Hollow Earth: Theory or Real? 

Over the years, there has been a proven fascination with what may lay within the core of our own planet.
More than a hundred years ago, the famous science fiction writer Jules Verne wowed us with an eerie
tale entitled Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Around the same time that Verne’s creation was originally published, there was a strong belief among many
that our planet was actually hollow and populated by a race of super beings. Many decades
later, Hitler saw these entities as being part of an advanced “Aryan Race” whom he hoped to
communicate with. Less known is a very rare manuscript that has been privately circulated for many years among
metaphysical students, The Smoky God, which is presented as the true story of Olaf Jansen who
actually sailed into the Inner Earth and was befriended by giants the likes of whom have not walked
on the outside of our planet since early Biblical times.

Not too long ago humanity believed that the world was flat and that the Sun revolved around the
Earth. Humanity was so sure of this that it became an established “fact”.
When Galileo presented evidence that proved the Earth revolved around the Sun, he was not only
ridiculed but he was imprisoned because his findings were such a radical departure from accepted thought

A similar situation exists today with the new revelation that the Earth is possibly hollow at its core.
Hollow Earth Researchers have presented evidence, based on their research of how planets are
formed, that our Earth is not solid as our textbooks have taught us to believe.

The Story of Olaf Jansen's Journey to Inner Earth

My name is Olaf Jansen. I am a Norwegian, although I was born in the little seafaring Russian town of
Uleaborg, on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Bothnia, the northern arm of the Baltic Sea. My parents
were on a fishing cruise in the Gulf of Bothnia, and put into this Russian town of Uleaborg at the time
of my birth, being the twenty-seventh day of October, 1811.

It was from Franz Josef Land that Olaf Jansen and his father
sailed northeast through a lead in the ice on July 1, 1829, and
accidentally discovered the North Polar Opening into Our
Hollow Earth.

My father was in high spirit, because of the excellent and gratifying returns he had received from our last catch by marketing at Stockholm, instead of selling at one of the seafaring towns along the Scandinavian coast. He was especially pleased with the sale of some ivory tusks that he had found on the west coast of Franz Joseph Land during one of his northern cruises the previous year, and he expressed the hope that this time we might again be fortunate enough to load our little fishing-sloop with ivory, instead of cod, herring, mackerel and salmon.

Leaving Stockholm and arriving in Franz Josef Land, Olaf's father declared that, "There was a tradition that still farther northward was a land more beautiful than any that mortal man had ever known, and that it was inhabited by the 'Chosen.'.". They decided to forge on and find this incredible place!

After escaping a fierce storm and perilous icebergs they sailed smoothly for eleven days, always in what seemed to be a northerly direction. Thirsty, they noticed that they were in fresh water and refilled their drinking casks.

Our little fishing-sloop sprang forward as if eager as ourselves for adventure. Within thirty-six hours we were out of sight of the highest point on the coast line of Franz Josef Land. We seemed to be in a strong current running north by northeast. Far to the right and to the left of us were icebergs, but our little sloop bore down on the narrows and passed through channels and out into open seas - channels so narrow in places that, had our craft been other than small, we never could have gotten through.

On the third day we came to an island. Its shores were washed by an open sea. My father determined to land and explore for a day. This new land was destitute of timber, but we found a large accumulation of drift-wood on the northern shore. 

Around the 1st August the sea grew calm and they saw what they assumed was a reflection of the sun or a planet, except that it never moved.   "It is a mock sun," exclaimed my father. "I have read of them; it is called a reflection or mirage. It will soon pass away."

But this dull-red, false sun, as we supposed it to be, did not pass away for several hours; and while we were unconscious of its emitting any rays of light, still there was no time thereafter when we could not sweep the horizon in front and locate the illumination of the so-called false sun, during a period of at least twelve hours out of every twenty-four. A few days later they reached the shores of a mighty river, which further carried them inland for another ten days. Along the banks were great forests, with gigantic trees, that stretched for miles.

One day soon after this, I felt exceedingly drowsy, and fell into a sound sleep. But it seemed that I was almost immediately aroused by my father's vigorous shaking of me by the shoulder and saying: "Olaf, awaken; there is land in sight!" 

The compass, which we had fastened back in its place, in fear of another storm, was still pointing due north, and moving on its pivot, just as it had in Stockholm. The dipping of the needle had ceased. What could this mean? Then, too, our many days of sailing had certainly carried us far past the North Pole. And yet the needle continued to point north. We were sorely perplexed, for surely our direction was now south.

