four.  That’s nice of them they then try and persuade us gullible people to have it.  Because they know of its devastating effects on the body and the immune system, and they are well aware that chemotherapy generally has a low overall success rate.  And yet, this ineffective treatment is prescribed for just about every cancer there is.

In reality there are many alternative cancer treatments available which have no side effects and have a better cure rate than conventional treatments.

But why are the vast majority of doctors against alternative cancer treatments and
why would they actively encourage you to undergo known-to-be-dangerous
treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery instead of trying natural
Unfortunately, doctors are against these treatments because from the first day of
Elite-controlled medical school, they are brainwashed into believing that disease can
only be effectively treated by those methods proscribed by Big Pharma. They most
certainly will have been led to believe that there are no cures for cancer, when in
reality there are several, none of which will enhance the profits of Big Pharma or
sustain the payments on a senior hospital consultant’s Bentley convertible.

Most cancer drugs cost in the region of £25,000 per annum per patient. In the US
this payable either by the individual or by their health insurer (assuming they are
adequately insured) whereas in the UK this is paid by the NHS (National Health
Service). However, whichever way, the fact is that this is the amount paid into the
coffers of Big Pharma, per person, per annum and when you consider the number of
people worldwide who suffer from and die from cancer each year, I am sure you can
do the maths. What incentive is there for any organisation whose first responsibility is
always to maintain a profit for its shareholders and owners, to discover a cure? I
submit that there is none at all and this is the reason for the utter failure (despite the
eloquent hype) of Big Pharma in their self-styled ‘war on cancer’.

Most doctors believe not only that what they were taught in medical school must
be true, but they also believe that what they were not taught cannot be important and
as a result of this are unable to comprehend anything that falls outside of their area of
knowledge. Most doctors are still thinking ‘inside the box’ when it comes to cancer
and doctors who do think for themselves instead of regarding their learning as gospel
and treat the actual cause of disease rather than the symptoms are regarded as ‘quacks’
and are subjected to huge pressure, ridicule and threats to conform.

At McGill Cancer Center there was a poll taken by accredited scientists which included 118

doctors who are all considered experts on cancer.

If these doctors were to be stricken with cancer, they were asked which "experimental" therapy

they would choose from. 3 out of 4 denied all chemotherapy choices due to its devastating effects on

the immune system and body and of course the low success rate. They also concluded they would not

allow their family members to go through the process either.

So please explain to me and the public and help me understand why almost 75% of doctors we put

our trust into are still recommending chemotherapy to their patients when they themselves won't touch

it with a 10 foot pole?

It is not a well-known fact that everyone on Planet Earth has cancer
cells in their body - we do, we are born with them. What we must recognize is that cancer cells only
become active and a threat to our tissues and organs when an acidic environment in our bodies has
developed from the foods we have consumed. An acidic body environment allows the cancer cells to
multiply and grow. The danger of cancer disease starts when otherwise passive cancer cells start

multiplying rapidly in the body. For cancer cells to do that, an acidic environment has to have
developed in the body and the food cancer cells thrive on has to be present. cancer cells do NOT show up in the typical modern diagnostic test results until they have multiplied to a few BILLION active cancer cells in the body. It takes years for them to reach this number. Some people think that cancer appears so suddenly in the human body, in fact, billions of cancer cells don’t usually appear suddenly but over considerable periods oftime.

If we allow an acidic environment to persist in our system day after day, month after month, year
after year, the cancer cells will be incentivized to MULTIPLY.

Research has proven that terminal cancer patients can have an acidity level 1,000 times greater than
normal healthy people. An acidic body is a body that is highly vulnerable to cancer disease.
Research has proven that the disease cannot survive in an alkaline body state in contrast to the
disease’s ability to thrive in an acidic environment.

The basic truth and therefore an important piece of knowledge to understand and accept is that our
bodies simply cannot fight diseases if our body pH is not properly balanced to an alkaline state. An
acidic body becomes a magnet for over 150 diseases like cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis,
arthritis, heart disease, gall and kidney stones, and many more.

PH Imbalance

One of the most common causes among people who have been stricken with disease comes down to pH imbalance.
When your body is over acidity this becomes extremely dangerous as it weakens all body immune
systems, as apposed to a pH balanced body which allows the body to function normal and resist
disease. When you look at a healthy body it is maintaining the adequate alkaline which it needs to
meet your bodies emergency demands.
When we have excess acids that must be stabilized our alkaline reserves are eaten up leaving the
body in a weakened state and vulnerable. The fact is, a pH balanced diet, according to many leading
experts is the vital key to a long healthy lifestyle. Disease being caused by an acid alkaline imbalance
is not new to the medical world, and now people are starting to take notice and are taking hold to
understand how to maintain a healthy body pH on their own.
You can monitor your own body pH levels in the comfort ofyour home with pH strips which you
can purchase just about anywhere.
The majority ofpeople that have an unbalanced pH are acidic. When your body pH is acidic it
forces the body to borrow minerals which include sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium from
our vital organs and bones to neutralize the acid and to safely remove it from the body. Due to this
stress being caused, the body can suffer severe and prolonged damage due to high acidity.

Top 10 Alkaline Foods

1. Lemons
2. Cruciferous Vegetables
3. Capsicum
4. Root vegetables like carrots, parsnips, turnips, jicamas, and radishes
5. Garlic
6. Banana
7. Seaweeds
8. Organic gelatin
9. Avocado
10. Baking soda

Sugar is the Killer

Way back in 1924 Dr. Otto Warburg discovered the main biochemical cause of cancer,

or what differentiates a cancer cell from a normal, healthy cell. Dr. Otto Warburg

was actually awarded the Nobel Prize for this big discovery.

