Princess Diana July 1st 1961 - August 31 1997

Princess Diana was the most the popular and most photographed person on earth at the time of her death.  At approximately 12:25 a.m., on Sunday, Aug. 31 in the Place de L' Alma tunnel in Paris Princess Diana was in the black Mercedes that crashed inside the tunnel. She later died of her injuries before she reached the hospital.  Her boyfriend Dodi Fayed died instantly as well as the driver Henri Paul.  The bodyguard Trevor Rees survived.  They are many excellent books which suggest Princess Diana was murdered which I will list at the end of this page.  But I am just going to go over a few important points which might suggest Princess Di may have been murdered.

Murder or Accident?

Princess Diana survived the crash. She sustained serious injuries and was bleeding internally, but the first doctor on the scene of the crash believed that she would survive, with proper emergency medical care. Dr. Frederic Mailliez was driving through the Place de L'Alma and happened on the site, just minutes after the crash. According to a lengthy news account, published in The Scotsman on Sept. 29, Dr. Mailliez did not believe that Princess Diana's condition was desperate. He later told a French medical journal, "I thought her life could be saved."

Dr. Mailliez moved Diana's head to allow her to breathe. He called the emergency hotline to report the details of the crash on his car phone. He was told that ambulances had already been dispatched to the scene. He then administered oxygen, and ensured that Diana was not going to choke to death or swallow her tongue. The ambulance arrived, approximately 15-16 minutes after the crash.  She was almost immediately removed from the car.

Yet, Diana remained at the crash site for another hour, before she was placed in an ambulance and driven, at less than 25 mph, to a hospital on the other side of the Seine River, four miles away.

Yet, there are five other hospitals closer to the crash site, all with advanced emergency capabilities.

One highly respected French doctor who specializes in emergency response, told EIR, in an exclusive interview, that Princess Diana should have been taken to the Val de Grace, "which is much closer than La Pitie.

But why it had taken an incredible one hour and 43 minutes, from the time that the first ambulance arrived at the crash site, to deliver Princess Diana to the hospital-four miles away.  I believe this was done purposely to make sure she died as part of the MI6\British royalty planned assassination.

There is no credible explanation for why the French emergency personnel at the scene waited for more than an hour to place Princess Diana into the ambulance. There is no credible explanation for why the four-mile ride, through barren Paris streets, took 43 minutes! There is certainly no credible explanation for why the ambulance stopped for ten minutes outside the French Natural History Museum, just a few hundred yards from Le Pitie Salpetriere Hospital, as confirmed to both The Scotsman and the British weekly The People!

In a case where a crash victim has been diagnosed as suffering from internal bleeding, there is only one proper course of action. The victim should be stabilized, and then be rushed to the nearest hospital for surgery. Unless the internal bleeding is stopped, the patient bleeds to death

The failure of the French emergency medical team at the scene of the crash, to get Princess Diana to a hospital where she could have received life-saving attention, for nearly two hours, would have resulted in manslaughter prosecution of the responsible officials had the crash occurred in the United States.

CCTV Cameras had Malfunctioned

"There are no photographs of the chase." All along the route that the Mercedes took, from the Ritz Hotel, along the Voie Georges Pompidou, to the entrance to the Place de L'Alma tunnel, there are both outside CCTV cameras, and special radar-activated cameras installed by the French police. If, at any time, the Mercedes or the cars and motorcycles chasing after it had gone beyond the speed limit, the radar cameras should have automatically snapped pictures. These pictures should have provided the police with a time-sequence account of the final moment's before the crash.

But the French authorities have systematically claimed - through press leaks, and in response to queries by the families of the deceased - that no such pictures exist. We are to believe that every one of the cameras was either broken or out of film. Yet, other drivers, who were passing along the Voie Georges Pompidou shortly before the Mercedes chase, were indeed later contacted by French police and told that there were photographs showing that they were speeding. Incredibly, the French authorities also continue to insist that none of the outside CCTV cameras on any of the buildings along the route show anything relevant to the crash probe.

The Blinding Light

Bernard Dartevelle, the attorney for the Ritz Hotel, told Associated Press's Paris correspondent, Jocelyn Noveck, on Sept. 8, that he had been shown copies of two photographs confiscated by Paris. police, that showed driver Henri Paul blinded by a bright flash of light. Dartevelle described the two pictures: "One sees very distinctly the driver dazzled by a flash. One sees very distinctly the bodyguard at his side, who with a brisk gesture lowers the visor to protect himself from the flash, and one sees very distinctly Princess Diana turning to look behind the vehicle, and one sees very distinctly the yellow headlight of a motorcycle." Dartevelle added, "The photo taken before the first photo of the accident shows the Mercedes taken from very close. . . . A driver, who is maybe a photographer, and a motorcyclist, also perhaps a photographer, are very directly implicated in this accident."

There are suggestions of a blinding flash of light, as described by Dartevelle, and corroborated by other witnesses. Security experts have confirmed that both British and French intelligence services have developed, and deployed mobile lasers, or dazers, which temporarily blind a target, and also cause sudden, sharp, paralyzing pain in the optic nerve. These anti-personnel lasers, which have been used in Africa, the Balkans, and in the Persian Gulf War, are light and mobile, and could easily be used from the back seat of a car.