We sailed for three days along the shoreline, then came to the mouth of a fjord or river of immense size. It seemed more like a great bay, and into this we turned our fishing-craft, the direction being slightly northeast of south. By the assistance of a fretful wind that came to our aid about twelve hours out of every twenty-four, we continued to make our way inland, into what afterward proved to be a mighty river, and which we learned was called by the inhabitants Hiddekel.

We continued our journey for ten days thereafter, and found we had fortunately attained a distance inland where ocean tides no longer affected the water, which had become fresh.

Along the banks great forests miles in extent could be seen stretching away on the shore-line. The trees were of enormous size. We landed after anchoring near a sandy beach, and waded ashore, and were rewarded by finding a quantity of nuts that were very palatable and satisfying to hunger, and a welcome change from the monotony of our stock of provisions.

It was about the first of September, over five months, we calculated, since our leave-taking from Stockholm. Suddenly we were frightened almost out of our wits by hearing in the far distance the singing of people. Very soon thereafter we discovered a huge ship gliding down the river directly toward us. Those aboard were singing in one mighty chorus that, echoing from bank to bank, sounded like a thousand voices, filling the whole universe with quivering melody. The accompaniment was played on stringed instruments not unlike our harps.

It was a larger ship than any we had ever seen, and was differently constructed.

"The immense craft paused, and almost immediately a boat was lowered and six men of gigantic stature (about 12ft tall) rowed to our little fishing-sloop. They spoke to us in a strange language. We knew from their manner, however, that they were not unfriendly. They talked a great deal among themselves, and one of them laughed immoderately, as though in finding us a queer discovery had been made. One of them spied our compass, and it seemed to interest them more than any other part of our sloop."

As I was a lad in only my nineteenth year, I was doubtless looked upon as a true Tom Thumb. My father's six feet three did not lift the top of his head above the waist line of these people. 

Finally, the leader motioned as if to ask whether we were willing to leave our craft to go on board their ship. "What say you, my son?" asked my father. "They cannot do any more than kill us." 

Within a few minutes we were on board the ship, and half an hour later our little fishing-craft had been lifted bodily out of the water by a strange sort of hook and tackle, and set on board as a curiosity.

There were several hundred people on board this, to us, mammoth ship, which we discovered was called "The Naz," meaning, as we afterward learned, "Pleasure," or to give a more proper interpretation, "Pleasure Excursion" ship.

To resume my narrative of events: The ship on which we were sailing came to a stop two days after we had been taken on board. My father said as nearly as he could judge, we were directly under Stockholm or London. The city we had reached was called "Jehu," signifying a seaport town. The houses were large and beautifully constructed, and quite uniform in appearance, yet without sameness. The principal occupation of the people appeared to be agriculture; the hillsides were covered with vineyards, while the valleys were devoted to the growing of grain.

I never saw such a display of gold. It was everywhere. The door-casings were inlaid and the tables were veneered with sheetings of gold. Domes of the public buildings were of gold. It was used most generously in the finishings of the great temples of music.

Vegetation grew in lavish exuberance, and fruit of all kinds possessed the most delicate flavor. Clusters of grapes four and five feet in length, each grape as large as an orange, and apples larger than a man's head typified the wonderful growth of all things on the "inside" of the earth.

The great redwood trees of California would be considered mere underbrush compared with the giant forest trees extending for miles and miles in all directions. In many directions along the foothills of the mountains vast herds of cattle were seen during the last day of our travel on the river.

We were taken overland to the city of "Eden," in a conveyance different from anything we have in Europe or America. This vehicle was doubtless some electrical contrivance. It was noiseless, and ran on a single iron rail in perfect balance. The trip was made at a very high rate of speed. We were carried up hills and down dales, across valleys and again along the sides of steep mountains, without any apparent attempt having been made to level the earth as we do for railroad tracks.

Olaf Jansen and his father lived with the giants beneath the earth for two full years before deciding to return home. They tried setting off to the north, where they had entered, but found the cold winds pushing them south. So they traveled toward the South Pole, where after many, many months they returned to the surface.

Unfortunately, they became trapped between icebergs, and later found themselves at the mercy of collapsing ice shelves. Olaf’s father died, while he was left stranded on top of a floating iceberg.

Eventually, he was saved by a passing fishing vessel, though his respite was short-lived. After sharing his story with the ship’s captain, he was locked away to be examined by their on-board physician. When he returned home, he was considered insane and placed in a “madhouse” for about 28 years. An unfortunate end to an otherwise extraordinary tale.

You can read the full story at www.ourhollowearth.com

or the books 

Adventure into the Inner Earth-The Testament of Olaf Jansen by Rev.Melissa Smith

The Smokey God by Timothy Green Beckley

Rear Admiral Richard E.Byrd

Rear-Admiral Byrd (1888-1957) of the US Navy was a distinguished pioneer aviator and polar explorer who made the first flight over the North Pole on 9 May 1926 and then led numerous exploratory expeditions to the Antarctic, including the first flight over the South Pole on 29 November 1929.

Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd found the entrance to Our Hollow Earth during his 1947 flight, as described in Amadeo Giannini's 1959 book, Worlds Beyond the Poles.

Giannini wrote, "This United States Navy's polar exploratory force was preparing to embark upon one of the most memorable adventures in world history. Under the command of Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd, U.S.N., it was to penetrate into land extending beyond the North Pole supposed end of the Earth ... As the hour approached for the air journey into the land beyond, Admiral Byrd transmitted from the Arctic base a radio announcement of his purpose, but the announcement was so astonishing that its import was lost to millions who avidly read it in the press headlines throughout the world...The words of the message were momentous: 'I'd like to see that LAND BEYOND the Pole."..."That area BEYOND the Pole is THE CENTER OF THE GREAT UNKNOWN!"

Subsequently, "...the admiral and his airplane crew accomplished a physical flight of seven hours duration in a northerly direction beyond the North Pole. Every mile and every minute of that journey beyond was over ice, water, or land that no explorer had seen...As progress was made beyond the Pole point, there was observed directly under the plane's course ice less land and lakes, and mountains where foliage was abundant. Moreover, a brief newspaper account of the flight held that a member of the admiral's crew had observed a monstrous greenish-hued animal moving through the underbrush of that land beyond the Pole."

Excerpt from the Diary of Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Feb. March 1947
0910 Hours - Vast Ice and snow below, note coloration of yellowish nature, and disperse in a linear
pattern. Altering course foe a better examination of this color pattern below, note reddish or purple
color also. Circle this area two full turns and return to assigned compass heading. Position check
made again to base camp, and relay information concerning colorations in the Ice and snow below.
0910 Hours - Both Magnetic and Gyro compasses beginning to gyrate and wobble, we are unable to
hold our heading by instrumentation. Take bearing with Sun compass, yet all seems well. The controls
are seemingly slow to respond and have sluggish quality, but there is no indication of Icing!
0915 Hours - In the distance is what appears to be mountains.
0949 Hours - 29 minutes elapsed flight time from the first sight ing of the mountains, it is no illusion.
They are mountains and consisting of a small range that I have never seen before!
0955 Hours - Altitude change to 2950 feet, encountering strong turbulence again.
1000 Hours - We are crossing over the small mountain range and still proceeding northward as best
as can be ascertained. Beyond the mountain range is what appears to be a valley with a small river or
stream running through the center portion. There should be no green valley below! Something is
definitely wrong and abnormal here! We should be over Ice and Snow! To the portside are great
forests growing on the mountain slopes. Our navigation Instruments are still spinning, the gyroscope is
oscillating back and forth!
1005 Hours - I alter altitude to 1400 feet and execute a sharp left turn to better examine the valley
below. It is green with either moss or a type of tight knit grass. The Light here seems different. I
cannot see the Sun anymore. We make another left turn and we spot what seems to be a large animal
of some kind below us. It appears to be an elephant! NO!!! It looks more like a mammoth! This is
incredible! Yet, there it is! Decrease altitude to 1000 feet and take binoculars to better examine the
animal. It is confirmed - it is definitely a mammoth-like ani mal! Report this to base camp.
1030 Hours - Encountering more rolling green hills now. The external temperature indicator reads 74
degrees Fahrenheit! Continuing on our heading now. Navigation instruments seem normal now. I am
puzzled over their actions. Attempt to contact base camp. Radio is not functioning!
1130 Hours - Countryside below is more level and normal (if I may use that word). Ahead we spot
what seems to be a city!!!! This is impossible! Aircraft seems light and oddly buoyant. The controls
refuse to respond!! My GOD!!! Off our port and star board wings are a strange type of aircraft. They
are closing rapidly alongside! They are disc-shaped and have a radiant quality to them.  This is fantastic. Where are
we! What has happened. I tug at the controls again. They will not respond!!!! We are caught in an
invisible vice grip of some type!
1135 Hours - Our radio crackles and a voice comes through in English with what perhaps is a slight
Nordic or Germanic accent! The message is: 'Welcome, Admiral, to our domain. We shall land you in
exactly seven minutes! Relax, Admiral, you are in good hands.' I note the engines of our plane have
stopped running! The aircraft is under some strange control and is now turning itself. The controls are
1140 Hours - Another radio message received. We begin the landing process now, and in moments
the plane shudders slightly, and begins a descent as though caught in some great unseen elevator! The
downward motion is negligible, and we touch down with only a slight jolt!
1145 Hours - I am making a hasty last entry in the flight log. Several men are approaching on foot
toward our aircraft. They are tall with blond hair. In the distance is a large shimmering city pulsating
with rainbow hues of color. I do not know what is going to happen now, but I see no signs of weapons
