Sandy Hook School Massacre: Real or Hoax?

The Alleged Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurred on December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut.  Twenty-eight people allegedly died: 27 children and adults, including Adam Lanza, at the school.  Lanza is supposed to have shot his mother Nancy Lanza, in her home before proceeding to the school in Newtown. However, there is no direct proof of their death: no photographic evidence or video footage was released to confirm the official story that these 28 persons actually died. In fact, no video surveillance footage shows anything—not even Adam shooting out the front plate-glass window or walking through the halls like Rambo, even though this is a school that had updated its security system at the start of the 2012-13 academic year.

Sandy Hook has become the first false flag in recent history to be exposed as an entirely fabricated event, replete with a fake setting (a fake school) and fake victims. It marks the first in a series of false flag hoaxes where fake victims and fake victims’ families (crisis actors) have been used. Since the majority of people still cannot fathom that Sandy Hook was a staged event, the template of using crisis actors has been used again and again (e.g. at the Boston Marathon). 

If there was no truth in the theory that no one died at Sandy Hook ask yourself why Amazon (on behalf of the US Government) felt so scared it had to engage in censorship by trying to ban Jim Fetzer’s book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. Sandy Hook is still very relevant, because it was a scam of massive proportions. Take a look how many false flag mass shootings are still being carried out monthly and even weekly (e.g. Paris, San Bernardino, Belgium, Germany) to terrorize the public, push gun control and achieve other political and geopolitical aims.

Adam Lanza Couldn’t Do It

According to the authorities Lanza killed his 26 victims with the Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle and then killed himself with his Glock 10-mm handgun. Lanza was also supposedly carrying three 30-round magazines for the Bushmaster as well as a Sig-Sauer 9 mm handgun. The victims were shot multiple times each in a crescendo of bullets from these military-style weapons. In order to wreak this havoc, he fired more than 150 rounds, and he must have carried more rounds in addition. Lanza was reportedly found dead wearing a bulletproof vest and military-style clothing (AP).

Adam Lanza below. Does he look capable enough to kill 26 people in 5 minutes and carry all that ammo?

Mike Powers, a professional military investigator and ballistics expert, has observed, this young man of slight build could not have carried all these heavy, bulky weapons and ammunition on his person. Also the first responders were supposedly inside the school within seven minutes, there was not enough time for Lanza to have carried out the shooting as reported. In an interview Powers states that Lanza could not have fired so many times continuously without destabilizing himself from the intense noise from the Bushmaster. As a novice, he could not have shot an AR-15 with such speed and accuracy, supposedly changing magazines 8-10 times without a stoppage.

According to authorities on the night of the shooting, one victim survived. So in less than seven minutes—or less than five minutes according to the media—Lanza killed 26 people and then himself, producing only one injured victim. This is a 96% kill ratio, which is unheard-of accuracy among the most experienced marksmen. Powers thinks the whole scenario is a physical impossibility. He is not even convinced that Adam Lanza was a real person. The story of the shooting should not be taken seriously.

Another fact is there is a record that Adam Lanza died the day before the Sandy Hook atrocity took place. See pic below were it says his day of death was December 13th.

Why was there an active shooter drill at around the same place and the same time as the Sandy Hook event? Every recent false flag since at least 9/11 has had this element.  You can see it was a drill because the sign behind the man below says ‘Everyone must check in’

We have here a photograph purporting to show a string of children being led away from the school to safety by a policewoman on the scene. This photo was published on the front page of virtually every newspaper in the world—and shown endless times on television. It was undoubtedly the single most important form of proof in convincing the public around the world that Sandy Hook was real.

But there is a catch: the photograph was staged! And we know that not on the basis of the weaker evidence that there are too many leaves on the trees and no frost for this to be a 28 degree day in December but because they took a second photograph! This time the line of kids have been stopped and the kids re-arranged.  Now you would not do that if it was a real emergency.