Cancer has only one prime cause. It is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of the body's cells by an anaerobic [i.e.,

oxygen-deficient] cell respiration. -Dr. Otto Warburg

What else does Warburg's discovery tell us? It tells us that cancer metabolizes much

differently than normal cells. Normal cells need oxygen. Cancer cells despise oxygen.

Another thing this tells us is that cancer metabolizes through a process of


Warburg was the first to describe in detail the dependence of cancer cells on glucose and glycolysis

in order to maintain viability following irreversible respiratory damage. He considered respiration

and fermentation as the sole producers of energy within cells, and energy alone as the central issue

of tumorigenesis.

“We need to know no more of respiration and fermentation here than that they are energyproducing

reactions and that they synthesize the energy-rich adenosine triphosphate, through

which the energy of respiration and fermentation is then made available for life” Dr. Otto Warburg.

If you've ever made wine, you'll know that fermentation requires sugar.

The metabolism of cancer is approximately 8 times greater than the metabolism of

normal cells.

The body is constantly overworked trying to feed cancer. The cancer is constantly

on the verge of starvation and thus constantly asking the body to feed it. When the

food supply is cut off, the cancer begins to starve unless it can make the body produce

sugar to feed itself.

The wasting syndrome, cachexia is the body producing sugar from proteins (you

heard it right, not from carbohydrates or fats, but from proteins) in a process called

glycogenesis. This sugar feeds the cancer. The body finally dies of starvation,

trying to feed the cancer.

Now, knowing that one's cancer needs sugar, does it make sense to feed it sugar? Does

it make sense to have a high carbohydrate diet?

The reason Food Therapies for cancer even exist today (beyond the fact that they

work) is because someone once saw the connection between sugar and cancer.

There are many food therapies, but not a single one allows many foods high in

carbohydrates and not a single one allows sugars, BECAUSE SUGAR FEEDS


Sugary drinks kill 180,000 people annually through diabetes, cancer and heart

disease, a recent Harvard study claims

Sugary drinks aren't just fattening - they're deadly, according to a new study out of Harvard.

The study links roughly 180,000 deaths annually in the USA to sugar-sweetened beverages, including

soda, sports drinks and fruit drinks.

Specifically, sugary drinks are linked with 133,000 deaths from diabetes, 6,000 deaths from cancer,

and 44,000 deaths from heart disease worldwide.

Of nine world regions, Latin American and Caribbean countries had the most diabetes-related deaths

associated with sugary drinks, while East and Central Europe/Asia claimed the most heart-related


Overall, among the world's 15 most populous countries, Mexico had the highest rate of deaths

associated with sugary drink consumption, with roughly 317 deaths for every million adults.

You might be thinking that you are consuming drinks that have “0 Sugar” or “NO sugar”. And why

do you think there is not much difference in taste and they still sweet? The answer is Artificial

Sweeteners and one of them is a very dangerous one by the name of Aspartame.

What You Should Not Eat

NO hydrogenated oils, NO trans-fats, (all cold pressed oils, such as sunflower seed oil, olive oil, Only use extra virgin olive oil if essential.


NO animal fats, NO pork (pigs are the cleaners of the earth and their meat is loaded with toxins.

Ham, bacon, sausages, etc should be avoided)

NO seafood (lobsters, clams, shrimp, all fish with a hard shell are cleaners of the sea and are

loaded with toxins...)

White regular pasta is eliminated, as is white bread, (Spelt pasta and bread is a better choice than

wheat as many cancer patients have an intolerance to wheat, whole Rye, Oat, Multigrain bread is


Corn is very discouraged (because of mold and genetic modification issues).

No cows milk. Try oat milk or almond, coconut milk.

NO ice cream or dairy products (other than the cottage cheese and some cheese)

No fizzy drinks, diet coca cola etc..

NO white sugar, molasses, maple syrup or preservatives.

NO processed foods (NO store bought pastries)

NO Soy products

Avoid pesticides and chemicals, even those in household products & cosmetics. Good old vinegar,

as well as baking soda are excellent household cleaners (look on the Internet for more info)

NO microwave, NO Teflon or aluminium cooking ware or aluminium foil. Stainless steel, ceramic,

cast iron, glass and corning cooking wear are fine.

What you should eat to make your body more alkaline

Start paying attention to the foods you eat so you can understand your eating habits. Start
consuming more alkaline-forming foods. Your daily ratio should be the 80/20 rule; 80% alkaline
foods to 20% acid-forming foods. This will be the best tactic to start re-balancing an acidic body pH.
Some acid-forming foods include dairy products, meat, cooked foods, sugars, refined flour and
salts. Some great Alkaline-forming foods that you can include in your diet today are fruits and
vegetables such as onions, beets, broccoli, lemons, carrots, leeks, mangoes, asapargus, melons, sweet
potatoes, almonds and flax seeds just to name a few.
NOTE : If you have been diagnosed with cancer, stay away from all acid forming foods as
much as you possibly can.

Drink lemon water everyday, several times a day. I have included this in my daily ritual as it tastes
great and is very high in alkaline. Lemons, grapefruit and limes are high alkaline-forming foods. The
great thing about lemon water is it will enhance liver function and it provides the important
antioxidant vitamin C which fights free radicals which damage healthy cells. Also to make your body more alkaline you should drink a cup of water with 2 spoons of sodium bicarbonate.

