USA Crime:  Who Commits the most racial Crime in America: Blacks or Whites?

In the wake of all the mass riots in America because of the unlawful killing of Black American George Floyd by a white police officer.Let’s put things in perspective which is something the lying media will not do.Again most of the media is owned by Jews (if you don't know that look at the 9/11 section on this site)who like to promote how only whites are racist.The information presented here will not be shown on the Jewish owned television channels and websites.

The statistics that I am going to show now are not racist in fact how can they be racist if they reflect the actual crime rates?

The facts are simple. According to the new National Crime Victimization Survey published by the Bureau of Justice Statics, out of the 593,598 interracial violent victimization crimes between blacks and whites reported in 2018, 90 percent were black against white, and only 9.5 percent were white against black. That is simply astounding given that black people compose just 12 percent of the general population and white people comprise 62 percent. And the trend is getting worse. As Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute observes, “That ratio is becoming more skewed, despite the Democratic claim of Trump-inspired white violence. In 2012-13, blacks committed 85 percent of all interracial victimizations between blacks and whites; whites committed 15 percent.”

As you can see, black-on-white crime is by far the most predominant interracial victimization, followed by Hispanic-on-white. White-on-black and Hispanic-on-black crimes are the rarest form of interracial violence, according to the DOJ’s victim survey.If you can’t read the graph above I will state it clearly. Blacks committed 547,948 crimes against white people in 2018 in the USA and whites committed 59,778 against blacks.That is over half a million crimes against white people which is unbelievable considering blacks are only 12% of the population.

The lopsided share of crime committed by black people is a problem across the board, but particularly for violent crimes. According to the FBI’s 2018 Uniform Crime reporting, of the 11,514 homicide offenders whose race is known, a whopping 55 percent were black, 42 percent white, and three percent other. Though black people make up only 12 percent of the population, they composed 53 percent of all murder victims in cases where the identity of the victim was known and reported. In cases where the race of both the victim and offender was known, a staggering 88.9 percent of black homicide victims were murdered by black offenders.To drill down even further, in 2017, black males accounted for 45 percent of homicides, even though they make up just seven percent of the population. That means they commit murders at a rate eight times higher than whites.

On August 9, 2014, Michael Brown Jr., an 18-year-old black man, was fatally shot by 28-year-old white Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the city of Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis.Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson had left a convenience store and CCTV footage was later released by police showing Brown stealing cigarettes. There is now no doubt that Michael Brown was rightfully killed in self-defense by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. The grand jury conclusively decided this was the case, and all the evidence confirms that decision. Yet most of the media, blinded black leaders and liberals still try to make the case that the biggest problem today in America is white cops killing innocent black males. This myth has been repeated over and over again, but, according to statistics compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics, blacks have more to fear from fellow blacks than they do from police officers across the country.

Name a single white man killed by police this year or last year. Just one.You probably can’t, can you?I certainly can’t. You might think that makes perfect sense because cops aren’t going around killing white people. Oh really? Did you know that, according to The Washington Post, of the 990 people killed by police in 2015, 494 were white, while only 258 were black? So why can’t you name any of them?The reason you cannot is because of the Jewish media who are giving you a false narrative about what is actually going on in America.This kind of systematic distortion of reality by the media — failing to cover police shootings of white people, flooding every police shooting of a black person with coverage, failing to distinguish between justified and unjustified shootings, ignoring or burying the race of the cops involved and using misleading statistics to perpetuate lies — is why you likely cannot name a single white person killed by police this year. It is also why you may think we’re living amidst a sudden and inexplicable epidemic of cops killing blacks, whereas the only real epidemic is an epidemic of the media talking about an epidemic of cops killing blacks, of the media trying to make a huge deal of every black person shot by police so that you get the misimpression that there’s something bigger going on.The media is needlessly inflaming racial tensions while taking the spotlight away from the real issue in need of resolution which is black crime and trying to resolve the issues that lead to black crime.

If you take—on average—9,252 black-on-black murders every year for the past 35 years, you arrive at a staggering 323,820 blacks killed by other blacks on America’s streets in just three-and-a-half short decades.But the BLM movement say that whites are racist and treating them badly, especially white cops.