But you can’t have a movie without actors. And there  were actors employed on that day with video to prove it. Two actors in particular, David Wheeler and his wife Francine, went about making tearful claims about losing their son Benjamin to gun violence.  The Wheeler’s travelled with other families and gun control lobbyists on Air Force One with President Obama. David Wheeler spoke before panels and he and his wife also appeared on popular television shows, including Bill Moyers Journal and Oprah Winfrey. These two waxed eloquent, with impassioned facial gestures and statements that only a scriptwriter could compose. Topics included how important it is to provide mental health testing for just about everybody, and then continue to monitor those found “suspect,” so potential gun toting madmen would never again be allowed to create another Sandy Hook.. But that’s not the only role David Wheeler played. Maybe he got a Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG) bonus for his second role at Sandy Hook.  You see, grieving father David Wheeler was also a fatigue wearing, military gun toting law enforcement officer on the day of the “shooting.”  As such, Wheeler kept walking in and out of the camera frame with his two other buddies on cue. In this video, you can watch David Wheeler perform his two roles, grieving parent and the military man who sometimes forgets his guns.

How can he be a grieving parent and also a law enforcement officer on the day of the “shooting? See Pics below

Watch the video below for more evidence.

Why do so many of the victims’ family members appear to be acting, smirking, giggling, snickering and outright laughing after the event, such as Robbie Parker below.  How can he smile if his child has just been shot?

Watch the video of Robbie Parker acting below.

Benefits to the participants

The benefits to those who participated in the Sandy Hook hoax have been substantial. The donation sites created by “families of the victims” have hauled in over $27,000,000 or in excess of $1,000,000 per family. Other substantial grants have been given to alleviate the pain and suffering of those who took part.

When debate was taking place over the choice between refurbishing the old school or constructing a new one, The Newtown Bee published about the presence of asbestos, lead and PCBs in the building, which had no doubt factored in the earlier decision to abandon the school in 2008. Newtown received $50,000,000 to build a brand new K-4 elementary school. Author of the book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, Jim Fetzer surveyed the cost of comparable cost for K-4 schools across America and discovered they average $7,000,000, which reflects the generous benefits that a community might accrue from cooperating covertly with the federal government in the pursuit of its political agenda.

Was Sandy Hook even open in 2012?

Was Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) operational on December 14, 2012, or had it long been abandoned? If the school already was closed, no children or teachers would be there on December 14 to be gunned down by Adam Lanza. Here’s the evidence supporting the contention that Sandy Hook School had long been abandoned.  What school’s neighbours said In an interview with Halbig on Truth Radio Show on March 21, 2014, Info wars reporter Dan Bidondi said (5:45 mark), “The school’s been closed down for God knows how long. [Neighbors] can’t understand why there were kids in that building because it was condemned.”  Reports of shes being contaminated with asbestos. Requiring expensive repairs.

Sandy Hook School was built in 1956. Several reports in local newspaper The Newtown Bee indicate that years before the massacre, SHES was in a state of disrepair and contaminated with environmental toxins. As examples, in 2002, Consulting Engineering Services recommended to the school district that SHES be “worked on in 2010 over a nine-month period” to upgrade and renovate its heating and ventilation system at a cost of $4.5 million.Two years later, in 2004, the Newtown Board of Education was told “there were serious problems with the Sandy Hook elementary school roof.” Four years later, in 2008, there was yet more bad news: SHES was contaminated with asbestos. (Remember that 2008 date.)  On October 5, 2013, nearly 10 months after the massacre, a city referendum passed by over 90% in support of the demolition and rebuilding of the school with a generous $49.25 million grant from the State of Connecticut. The reason given for the demolition was “asbestos abatement”. On Dec 2, 2013, Newtown’s Public Building and Site Commission Chairman Robert Mitchell issued a report to justify the already-approved demolition.

Sandy Hook: Unanswered Questions

1.Why was a Facebook webpage for the alleged dead teacher Victoria Soto of Sandy Hook Elementary School posted before the event occurred?

2.Why was the United Way charity webpage for Sandy Hook posted before the event occurred?

3.According to various researchers, why was the Newtown community seeded with new families in the years leading up to the event.

4.Why did the media keep switching its narrative as the story unfolded regarding the actual weapon used? Finally they settled upon a rifle. But how could a rifle kill 26 people in such quick succession?

5.The New York Times produced a final report and it claims that the criminal investigation of Sandy Hook by the State of Connecticut is over.  Remarkably, the report does not even include the names, the ages or the sex of the alleged victims of the shooting. There is no actual identification of any of the dead.  Anyone with the inclination can comb through hundreds of years of American crime reports and will not find an instance in which the names, the ages or the sex of the victims is not given.