Chlorophyll significantly raises the pH of foods so that they are more alkaline forming. Foods that
are rich in chlorophyll (which give the plants their green color) are asparagus, cucumbers, green
beans, bell peppers, peas, sprouts, parsley and all leafy greens.

A point to not is our health system, hospitals
and dieticians are constantly feeding our loved ones that have been afflicted with this awful disease,
these acidic foods knowing that they specifically speed up the growth ofcancer cells.

Here are some of main foods that feed cancer cells and speed up growth.

Sugar is the number one food item that feeds cancer and allows the cells to grow and divide at a
rapid rate. Highly processed carbohydrates are sugars. By eliminating sugar and refined
carbohydrates from the diet this cuts offthe food supply to the cancer cells. Sugar substitutes, refined
flour and trans-fatty acids damage the body and numerous studies link them to cancer.
Also be aware that refined carbohydrates are turned rapidly into sugar in the stomach to produce
what body builders and others refer to as a "sugar rush".
Dairy and all mucus-forming foods should also be avoided. Cancer feeds on mucus, especially in
the colon. Eliminating milk and milk based products helps starve cancer cells.
Processed foods, carbonated beverages, coffee, alcohol, chlorine and fluoride fall into the
category offoods and substances that interfere with healing and fuel the cancer's growth.
Remember that an acid environment fuels cancer growth. Meat based diets make the body acidic.
You must understand that meat protein is difficult to digest and requires a lot ofenergy and digestive
enzymes. Undigested meat becomes putrefied and leads to toxic buildup.

Alternative Cancer Treatments

For a more in depth look at alternative treatments go to Below are some of the most recognizable ones.

Carrots Cured a Woman’s Cancer

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating, and the prospect of chemotherapy can be extremely off-putting to those who are concerned about its ravaging effects on the body and its questionable efficacy. Some people are taking their health into their own hands, and stories abound of people who have found success with natural treatments.

After undergoing surgery for colon cancer, Ann Cameron declined chemotherapy. When the cancer subsequently spread to her lungs, her doctor said her life expectancy was just two or three years, and once again recommended chemotherapy to help extend her life just a bit. A reluctant Cameron took it upon herself to research alternative treatments in the hopes of avoiding chemotherapy.

"I read everything I could find on the internet about alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation. I already had a list of twenty or so recommended substances that didn't work, that my husband had tried for six months before dying of lung cancer in 2005."

She discovered a story about Ralph Cole, who said that he killed some small cancer cells in his neck by drinking five pounds of juiced carrots every day. She was taken by his story, and felt she had nothing to lose. He wasn't selling anything and seemed sincere, so she decided to start drinking five pounds of carrot juice on November 17, 2012.

Just ten days later, she got the disheartening news that the tumors in her lung were growing rapidly. Nevertheless, she continued to decline chemotherapy and drank her carrot juice.

After another CT scan on January 7, she got the news that the cancer in her lungs had stopped growing. Other tumors in her body were shrinking, and she had fewer swollen lymph nodes. After just eight weeks of carrot juice, she appeared to be heading into remission. Interestingly eight weeks was also the amount of time it took Cole to get rid of his neck cancer.

Things continued to look up for her. Another CT scan at the end of March showed that her cancer had not grown, and that her tumors continued to shrink. By August, she was told her cancer was gone, and her lymph nodes had returned to normal.

Falcarinol in carrots has cancer treatment potential

The compound in carrots that is believed to be responsible for this effect is falcarinol, and there are calls for more research into its potential as a cancer treatment. Cameron said that her doctor told her she couldn't recommend anything besides chemotherapy due to a lack of research into alternative options.

She said: "My understanding is that M.D.'s must rigidly conform to recommending chemotherapy or radiation, and nothing else, lest they fly in the face of proven published research and cause a patient's injury or death with unorthodox advice–which could get them a big medical negligence law suit. So you can bring up carrots, or cabbage, or curcumin with your doctor, but even if they are interested, they are not free to recommend these substances to you."

While Cameron's experience is anecdotal, the many benefits of carrots are well-documented.

Carrots full of health benefits

Research from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, for example, has shown that falcarinol from carrots can destroy pre-cancerous cells found in tumors. In the study, which was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, this phytonutrient was found to reduce the risk of cancer by one third, and the doctor who led the study, Dr. Kirsten Brandt, suggests that people eat at least one carrot each day along with other fruits and vegetables for maximum health.

Juicing carrots increases the assimilation of the cancer-fighting compound falcarinol. It is also believed to increase the availability of carotenoids, which provide anti-aging and heart health benefits, by as much as 600 percent. Of course, you'll want to use organic carrots or you could be introducing toxic substances into your body.

Thankfully, carrots are one superfood that is relatively easy to grow at home. Many people turn to home growing for healthier living so that they can rest assured that their produce was not treated with any pesticides. The Health Ranger's Mini-Farm Grow Box can help people grow their own organic food and save money over the long run, making it an integral part of leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Thyroid Cancer cured with Raw Food

When Dr. Ruby Lathon, an engineering professional, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, she dreaded the thought of undergoing surgery and taking medications. While such treatments are typically the go-to solution in situations like hers, such drastic measures were something she hoped to avoid. So, whereas many people give in to traditional medical advice without exploring other options, Lathon did otherwise.