With over 500,000 crimes being committed by blacks against white people shouldn’t we have a group called white lives matter, obviously that would be racist if we even tried that.The reality is that everyone’s lives matter not just black lives.But no, we have a group called Black Lives Matter and we actually have white people attending the BLM rallies in America and bending down on their knees and asking forgiveness for white crimes against the black people. The world is upside down.The truth is all lives matter and to try to claim that one group is suddenly "special" and above all others is the real definition of "racism" and "hate".

According to black men black lives don’t matter because a staggering 88.9 percent of black homicide victims were murdered by black offenders in 2018.

Black Lives Matter leader DeRay Mckesson claims to be leading a grassroots revolution for racial and economic justice, but it can be revealed that he has close connections with the privileged and is funded by Jewish billionaire George Soros and the elite for the purpose of inciting terror and furthering their agenda for a civil war and the disarmament of civilians. Gyorgy Schwartz was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930 to a Jewish Communist.Young Gyorgy Schwartz changed his name to George Soros.

BLM leader DeRay McKesson lives in a house owned by a board member of George Soros’ Open Foundation, and the BLM leader takes home a salary of $165,000 paid for by Baltimore schools district taxpayers.

Soros groups have had several connections to Black Lives Matter organizers and activists. According to Politico, the Soros funded group The Democracy Alliance donated to several race-based movement organizations that ally with the Black Lives Matter movement.Many of George Soros’s groups have provided funding and guidance to the Black Lives Matter movement and affiliated organizations, with the billionaire investing $33 million in BLM alone.The BLM calls for defunding police departments, race-based reparations, voting rights for illegal immigrants, fossil-fuel divestment, an end to private education and charter schools, a “universal basic income,” and free college for blacks.

Just to show you even more that the Black Lives Matter movement is not about helping black people (it is about condemning and ridiculing white people) read this piece by black American Amir Pars:

I will lose many friends over what I'm about to say.

I will possibly be called a racist or even a white supremacist even though I'm a brown man

I've been watching the narrative play universally over the heinous killing of George Floyd, and the complete and utter lack of facts about African Americans in The US has been infuriating.

Unfortunately, anyone who doesn't submit to the dominant narrative will be called a heretic, a racist, a white supremacist etc. Still, I can't stop myself.

Black Lives Matter don't care about black people

Want evidence? Name me a single time - just once - when they've protested against black people being killed by other black people? Whether in America or elsewhere?

Why is this relevant? Because the biggest cause of death for black men aged 15-45 in USA is... other black men. Compare to white people, where it's traffic accidents for the younger portion and heart attacks for those over 35.

Or how about the black lives in Sudan, East Timor, Libya? Why do we only ever hear from BLM when it's a white person killing a black person?

Speaking of which - imagine if white people started doing the reverse. Imagine every time a white person was killed by a black person, there'd be protests, riots, looting and social media campaigns. First thing to notice is that it would be more frequent, because African Americans kill more white people in the US than white people kill African Americans. Now what? Should we really start applying the race card every time there's a murder involving more than one pigmentation? Where will it end?

Police killings

The video of the murder of George Floyd is so visceral, by showing the casual evil with which officer Derek Chauvin kills George Floyd. People are rightly outraged, and no one can honestly defend the officer, who rightly has been arrested and hopefully will spend his remaining years behind bars (although the prosecutor has been idiotic in moving the case from 2nd degree to first degree murder - a burden of proof they will most likely fail to provide).

But... The only reason people are up in arms about these is that the social media and MSM attention focuses disproportionately on these incidents when the victim is black and the officer isn't. Don't believe me? Let me prove it:

You've all heard of Tamir Rice - a 12 year old black boy who was murdered when brandishing a toy gun. It was all over the news, there were riots and marches, hashtags and universal condemnation all over the media.

But how many of you have heard of Daniel Shaver? A white man who was showing his friends a scoped air rife used to exterminate birds who entered his store, and was killed for this?

You may remember the case of Sam DuBose, a black man who was shot dead for driving his car away from the police. The exact same thing happened to before that to Andrew Thomas, a white man driving away from the police. None of you have heard of him.