Mohammed Al Fayed insists it was Murder

In an exclusive interview with the Star, Al Fayed says the documents contain crucial evidence of a cloak-and-dagger conspiracy involving the CIA, the DIA, the National Security Agency (NSA) and their British pals in MI6 which resulted in Diana's death.

Al Fayed told the Star that he believes the stunning new intelligence documents will show: 

  • Diana and Dodi were set to announce their engagement on Monday, Sept 1 - as soon [as] she broke the news to Prince William and Prince Harry.
  • The CIA found out about the impending announcement because it bugged Di's phone calls in which she confided her wedding plans to Lucia Fleche Di Lima, wife of the Brazilian ambassador in Washington, D.C.
  • The CIA immediately tipped off spies in Britain's top-secret MI6 by telex - and MI6 then unleashed its trained killers, sending them to the underpass at Place D'Alma where Diana died.

Al Fayed claims that the plot to kill Diana was kicked into high gear as soon as British authorities found out from the CIA that Dodi had picked out a $215,000 star-shaped diamond ring for his future bride - thanks to the bug on Di pal Lucia's phone.

"The only reason my son and Diana were in Paris that night was so that he could personally collect the ring and propose to her," he told Star.

He had seen it 10 days previously and called earlier from the south of France (the couple had been on an idyllic cruise on Al Fayed's luxury yacht) and arranged to pick it up that fatal Saturday afternoon.

"Later I spoke to Dodi and he was so excited and happy. Diana was too," said Al Fayed. "They deserved a lifetime's love together, and this beautiful ring was to put a seal on that."

Al Fayed says that just looking at the ring - now preserved in a glass case at his Paris apartment - makes him weep. It was handed to him along with all his son's other personal belongings when he flew to France to identify his body.

The billionaire owner of Harrods, the upscale London department store, has spent a year and a half - and a fortune - trying to make sense of his son's tragic death.

On Feb 5, Judge Henry Kennedy ordered the CIA and the DIA to hand over all their files on Al Fayed, Dodi, and Di.

"Diana believed all her married life that she was under surveillance by British and foreign intelligence agencies who reported back to her husband Prince Charles and the British establishment," Laurie Mayer, Al Fayed's London spokesman, told Star.

"She had every reason to think they intercepted her phone calls. The call she made to Lucia on the afternoon of her death could have alerted them she really was going to marry Dodi and that he, a practicing Muslim and the son of a man who helped bring down the British government, would be stepfather to Prince William and Prince Harry."

Mohammad Al Fayed will continue his own inquiries forever, long after the authorities have given up. He will never believe his son died in a simple road accident. He firmly believes that Dodi and Diana were killed and that secret service agencies were involved. He wants to know the truth and he will not give up until he gets it.

This is a section from the Daily Express story in September 2013

DAVID CAMERON and the head of the Army knew the SAS were allegedly responsible for the murder of Princess Diana – but failed to tell police.  The Prime Minister and General Sir Peter Wall were sent copies of a letter claiming members of the elite regiment killed the princess.

They and Defence Secretary Philip Hammond, who also received the letter, now face being questioned by Scotland Yard over why they did not act and remained silent.

Number 10 and the Ministry of Defence were informed of the alleged crime in February by the wife of a former SAS soldier, the Daily Express can reveal. Scotland Yard is now investigating the murder claims but detectives only learned of the allegations following a complaint by Mohammed Al Fayed, whose son Dodi died alongside Diana.

The wife of the SAS veteran, who can only be identified as Soldier N, wrote to General Wall amid fears that her life was in danger from her husband.

She sent copies to Mr Cameron and Mr Hammond. Also enclosed were copies of a letter sent by her mother to the ­ SAS’s commanding officer in September 2011 which contained the original allegation linking the SAS to the death of Diana.

A key passage in the wife’s letter says her husband threatened to make her “disappear” by tampering with her car.

It is a chilling echo of a note written by Diana’s lawyer Lord Mishcon during a conversation with her in which she predicted her death.

The document records the line: “Efforts would be made if not to get rid of her (be it by some accident in her car, such as a pre-prepared brake failure or whatever) least to see that she was so injured or damaged as to be declared unbalanced.”

Soldier N allegedly told his wife that the crash was caused after an SAS hit team flashed a blinding light at Paul. The claim appears to support testimony from an ex MI6 spy at the inquest into Diana and Dodi’s death who said he was aware of a colleague’s proposal to kill Serbian leader ­Slobodan Milosevic by using a strobe light in a tunnel to distract his driver.

He revealed the existence of a shadowy unit within the SAS known as The Increment for the purposes of carrying out lethal operations on behalf of MI6. The original allegations that the SAS was involved in the deaths were passed to the Yard in July following the complaint by former Harrods owner Al Fayed.

If you want complete details of the possible murder of Princess Diana I would suggest the following books.

The Murder of Princess Diana by Noel Botham

How They Murdered Princess Diana: The Shocking Truth by John Morgan

The Princess Diana Conspiracy: Evidence of Murder by Alan Power