"I decided to try an alternative, holistic approach to cure it rather than go through surgery and be on medications all my life," said Lathon. She explains that she gave herself one year to beat her cancer by completely changing her lifestyle. She eliminated all processed foods and stopped her dairy intake and instead juiced daily, ate only raw foods and always made sure to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables.(1)

The results?

Before her one-year time frame to test the effectiveness of this dietary shift was even up, she says that she was declared as cancer-free.

"I've always had a firm belief that the body can heal itself," she said, crediting her new dietary lifestyle for the turnaround in her health.(1)

These days, Lathon is completely devoted to her healthier lifestyle. Not only is she involved in seminars and workshops that teach about the healing powers of whole, plant-based foods as well as self-healing and spirituality, but she provides others with healthy recipes on her YouTube channel, TheVeggieChest. Just some of the many recipes found there include a raw beet jicama salad with spicy lime dressing, an egg-free quiche and a raw sun-dried tomato hummus.

A raw food diet has healed several others with a variety of health problems

Several others like her have discovered the health benefits of a raw food diet. Stacy Stowers had debilitating fibromyalgia that kept her in a state of chronic pain for almost 20 years. When she began a raw foods diet, she was able to get out of bed within 10 days; now, she's been free of her pain ever since.(2)

Then there's Amanda Brocket, who struggled with systemic candidiasis. In addition to constantly fighting intense sugar cravings, she was always fatigued, mentally and physically. She decided to detox and consume raw foods. Just two months into maintaining this lifestyle, she says she was symptom-free.(3)

Consuming raw foods can also be an effective breast cancer treatment. When Janette Murray-Wakelin was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer and told she only had six months to live, she turned to raw foods and within the same time period that she was told she might die, she was instead given a cl

Green Barley Leaf Extract

Bob Davis cured himself from cancer with Barley Leave extract.

In April 1996, I went to the hospital as an outpatient for an x-ray. They found that I had massive cancer. I had a mass in my abdomen a foot wide and several inches thick. Further, I had several masses in my chest, some of them "the size of soft balls". It was also determined that I had cancer in my bone marrow.

I was immediately converted into an "in" patient and started on a very heavy chemotherapy program. I had chemo in April, May, and June, with no effect on the cancer. It seemed to thrive on the stuff.

It was the middle of June when my doctor told me that the chemo wasn't working. He later told me that another treatment would kill me. I knew that this was true because my body was ravaged by the chemo. I was curled up in a fetal position unable to sleep or eat. I was emaciated and had excruciating pain all through my body.

I asked my doctor what we were going to do. He said, "Try..........something else".

The previous February I had called a college chum who had devastating arthritis. He couldn't climb stairs or drive his car. I asked him how he was doing and he said "Fantastic"! He told me that he was taking an herbal product and it had eliminated his arthritis in three weeks. I asked him what it was and he said "Dried green barley leaves". He gave me the 800 number and I ordered a bottle for my wife who has arthritis.

It was the middle of June as I mention above, that I received a phone call from the owner of the company that provides the dried green barley pills. She asked me how I was doing on the pills. I told her that I wasn't using them. I had gotten them for my wife and they helped her when she remembered to take them.

I then said the most fortunate thing I have said in my life. I said, "I'm fighting another battle". She asked me what it was and I told her that it was cancer. She said, "Oh, Mr. Davis, You don't know do you"? I asked her what was it that I didn't know and she said, "Don't you know that cancer and arthritis can't grow in an alkaline body"? I told her that I had never heard that before.

To make a long story short (one of my favorite phrases), I started taking the pills and in ten days my cancer was 95% gone! My next Ct scan showed no cancer in my body and I have been cancer free ever since.

I was checked last month and I am still cancer free. I still take 20 200 mg tablets of dried green barley every day. It costs me a whopping 95 cents or so.

What is Barley Leaves Extract?

For one it's delicious, green powder, revolutionary and most importantly packed with all the

essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll, and antioxidants in a naturally balanced form.

The amazing power of young barley leaves helps you restore your body pH easily.

Barley Leaves Extract helps fight:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Liver problems
  • AIDS
  • Allergies
  • Body odor
  • Aging
  • Wrinkles and tired skin
  • Free radical formation just to name a few
  • Our bodies need enzymes to function properly. There has been more than 3,000 enzymes identified

    in the human body and they all work in different ways. Barley Leaves Extract contains hundreds of

    essential live enzymes to facilitate vital body functions.

    Barley Leaves Extract is an alkaline/acid balancer which is so often lacking in most western diets.

    Barley is one of the most alkaline foods known to man. Because of the natural calcium, beta carotene,

    protein, iron, other vitamins and minerals, plus live enzymes, this aids the body to either return to an

    alkaline state or continue to stay in an alkaline state, which is vitally essential!

    The point to take away is that Green Barely Leave Extract builds the immune system on a cellular

    level and balances your body’s pH levels which are critical for a healthy body

    How Barley Leaves Extract Fight Cancer

    The barley leaves extract contains an enzyme known as peroxidase. This enzyme makes

    carcinogenic substances harmless and prevents normal cells from becoming cancerous.

    They also contain a large amount of antioxidant vitamin A, C, and E, which supress carcinogenic

    substances. Since these vitamins work together in Barley Leaves Extract, it is entirely possible that

    they might be more effective in conquering cancer than when used individually.

    Barley Leaves contain Vital Vitamins

    They are the complete source of vitamins in its natural form. Barley Leaves Extract contains an

    amazing number of vitamins, such as carotenoids (which convert to vitamin A), vitamins B1, B2, B6,

    C, E, niacin, choline, biotin, and essential amino acids.