Alton Sterling was a black man shot dead by the police when reaching into his pocket for his wallet - a travesty. The same thing happened to a white guy named Dylan Noble. Sterling made national headlines, none of us heard a word about Noble. Loren Simpson was a white teenager who was shot dead by the police in eerily similar circumstances as George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin. You've not heard of the former, but demanded justice for the latter. You've not heard of James Boyd, Alfred Redwine, Brandon Stanley or Mary Hawkes.

But you've heard of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Because the only times police killings make the news is when the victim is black and the officer isn't.

Here are the FBI, NCJRS and BJS statistics:

For every 10, 000 black people arrested for violent crime, 3 are killed by the police. For every 10,000 white people arrested for violent crime, 4 are killed by the police.

In 2019, 49 unarmed people were killed by the police. 9 were black. 19 were white.

The likelihood for a black person being shot by the police is as high as being struck by lightning. Yet, we are seeing riots, every single post on Instagram and Twitter is in support of Black Lives Matter and denunciation of police in America.

"Systemic Racism" / "Institutionalized racism"

Sound good, don't they? Such powerful words... and completely inaccurate. First, let's see what the claims being made are:

Both insinuate built-in racism within various official institutions (police, law, governments etc). Yet, when they are challenged, by asking the proponents to provide *evidence* for these, nothing is provided. Name one single law that is targeting exclusively black people. Just one. There isn't one. If the police is "systematically" anti-black, explain how it is possible that 20% of the Police Force in America is black (African Americans in America constitute roughly 14% of the population, meaning that blacks are *overrepresented* within the police force!)? Now, imagine how incredibly racist it is to say that the 100, 000 plus black police officers are too stupid to know that they are working inside and within a racist institution? That really is racism. And none of them have come out and said anything??? None of them have gone on 60 Minutes and said "We are being trained to be racists"? Seriously?

How about governments? Well, let's leave aside the fact that America just had a two-term black president (whose second name was Hussein, by the way). Some of America's worst run cities have black mayors, black governors and majority black councils. Look at two of the worst cities in America to be black in:

Baltimore and Chicago. Why is it that a place where the people in power are black can be *worse* for the African American Community, than cities that aren't run by black politicians? This is a knock-down argument.


People often look at the economic disparities between blacks and whites, and claim it to be evidence for institutionalised racism. It says something about the power of a narrative, when it has been debunked decades ago - by BLACK ECONOMISTS (like The Great Thomas Sowell) - yet the myth persists.

First of all, at no point in human history has any two groups of people had the same level of wealth or income as each other. It would be an absolute miracle to expect that people with different backgrounds, cultures, histories, values and ethics to have the same level of wealth.

This is even true within so called races - compare for example Black Americans (generational) vs Black Immigrants... particularly the ones from West Indies (Jamaica, Barbados etc.).

You couldn't tell these people apart, just by looking at them, and whatever racism is in place for one group must by definition be applied for the second group. But what they have is completely different values and work ethics (the Jamaicans arriving in the US does so commonly to achieve greater heights than what he or she can in their home country). Whatever level of systemic racism exists, they are subjected to it as much as the African American.

Yet, already in the 1970's (!!!), when racism was far more prevalent than it is today, Black Americans from the West Indies were earning 58% more than the Black American whose generations go back centuries in the United States. How could that be, if there's supposed to be such a thing as "systemic racism"?

Disparities are only proof of disparities. Just because Group X doesn't have the same as Group Y, doesn't mean that it's explained by racism. And why does this so called "White Supremacy" only run against one group of Black Americans? Why doesn't it run against Asian Americans, who out earn White Americans by over 60%? Why doesn't it apply to Jewish Americans? Or Indian Americans, all of whom earn more than... White Americans??

Maybe there's something else going on...?

In 1965, Daniel Patrick Moynihan published his report "The Negro Family: The Case For National Action", where he saw that African American households were 25% single mothers - a frightening statistic that would have devastating consequences. Since then, Jim Crow laws and Red Lining have all been removed from the books, Martin Luther King Jr. and The Civil Rights Movement made tremendous strides and we've now even had a black two-term president.