6.There is no evidence of any frantic effort to save lives or to remove bodies to hospitals; instead the scene outside the school looked calm and largely bloodless—with police and other personnel milling around casually and a severe shortage of dead or injured victims. One Sandy Hook researcher decided to call Lt. Paul Vance to ask who cleaned up the blood, which would have been considered to be a bio-hazard, and got the reply, “What blood?

7.How was a skinny 19-year-old boy with no military training capable of killing 26 people clean while injuring none? (Trained military veterans have claimed it was highly unlikely or even impossible for someone with the weight of Adam Lanza to execute that many people in so short a time.)

8.Where are the alleged 600+ children of Sandy Hook Elementary School? Why is there absolutely no photo or video evidence of any dead bodies?

9.According to Wolfgang Halbig, why do the records show no social security numbers for the dead students?

10. According to Wolfgang Halbig, why do the records show no report of actual shots fired?

11.According to Wolfgang Halbig, why does the Sandy Hook shooting crime not exist on the FBI 2012 crime report?

12. According to Wolfgang Halbig, why does the tax assessor’s website shows the victims’ families got free houses on Christmas day when all Government offices are closed?

13.Why were all the ambulances parked at the fire house away from the crime scene (except one on Dickinson Dr. which was also too far removed to be helpful)? Why were so few EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) allowed in the school?

14.Why does the iconic image of the teacher leading kids out of school contain evidence of Photoshop doctoring and fakery.

15.Why was there a big electronic sign erected at the entrance to the Sandy Hook Elementary school stating “EVERYONE MUST CHECK IN” if the event were real and not a drill?

16.Why was there an active shooter drill at around the same place and the same time as the Sandy Hook event? Every recent false flag since at least 9/11 has had this element.

17.If Sandy Hook Elementary School was a legitimate and operational school at the time of the event, why is there evidence that the school shut in 2009 due to asbestos, was reinspected in 2011, and was flooded again with Hurricanes Irene and Sandy? We know FEMA and the US Federal Government supplied money to Newtown to revitalize it. Why does the local business Apex Glass claim they were using the school premises for their glass business.

18.Why were the entire school grounds of what we were told was “Sandy Hook Elementary School” demolished and rebuilt? Does this remind you of how the metal scraps from 9/11 were immediately shipped off to China before they could be examined for evidence.

19.Why did Town Clerk Debbie Aurelia and Connecticut State Attorney Kevin Kane refuse to release the death certificates and the names of the “victims”? Why did Connecticut officials conspire to pass an unprecedented bill banning FOIA requests and access to death certificates and other information, normally part of the public record as a matter of course for centuries?

20.Why do so many of the victims’ family members appear to be acting, smirking, giggling, snickering and outright laughing after the event, such as Robbie Parker.

21.Why did Lieutenant Paul Vance threaten to prosecute as a crime anyone who reported information that contradicted the official narrative.

22.How is it that no parent wanted to see the dead bodies of their children in the school?

23.Why were all the funerals conducted with closed caskets?

People will ask why would the government stage a fake shooting in a school?  The answer is simple they want to remove all the guns from the citizens in the U.S.A but they can’t just remove them without no reason so they stage false shootings Sandy Hook, Aurora, San Bernardino which will enable them to pass laws were it will be almost illegal to own firearms.  They want to remove their guns so that people can’t defend themselves or their family when a national emergency or martial law is declared sometime in the future. People who protest this will be herded of to the 300 FEMA camps around the U.S.A.  Ask yourself this why has the Department of  Homeland Security ordered 1.5 Billion rounds of bullets when in ten years of the Iraq war the US army only used 300,000 bullets.  Who are the DHS going to shoot? Well the people won’t be able to defend themselves if they have no guns.  Also take not that the DHS is run by Israel.

Sandy Hook smells rotten, and just as 9/11 was a template and justification for future transgressions against liberty, so too was Sandy Hook to become the template for the false flag hoax. Let us always remember what happened and continue to investigate it, so that future false flag events, and false flag hoax events, can be quickly spotted.