    Cannabis Oil

    A 33-year-old father from the U.K. is completely cancer-free, but not because of chemotherapy or radiation. David Hibbitt's doctors diagnosed him with a "terminal" case of bowel cancer that they said would kill him within 18 months, but he successfully eliminated this cancer on his own by taking therapeutic doses of cannabis oil at a cost of about $75 per month.

    Initially opting for chemotherapy, radiation and surgery -- and watching this all fail -- Hibbitt decided to take control of his own health by researching his condition online. When he came upon information outlining cannabis oil as a viable treatment alternative, he decided to give it a go with amazing results.

    According to the Daily Mail Online, Hibbitt went the cannabis route as a last-ditch effort when all else failed, and it turned out to be the best decision he could have made. As of January, medical scans show that Hibbitt is completely cancer-free, all thanks to the concentrated cannabis oil that he took from small vials provided by a local dealer.

    "Friends had told me about cannabis oil and I dismissed it at first," Hibbitt explains. "I've never been into drugs. But in February last year I was told I only had 18 months to live, and I felt I had to try everything I could. I felt like chemo was killing me and I had nothing to lose. I couldn't accept I was going to die."

    Like with most other natural cancer treatments, nearly all of which are outlawed in the U.S., cannabis oil is still regarded as "unproven" or even "dangerous" by the establishment, which would rather that cancer patients undergo poisoning than consume a healing plant with literally dozens of healing compounds found nowhere else in nature.

    If you told people cannabis is a potential cure for cancer a few decades ago, you probably wouldn’t be taken seriously. But as it turns out, the plant may very well cure cancer and other serious conditions.

    Few people have fought harder to raise awareness of the plant’s healing power than Rick Simpson, who distributes hemp oil for sufferers of cancer and other diseases. Instead of charging for it, he gives his oil away out of compassion for those who suffer.

    He made it his mission to heal others after healing his own cancer with hemp oil, because he was shown that the medical establishment has no interest in cannabis as a cancer treatment and he felt it was his duty to share the oil and raise awareness.

    He’s an example of someone who passionately fights for what’s right, and he continues to fight for the rights of the suffering while distributing the oil and healing anyone he can.

    We can support his work by helping those who are still in the dark to become aware that cannabis is an effective treatment for an array of serious medical conditions, and a few passionate activists can only do so much by themselves.

    Rick Simpson. Credit:
    Rick isn’t the only activist by far, but his story is inspiring to anyone who wants to stand up for the cannabis plant and for the people who use it to cure or lessen the severity of their illnesses.

    He’s cured an impressive number of people, and it’s alarming that the Canadian government has ignored his results and even prosecuted him for giving out his oil. It should be on the front page of every newspaper in every country that cannabis is healing people’s cancer, and we should have our best, and most honest, scientists on the case.

    We can only rely on anecdotal evidence until we actually study the plant’s medicinal uses, but fortunately, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence to support the claims that marijuana is medicine. People are starting to open up to it, and while we still have a long way to go, we have people like Rick to thank for the progress we’ve made so far.

    So who exactly is this miracle medicine man?

    Zach Reichard at Medical Jane tells us about Rick and what led him to disburse the oil.

    “Rick Simpson is a medical marijuana activist who has been providing people with information about the healing powers of Hemp Oil medications for nearly a decade now. Rick cured himself of a metastatic skin cancer back in 2003, and has since then devoted his life to spreading the truth of hemp oil.

    “He has met an absurd amount of opposition and lack of support from Canadian authorities, as well as pharmaceutical companies, government agencies for health, and UN offices.

    “Despite that fact, Rick Simpson has successfully treated over 5,000 patients (free of charge), and believes that all forms of disease and conditions are treatable. He states that it is common to have all types of cancer and diseases cured with the use of high quality hemp oil as a treatment.” 

    Zach lists some of the conditions Rick has treated.

    “Rick has treated patients will all types of conditions including, but not limited to, cancer, AIDS, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, leukemia, Crohn’s disease, depression, osteoporosis, psoriasis, insomnia, glaucoma, asthma, burns, migraines, regulation of body weight, chronic pain, and mutated cells (polyps, warts, tumors).” (2)

    The oil heals cancer by destroying the cancer cells.

    “Rick Simpson believes that the oral ingestion of hemp oil seeks out, and destroys cancer cells in the body. When used as a topical, hemp oil can control or even cure various skin conditions such as melanomas.

    “However, as with any ‘drug’, too much hemp oil may cause some side effects; the most notable three are hungry, happy, and sleepy.

    “This is an extremely safe medication compared to the hundreds of drugs that are approved with little to no study, and provided to patients that experience horrible side effects including death. Nobody has ever died from cannabis in any form.” (3)

    Zach also shares a recipe to make the oil.

    Again, if we have anecdotal evidence that cannabis destroys cancer cells, the next logical step to take as a society is to study it so we can prove whether or not it’s a cure. It’s difficult to study the cannabis plant since its illegal, but if we can get past this, we can finally figure out what it does for the human body and put it to use.

    The fact that it’d be easier to study is a good enough reason to legalize it, and if we do have a surefire cancer cure at our fingertips, we’re committing treason against our own species by turning it away.

    Lincoln Horsely at Cure Your Own Cancer explains how Rick healed his cancer with hemp oil.

    “Someday the name ‘Rick Simpson’ will be a household name. He will be known as the man who rediscovered the cure for cancer by everyone. Rick’s journey to finding the cure for cancer starts back in 2003. In 2003 Rick was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma skin cancer.