But, today, black households with no paternal figure, and only a single mother constitute SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of all black households in America!!! SEVENTY FIVE!!!!

Now you tell me, which is the better explanation for young black children ending up in a life of crime - the lack of a father figure, or the mythical, non-explainable entity known only as "institutional racism", which for some reasons doesn't apply to Nigerian immigrants, to black immigrants from West Indies, to Indian people, to Jewish people, to Asian Americans...?


"Why are blacks being disproportionately imprisoned? There's a racist Prison Industry Complex!"

The key word here is "disproportionately". Because it most certainly is true that African Americans make out the majority of prisoners in America, but what is the evidence that this is disproportionate? It's non-existent.

Let's look at the stats:

Black Americans constitute roughly 14% of the population in America, yet they commit 50% of all the murders. But, this is misleading - because it's not the elderly, nor the children nor the women who commit the murders. It's almost exclusively the young men (15-40). That constitutes about a fourth of the black population, which means that about 3.5% of the American population are responsible for 50% of all the murders!

Read this again: 3.5% of Americans are responsible for 50% of all murders.

You will find similar astonishing figures for drug related crimes, armed robberies, breaking and entering and gang violence.

So, even though it is true that black people make up the majority of the prison population, the incarceration rates are only proportionate against the crime rate, not the population.

History of slavery, Jim Crow and Red Lining

"Well, that maybe so, but it's because of the history of slavery and Jim Crow!"

I don't doubt the good intentions of those making these arguments, but they don't actually see how it is a classic case of Racism of Lower Expectations.

No one has been able to provide a logical link between historical racism and the plight of people today.

First of all, what's unique about racism in America (and Britain, for that matter) is that these countries abolished slavery when they did! They were among the first countries in the world to do so, and America even fought a bloody civil war to implement the 13th Amendment. Almost every country in the world practiced slavery, and there are many - particularly in Subsaharan Africa - who still do to this day.

And it most certainly is true that racism didn't end with slavery, and evil practices such as Jim Crow, segregation and Red Lining were practiced until the 70's. But - and here is the most astonishing fact of all - African American's had *more* wealth and less unemployment during those times than today, when such practices have been abolished and are rightly considered moral evils.

Now, before anyone makes the nonsensical claim that "You're saying we should oppress them then, because they had it better!?", let me explain that correlation does not mean causation. But just as facts don't care about feelings, reality won't comply with narrative.

"America is a White Supremacist society!"

This is one of the most egregious claims out there. First of all, compared to what? Show me a country where blacks are a minority, but still get to be elected presidents, have more than 50 Mayors, congressmen and women, run city councils and have had multiple presidential candidates. Show me one.

America (and Britain) are two of the least racist societies on earth and in history. For god's sake, look at the response from the murder of George Floyd! Just look at the outpouring of support for black people, the universal condemnation of racism from exactly all corners of the political spectrum, the complete solidarity from every white person with a social media account.

"Black Lives Matter"

This is a big one. Because I don't know of many organisations who care less about black lives than Black Lives Matter. 93% of all killings of black people are done by other blacks - BLM are completely silent on this. BLM has never - not a single time - had a march or campaign black people being killed en massé in places like Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia or Libya.

Instead, what they have done is to have chants like "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon" (about the police), which inspired a lunatic in Dallas to murder 3 police officers.

During the current riots, a 77 year old, black former Police Captain - David Dorn - was murdered by rioters. BLM has not said a word.

BLM reject Martin Luther King Jr.'s sentiment that people should " judged based on the content of their character, not the colour of their skin". If you've actually listened to the "I have a dream" speech, that line is the one which got the loudest cheers and applauses. BLM believe people who aspire to apply this principle of colour blindness are racists.


I can go on and on. I've provided my sources below, and I can point to the works of economists and criminologists and historians for further data. But I don't [think] it will matter - the narrative is too strong, and people are too emotionally invested. Facts don't stand a chance.