on those approaching. I hear now a voice ordering me by name to open the cargo door. I comply.
From this point I write all the following events here from memory. It defies the imagination and
would seem all but madness if it had not happened.
The radioman and I are taken from the aircraft and we are re ceived in a most cordial manner. We
were then boarded on a small platform like conveyance with no wheels! It moves us toward the
glowing city with great swiftness. As we approach, the city seems to be made of a crystal material.
Soon we arrive at a large building that is a type I have never seen before. It appears to be right out of
the design board of Frank Lloyd Wright, or perhaps more correctly, out of a Buck Rogers setting!! We
are given some type of warm beverage which tasted like nothing I have ever savored before. It is
delicious. After about ten minutes, two of our wondrous appearing hosts come to our quarters and
announce that I am to accompany them. I have no choice but to comply. I leave my radioman behind
and we walk a short dis tance and enter into what seems to be an elevator. We descend downward for
some moments, the machine stops, and the door lifts silently upward! We then proceed down a long
hallway that is lit by a rose-colored light that seems to be emanating from the very walls themselves!
One of the beings motions for us to stop before a great door. Over the door is an inscription that I
cannot read. The great door slides noiselessly open and I am beckoned to enter. One of my hosts
speaks. 'Have no fear, Admiral, you are to have an audience with the Master.'
I step inside and my eyes adjust to the beautiful coloration that seems to be filling the room
completely. Then I begin to see my sur roundings. What greeted my eyes is the most beautiful sight of
my entire existence. It is in fact too beautiful and wondrous to describe. It is exquisite and delicate. I
do not think there exists a human term that can describe it in any detail with justice! My thoughts are
interrupted in a cordial manner by a warm rich voice of melodious quality, 'I bid you welcome to our
domain, Admiral.' I see a man with delicate features and with the etching of years upon his face. He is
seated at a long table. He motions me to sit down in one of the chairs. After I am seated, he places his
fingertips together and smiles. He speaks softly again, and conveys the following.
'We have let you enter here because you are of noble character and well-known on the Surface
World, Admiral.' Surface World, I half-gasp under my breath! 'Yes," the Master replies with a smile,
'you are in the domain of the Arianni, the Inner World of the Earth. We shall not long delay your
mission, and you will be safely escorted back to the surface and for a distance beyond. But now,
Admiral, I shall tell you why you have been summoned here. Our interest rightly begins just after your
race exploded the first atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. It was at that alarming time
we sent our flying machines, the "Flugelrads", to your surface world to investigate what your
race had done. That is, of course, past history now, my dear Admiral, but I must continue on. You see,
we have never interfered before in your race's wars, and barbarity, but now we must, for you have
learned to tamper with a certain power that is not for man, namely, that of atomic energy. Our
emissaries have already delivered messages to the powers of your world, and yet they do not heed.
Now you have been chosen to be witness here that our world does exist. You see, our Culture and
Science is many thousands of years beyond your race, Admiral.' I interrupted, 'But what does this
have to do with me, Sir?'
The Master's eyes seemed to penetrate deeply into my mind, and after studying me for a few moments he
replied, 'Your race has now reached the point of no return, for there are those among you who
would destroy your very world rather than relinquish their power as they know it...' I nodded, and the
Master continued, 'In 1945 and afterward, we tried to contact your race, but our efforts were met with
hostility, our Flugelrads were fired upon. Yes, even pursued with malice and animosity by your
fighter planes. So, now, I say to you, my son, there is a great storm gathering in your world, a black
fury that will not spend itself for many years. There will be no answer in your arms, there will be no
safety in your science. It may rage on until every flower of your culture is trampled, and all human thing
s are leveled in vast chaos. Your recent war was only a prelude of what is yet to come for your
race. We here see it more clearly with each hour..do you say I am mistaken?

'No,' I answer, 'it happened once before, the dark ages came and they lasted for more than five
hundred years.'
'Yes, my son,' replied the Master, 'the dark ages that will come now for your race will cover the Earth
like a pall, but I believe that some of your race will live through the storm, beyond that, I cannot say.
We see at a great distance a new world stirring from the ruins of your race, seeking its lost and
legendary treasures, and they will be here, my son, safe in our keeping. When that time arrives, we
shall come forward again to help revive your culture and your race. Perhaps, by then, you will have
learned the futility of war and its strife...and after that time, certain of your culture and science will be
returned for your race to begin anew. You, my son, are to return to the Surface World with this message.'”


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