    “He had 3 spots of cancer on his body. 2 on his face and 1 on his neck.  Rick’s decision on how to handle this diagnosis would be world changing.” (4)

    Rick had already been using the oil for another medical condition, and he decided to apply it to the spots on his skin. To his surprised, it worked.

    “After not having much luck with surgery Rick decided to try something different. For almost a year Rick had been extracting the oil from the cannabis plant and ingesting it orally. He had been taking the oil for other health reasons but the cancer diagnosis reminded him of something and gave him an idea.

    “He remembered a radio headline he heard almost 30 years earlier.  The radio headline had stated that the University of Virginia had found the cannabinoid in cannabis THC could kill cancer in mice.  He figured that if it kills cancer in mice it would kill his cancer too.

    “Rick’s decision was to apply cannabis oil to his skin cancer. He applied his cannabis oil to some bandages and put them on the skin cancer. After 4 days of waiting he decided it was time to see if anything had happened under the bandages. To Ricks surprise the cancer was gone. His cannabis oil had cured his cancer.” 

    Nobody would listen to Rick about the oil, so he started to disperse it himself.

    “Rick tried to tell his doctor but they wouldn’t listen. He even went to the cancer organizations and tried to get their help but nobody wanted anything to do with his discovery. At that point Rick took matters into his own hands.

    “He started growing cannabis on his own land and producing his own cannabis oil. He gave the oil away for free to anyone who needed it. Even after having his home raided multiple times and having over 2600 cannabis plants cut down and taken by the RCMP he still continued to produce the oil and help others.” (6)

    In Lincoln’s opinion, we should all be grateful for what Rick has done.

    “Its now been over 10 years since Rick began his journey to tell others that cannabis oil can cure cancer. Rick has healed over 5000 people personally with this amazing oil not to mention the countless others all over the world who have heard his story and have been healed.

    “The world owes this great man a thank you for his bravery and persistence in making sure that everyone everywhere knows about cannabis oil and what it can do.” (7)

    We still have some work to do before cannabis is accepted by everyone, and despite Rick’s accomplishments, most people are still unaware that it can cure cancer. While the world is generally starting to accept cannabis, there are still people who criticize it because they think it’s the right thing to do.

    They’ll realize some day that this plant they were raised to believe is harmful is actually one of the most important plants to our species’ sustainability, and we can make them aware sooner if we’re willing to stand up for cannabis.

    For more info. take a look at the book Cannabis Oil Cures by Michael Skinner

    More Natural Cancer Cures - Sodium Bicarbonate

    The Budwig Protocol

    Dr. Johanna Budwig was a genius and a seven-time alternative Nobel Prize nominee. Dr. Budwig

    was a qualified pharmacologist, chemist and physicist with a doctorate in physics who worked as the

    chief expert-consultant for drugs and fats at the former Federal Institute for Fats Research.

    Dr. Budwig discovered that healthy people with a normal/healthy pH contained greater levels of

    Omega 3 essential fatty acids than from blood of someone that was ill.

    The Dangers of Hydrogenated Oils

    She discovered that most extract the oil for plants, sunflowers, corn, ect by using chemicals and

    extreme heat, whereby they are no longer alive and are actually dead oils that will cause death to the

    user. To understand, she explained that they are tough oils meaning dead and that is why they can have

    a life shelf of over 20 years.

    Due to this, these oils get into our cell membranes and destroy the electrical charge. Without this

    charge our cells will eventually suffocate.

    Johanna Budwig successfully helped over 2,400 people with cancer and other illnesses regain

    their health with her protocol while she was still alive.

    The Budwig approach allows you to learn how to treat the cause of many types of cancers

    including breast cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer, prostate cancer, bone cancer, cervical cancer,

    stomach cancer, carcinoma, bladder cancer, leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease, and skin cancer just to

    name a few.

    Their protocol teaches you how to correct the DNA production cells from bad ones to good ones.

    When followed correctly they have an 80% to 93% success rate which is unheard of. They even offer

    a special test which is called the VEGA Testing Device. This will determine if your illness is caused

    by dental problems, congested liver/gallbladder/kidneys, chemical related, nutritional deficiencies,

    emotional trauma or hormonal imbalance.

    The Budwig Diet that people use at home is as follows;

    Budwig Diet Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese (FOCC) or quark recipe:

    Generally, each tablespoon of Flaxseed Oil (FO) is blended with 2 or more tablespoons of low-fat

    organic Cottage Cheese (CC) or quark.

    To make the Budwig Muesli, blend 3 Tablespoons of flaxseed oil (FO) with 6 Tbsp. low-fat(less

    than 2%) Quark or Cottage Cheese (CC) with a hand-held immersion electric blender for up to a


    If the mixture is too thick and/or the oil does not disappear you may need to add 2 or 3

    Tablespoons of milk (goat milk would be the best option). Do not add water or juices when blending

    FO with CC or quark. The mixture should be like rich whipped cream with no separated oil.

    Remember you must mix ONLY the FO and CC and nothing else at first. Always use organic food

    products when possible.

    Now once the FO and CC are well mixed grind 2 Tbsp. of whole flaxseeds and add to the mixture.

    Please note that freshly ground flax seeds must be used within 20 minutes after being ground or they

    will become rancid. Therefore do not grind up flaxseeds ahead of time and store.