People are so keen to use the tragic murder of George Floyd to wave their anti-racism badges and flags. It makes them feel good. Black friends of mine, who are incredibly successful in their fields, are talking about how they've been victims all their lives, even though they are some of the luckiest people who have ever lived, regardless of race.

All I ask of you, if you're reading this (and I doubt many will, certainly not to the end) is to ask yourself "What if what Amir is saying is true?"

That's all I can hope for. Amir Pars (African American)


Black Mayors

If America and white people are so racist and black people are never given a chance how come out of the 100 largest cities in America 39 of them have black Mayors and given the fact that the black population of America constitutes 14% that is unbelievable.

The year 2017 marked the 50th anniversary of the election of the first black mayor of a big U.S city. In 1967, Carl Stokes was elected mayor of Cleveland and Richard Hatcher was elected mayor of Gary, IN. The following year Kenneth Gibson was elected mayor of Newark in 1970. Of the 100 largest cities in the country, 39 have had elected black mayors. In 2018, 57.1% of black mayors served in cities (over 40,000) that did not have a black majority population.

By 2018, that number has dropped to 40.6%. Perhaps the introduction and prevalence of the Black mayor has helped America become more comfortable with Black politicians in positions of major leadership. In 2018 there were about 32 Black Mayors of cities with populations of more than 40,000.


In the wake of the George Floyd killing cities from coast to coast in America are being burned by paid rioters many of whom have been bused in from other parts of the country – courtesy of Black Lives Matter and Antifa – both funded by Jew Soros.Yes it was unlawful for the police to kill George Floyd, anyone can see that but the rioting and killing that followed was not justified.At least a dozen people were killed in these riots and I know at least 8 of them where black people and many of the shops that were torched and looted belonged to black people. By the way George Floyd was a career criminal, he served 5 years in prison for robbing a pregnant black lady and holding a gun to her head.Unfortunately if you commit crimes sometime if you live by the sword you die by the sword.

It doesn't often happen but yes, I'm lost for words. Words fail me in attempting to describe the collective insanity that has overtaken the world, especially the Western world. It's literally a psychosis which is defined as 'an abnormal condition of the mind that results in difficulties determining what is real and what is not'. Is there a more egregious example than the hagiography surrounding George Lloyd? 

Here's a sample of what's been said of him:

“mentor to a generation of young men.”

"Floyd is weeping blood like a saint"

"a great black american"

"role model"

"an inspiration"

Here's the real St. George

Israel Trains U.S Police Force in their Brutal Tactics

Former UK Labour leadership hopeful Rebecca Long-Bailey was sacked from the shadow cabinet amid accusations of anti-Semitism after she shared an interview with actress Maxine Peake (June 2020).British actress Peake, a long-time advocate of Palestinian rights, spoke on the issue of the Black Lives Matter movement and mentioned the fact that Israeli forces regularly teach and train US police in violent tactics during an interview with UK newspaper the Independent.

Again the above is just more evidence where truth is classed as hate.British Politicians are not allowed to criticize anything about Israel even when it is true.Imagine if Rebecca Long-Bailey had said U.S Police had received training in Russia, nothing would have happened to her.But criticize Israel or Jews and it is a death sentence and this just shows how Jewish lobby groups and Israel controls politicians.In fact UK Labour leadership hopeful Rebecca Long-Bailey never said this she just re-tweeted what somebody else had said.

Below Israeli IDF restrain a Palestinian Protester

Officers from the U.S. police force responsible for the killing of George Floyd received training in restraint techniques and anti-terror tactics from Israeli law enforcement officers.

At least 100 Minnesota police officers attended a 2012 conference hosted by Israel’s Chicago consulate, the second time such an event had been held. There, they learned the violent techniques used by Israeli forces as they terrorize the occupied Palestinian territories under the guise of security operations. The so-called counterterrorism training conference in Minneapolis was jointly hosted by the FBI.

Neta Golan, co-founder of International Solidarity Movement (ISM), said: “When I saw the picture of killer cop Derek Chauvin murdering George Floyd by leaning in on his neck with his knee as he cried for help and other cops watched, I remembered noticing when many Israeli soldiers began using this technique of leaning in on our chest and necks when we were protesting in the West Bank sometime in 2006.

“They started twisting and breaking fingers in a particular way around the same time. It was clear they had undergone training for this. They continue to use these tactics—two of my friends have had their necks broken but luckily survived—and it is clear that they [Israel] share these methods when they train police forces abroad in ‘crowd control’ in the U.S. and other countries including Sudan and Brazil.”

The training of U.S. police officials by Israeli forces is widespread.

Baltimore law enforcement officials, along with hundreds of others from Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Arizona, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Georgia, Washington state as well as the DC Capitol police have all traveled to Israel for training. Thousands of others have received training from Israeli officials here in the U.S.

Many of these trips are taxpayer funded while others are privately funded. Since 2002, the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee’s Project Interchange and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs have paid for police chiefs, assistant chiefs and captains to train in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT).

These trainings put Baltimore police and other U.S. law enforcement employees in the hands of military, security and police systems that have racked up documented human rights violations for years. Amnesty International, other human rights organizations and even the U.S. Department of State have cited Israeli police for carrying out extrajudicial executions and other unlawful killings, using ill treatment and torture (even against children), suppression of freedom of expression/association including through government surveillance, and excessive use of force against peaceful protesters.

Israeli training of U.S. police has also influenced the type of equipment being used. Security forces from both countries are now using some identical gear, including stun and tear gas grenades manufactured by the same U.S. companies—Combined Systems Inc. and Defense Technology Corp. A long-range “sound rifle” that emits ear-shattering noise to disperse crowds, which was used against 2005 West Bank protestors, was also used in the recent police action against protestors in Ferguson.

Shakeel Syed, executive director of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, told CIR that American police are often copying what Israel does in terms of crowd control and other techniques.

“Whether it is in Ferguson or L.A., we see a similar response all the time in the form of a disproportionate number of combat-ready police with military gear who are ready to use tear gas at short notice,” Syed said. “Whenever you find 50 people at a demonstration, there is always a SWAT team in sight or right around the corner.”

The below video is an excerpt from a talk by Eran Efrati from a talk filmed in Denver, Colorado on March 3, 2013. He spoke about his experiences as an Israeli soldier and also about how American and other police forces around the world are being trained by Israel. Eran's father is Shlomo Efrati, head of investigations for the Jerusalem police and participates in some of the trainings.

See the links below for more information about U.S Police training in Israel.

Israel IDF regularly kill or execute unarmed Palestinians at checkpoints and then place a knife in the hands of the dead Palestinian to make it look like self-defense.Check the links below.

Also how can the standard procedures of the Minneapolis Police Department represent White racism when the chief of the Minneapolis Police Department is Black, and at least half of the officers involved in the arrest of George Floyd, Tou Thao (Vietnamese) and Alexander Kueng (apparently of mixed race), are not White?

If a certain percentage of such encounters between the police and public end in tragedy, and cops are more likely to come into contact with black citizens as they commit most of the crimes then it stands to reason that black civilians are at greater risk of ending up dead.Actually it should be relative to the number of encounters with police. When we measure it that way, there is every indication that whites are shot at a greater rate than blacks because blacks commit far more violent crimes and thus have more interactions with police.The Number of white people shot to death by the police in the United States in 2020 is 172 and the number of black people killed by police is 88.About 100 police officers in America die every year in the line of duty.Legendary retired boxer Mike Tyson allegedly posted a controversial tweet amid the ongoing George Floyd riots arguing that riots across the country would be nonstop if “white people rioted every time a black man killed them.”

What I don’t understand is why have thousands of people around the world attended mass rallies in support of criminal George Floyd who unjustly died at the hands of a white police officer when thousands of white people die at the hands of black criminals every year but nothing in the mainly Jewish controlled media is written about it and that is because they want to brainwash the people to mistakenly believe that it is white people only that are the racists and murderers which is a deception as the facts have shown.

For instance I will give you some examples of Black on White crimes that you will never ever ever see in the media.