    Next mix in by hand or with the blender 1 teaspoon of honey (raw non-pasteurized is


    For variety you may add other ingredients such as sugar free apple sauce, cinnamon, vanilla,

    lemon juice, chopped almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews (no peanuts), pine kernels, rosehipmarrow.

    For people who find the Budwig Muesli hard to take these added foods will make the

    mixture more palatable. Some of our patients have even added a pinch of Celtic sea salt and others

    put in a pinch of cayenne pepper for a change

    (Optional) Add ground up Apricot kernels (no more than 6 kernels per day). Or you may decide to

    eat these apricot kernels on their own

    Nausea - Some people get nausea from the ground flaxseeds, to counter this by taking a small bowl

    of papaya immediately afterwards. Also put a lot of papaya into the morning muesli too, it may be

    there is a special enzymes in the papaya that quells the nausea.

    The Basic Rule with the Budwig anti-cancer diet is "if God made it then it’s fine and try to eat it in

    the same form that God made it".

    Here are some foods that many are not sure of, but they are accepted on the Budwig diet.

    Stevia, raw non-pasteurized honey, dates, figs, berry and fruit juices serve as sweeteners.

    Herbs in their natural form (pure nothing added)

    All nuts (raw unroasted) are fine except peanuts

    All seeds good, sunflower seeds are very complete and filling

    Raw un processed cocoa, shredded (unsweetened coconut) and rose hip puree

    Cup of black tea is accepted (coffee beans are toxic and not recommended)

    Any flour is permissible as long as it's 100% whole grain. Corn is generally believed by the group

    to be an exception because of mold/fungus and genetic manipulation

    2 or 3 slices of health food store pickles (no preservatives! - read label!)

    Freezing cottage cheese /Quark as well as fruits and vegetables is ok.

    VERY IMPORTANT: The flaxseed oil must always be kept in the refrigerator. It will keep for 12

    months in the freezer. Arrange to purchase as direct as possible from a manufacturer (like Barlean's)

    and when it arrives put it right away in the refrigerator. Or arrange with the local health shop to keep

    a supply in the refrigerator for you.

    Brussel Sprouts

    Lets take a look at an extraordinary green vegetable and the studies and findings in relation to its cancer

    preventative qualities.

    You'll find nearly 100 studies in PubMed (the health research database at the National Library of

    Medicine in Washington, D.C.) that are focused on Brussels sprouts, and over half of those studies

    involve the significant health benefits of this cruciferous vegetable in relation to cancer. This

    connection between Brussels sprouts and cancer prevention exists since Brussels sprouts provide

    special nutrient support for three body systems that are closely connected with cancer development

    as well as cancer prevention.

    These three systems are:

    1. The body's detox system

    2. Its inflammatory/anti-inflammatory system.

    3. Its antioxidant system

    Chronic imbalances in any of these three systems can increase risk of cancer, and when imbalances in

    all three systems occur simultaneously, the risk of cancer increases significantly. Among all types of

    cancer, prevention of the following cancer types is most closely associated with intake of Brussels

    sprouts: bladder cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and ovarian


    Research has shown that the cancer protection we get from Brussels sprouts is largely related to four

    specific cancer-preventive components in special combination found in this cruciferous vegetable.

    A recent study has shown improved stability of DNA inside of our white blood cells after daily

    consumption of Brussels sprouts in the amount of 1.25 cups. Interestingly, it's the ability of certain

    compounds in Brussels sprouts to block the activity of sulphotransferase enzymes that researchers

    believe to be responsible for these DNA-protective benefits.

    Brussels sprouts are now known to top the list of commonly eaten cruciferous vegetables in terms of

    health benefit. Their total glucosinolate content has been shown to be greater than the amount found in

    mustard greens, turnip greens, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, or broccoli. Glucosinolates are important

    phytonutrients for our health because they are the chemical starting points for a variety of cancerprotective

    substances. All cruciferous vegetables contain glucosinolates and have great health benefits.

    Herbs & Spices


    Over the past several years, numerous studies have emerged on

    the benefits of Turmeric and on its anti-cancerous properties.

    Curcumin, which is present in Turmeric (Curcuma Longa), is a

    powerful antioxidant. Turmeric is also a powerful anti-inflammatory

    and is very effective in treating all kinds of inflammatory diseases as

    well as arthritis, tendinitis, injuries, etc. The plant is also a powerful

    blood purifier and is highly effective in reducing excessive

    cholesterol. Turmeric is very safe and has been used in Chinese

    medicine for more than 4,000 years.


    Ginger has a long history of use as an anti-inflammatory and many of

    its constituents have been identified as having anti-inflammatory

    properties. Ginger has been shown to be more effective against

    bacterial staph infections than antibiotics. It can kill cancer cells.

    Its anti-inflammatory effects are already famous. It can resolve

    brain inflammations and ease or cure a variety of gut problems,

    such as ulcerative colitis and acid reflux. And ginger can even

    alleviate the effects of gamma radiation. It has also been indicated for

    arthritis, fevers, headaches, toothaches, coughs, bronchitis,

    osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, to ease tendonitis, lower cholesterol

    and blood pressure and aid in preventing internal blood clots.


    Medical scientists, who have new evidence of its potency against

    cancer and heart disease, are now rediscovering garlic, recognized for

    its healing powers in ancient times. Sulphides, which are found in garlic

    in large amounts, stop the growth of tumors and inhibit carcinogens.

    According to the National Cancer Institute, garlic lies among the top

    of the list of foods ingested as a potential weapon against many

    types of cancer. Garlic is a natural, potent antibiotic, antiviral and

    antifungal herb. A study done at Boston University School of

    Medicine conducted tests in which garlic proved to be as effective as

    an antibiotic in killing 14 types of bacteria in reoccurring infections.

    Garlic has also been shown in some studies to decrease high

    blood sugar, boost metabolism, inhibit growth and formation of

    cancer cells, prevent inflammation, and alleviate allergies and asthma.


    Cayenne pepper has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant,

    antiseptic, diuretic, analgesic, expectorant, and diaphoretic

    properties. According to an article published in the “Indian Journal of

    Cancer” in Jan-March 2010, there are other substance in chili peppers

    and cayenne, known collectively as capsaicinoids, offer anticancer

    benefits. Capsaicin appears to induce cancer cell death by

    blocking several proteins and interrupting signaling pathways

    required for cancer cell growth survival and proliferation.


    Wheatgrass should be recognized as very important for your body as it has the amazing ability to

    cleanse the blood, organs and gastrointestinal tract of debris and toxins; it increases the red bloodcell

    count and it also lowers blood pressure! Wheatgrass also stimulates your metabolism and the

    body’s enzyme systems by enriching the blood. It aids in reducing blood pressure by dilating the

    blood pathways throughout the body.

    Wheatgrass fights tumors and neutralizes toxins.

    Recent studies show that wheatgrass juice has a powerful ability to fight tumors without the usual

    toxicity of drugs that also inhibit cell-destroying agents. The many active compounds found in

    wheatgrass juice cleanse the blood and neutralize and digest toxins in our cells. 

    As you know, chemotherapy and radiation treatments - as well as killing cancer cells - produce a lot

    of toxins, and a course of chemotherapy can destroy a lot of healthy cells. This is where wheatgrass

    comes as a hugely powerful rejuvenating and detoxifying tool.

    The enzymes and amino acids found in wheatgrass can protect us from carcinogens like no other food

    or medicine. It strengthens our cells, detoxifies the liver and bloodstream, and chemically

    neutralizes environmental pollutants.

    Wheatgrass juice also restores alkalinity to the blood. The juice’s abundance of alkaline minerals

    helps reduce over-acidity in the blood. It can be used to relieve many internal pains, and has been

    used successfully to treat peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, constipation, diarrhea, and other

    complaints of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Wheatgrass is a concentrated source of many nutrients, especially Beta-carotene (Vitamin A),

    Calcium, Iron, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Folic acid, Vitamin B6 and other trace


    Perhaps the reason this juice works so well for the human body is that Wheatgrass has a

    remarkable structural similarity to our own blood. Wheatgrass Juice is one of the best sources of

    living chlorophyll available. It contains 70% chlorophyll, chlorophyll being the basis of all plant


    Science has proven that chlorophyll arrests growth and development of unfriendly bacteria and

    helps to destroy free radicals. Chlorophyll (wheatgrass juice) has a nearly identical chemical

    structure to hemoglobin (red blood cells), which is the body's critical oxygen and iron-carrying

    blood protein. Dr. Birscher, a research scientist, called chlorophyll "Concentrated Sun Power." He

    says chlorophyll increases function of the heart, affects the vascular system, the uterus, the

    intestine and the lungs. According to Dr. Birscher, nature uses chlorophyll as a body cleanser.

    Diet & Nutrition

    Always alkalize your system by eliminating the food that contains too much acidity from your diet
    and include Wheatgrass fresh juice on its own or combined with other organically grown fruit or
    vegetable juices according to your taste. It is necessary to remove excess acidity and toxic
    chemicals from the body before health can be restored. To remove excess acidity from the tissues it is
    necessary to build up a reserve of alkalinity through an alkaline (vegetarian) diet, supplemented
    with fresh fruit and vegetable juices and alkaline minerals. Then this alkalinity must be moved
    around the body by any technique that works, such as exercise, massage, yoga, manual lymph
    drainage, etc.

    Avoid, at any cost, all dairy products including milk, cheese, yogurt, cream and ice cream with the
    one exception of organic butter in small quantities. Include delicious versions of organic cereals and
    nuts based “milk” drinks such as Almond Milk, Brown Rice Milk, Hazelnut Milk, and Oat Milk.

    The digestive system requires a rest periodically, even if just one day each week. Restricting the
    quantity of food consumed gives the system an opportunity to cleanse itself. The consumption of fresh
    juices made from organically grown fruits and vegetables during this time of reduced food
    consumption provides alkalinity to neutralize the acid wastes released from the tissues. It is
    important to understand that the doctors are not recommending "fasting" in the sense that you consume nothing
    but water. Rather they are recommending a liquid diet of fresh juices for a brief period.

    Most people don’t drink enough fluids every day and are chronically dehydrated without realizing
    it. We usually tend to drink liquids when feeling thirsty and this is already a critical stage for the body
    by then. As a result, the kidneys are quite overworked. A lot of people think that the more fluid they
    drink the more the kidneys must work to remove it. However, what is difficult for kidneys is to
    remove waste. Removing fluid is easy for the kidneys.

    it is not good for your digestion to drink water less than 15 min
    before meals and not sooner than 40-45 min after meals.

    Read the ingredients of all products you buy and make sure there are no sugar, soy, soybean oil,
    canola oil, bleached or unbleached wheat flower, soy flower, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), corn
    syrup, trans fat, MSG, Aspartame, artificial sweeteners or dairy products.

    Cook food using only coconut oil or virgin olive oil. Steam food rather than boiling when possible