Tapero Corlene Johnson and Marquisha Annissa Tyson are two such black lives that had they been killed by white police officer, Sgt. Stephen Williams, the entire world would know their name.As it is, just another story of two blacks (this time in Alabama) who simply murdered yet another white police officer. (2 charged in fatal shooting of Moody police Sgt. Stephen Williams, June 5, 2020)

Not one national network or cable news outlet has mentioned the name Officer Cody Holte.He was a white police officer in Grand Forks, North Dakota. The city is 85 percent white and 3.65 percent black. He was murdered on May 27th by a black man brandishing an AK-47. This black man was being served eviction papers, and he opened fire on the two deputies doing this routine task. Officer Holte was one of the individuals who responded for backup. He was shot three times.Had Salamah Pendleton, the black man who murdered Officer Holte, died in police custody (and his death filmed for social media consumption), he would be just as important to the insurrection transpiring in the United States as George Floyd. He’d be celebrated by the media, because his death would be a symbol of police brutality and used to castigate all white people in America as horribly, irredeemably racist.No one seems to care. But his name is Officer Cody Holte.

Had George Floyd killed Officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis during the latter’s arrest of the black suspect, no one outside of Minneapolis would know the story of the white police officer murdered by a black criminal.But Flip the script, and cities are burning nationwide (USA).White lives don’t matter, unless they are police officers taking the life of a black career criminal. Then, cities must burn.

On the evening of February 20, 1990, Robert Simon and Anthony Carr — both black — were burgling Carl Parker’s house in Lambert, in Mississippi’s Quitman County. Mr. Parker, along with three other family members — all white — arrived home to find a pickup truck loaded with loot just about to drive off. The surprised thieves held the Parker family at gun point and tied up Mr. Parker’s 12-year-old half-brother Greg and then shot him in the back. They raped and sodomized his nine-year-old half-sister Charlotte Jo before they killed her. They shot his stepmother, Bobbie Jo in the chest, and they also killed Carl Parker himself. They cut off his ring finger to get his wedding band — whether before or after they killed him is not known. Then they dragged the four bodies into Mr. Parker’s house and burned it down over them.

In 1992, six black marines at Camp LeJeune, South Carolina, got drunk in a barracks, worked themselves into a frenzy over “racism,” and decided to do something about it. “We are going to get us a white boy tonight,” Kenneth Parker reportedly said. They went out with a shotgun and found a white marine, Rodney Page, and explained what they intended to do. As Mr. Page begged for his life, they shot him to death in the presence of his pregnant wife.

In 1992, 25-year-old black Scott Johnson abducted a 35-year-old white woman and her three-year-old daughter at a shopping mall. He left the child in a rural area, where she wandered along for eight hours. He raped the woman and then killed her, stabbing her 40 times.

In April, 1993, five black Brooklyn “youths” found a white woman jogging alone on the Coney Island boardwalk. They dragged her under the boardwalk, where they took turns raping, sodomizing, punching, and kicking her.

In 1993, two teen-aged blacks were sitting in a Milwaukee fast-food restaurant wondering whom to rob. They decided on Christine Schweiger because she was white, and they figured that a white woman was less likely to carry a gun than a black. They accosted Miss Schweiger and her ten-year-old daughter on the way to their car and ordered Miss Schweiger onto her knees. She complied, but explained that she had no money. In reply, the blacks blew her brains out with a sawed-off shotgun.

On April 19, 2000, in an attack that shocked a quiet, residential neighborhood in Alexandria, Virginia, a black man walked up to an 8-year-old white boy, Kevin Shifflett, and slit his throat. He also stabbed two whites who tried to come to the boy’s rescue, and a witness heard him say he hated white people.

Have you ever heard the name of Christopher Duane Stewart?Probably not.In fact, this will probably be the only place you’ll encounter the name of Christopher Stewart at all.He served his country in the U.S. Army in a tour of Afghanistan and then came back home to attend the University of North Carolina-Wilmington.He was a white male.He was murdered by three blacks, in a crime few outside of eastern North Carolina will ever read about. Not just murdered, but beaten to death with a 3-foot long pole.Two black men Myasia Nicole Morange and Raymond Lee Brooks were arrested and each charged with first degree murder.

Esau, Eli Clean — He was one of five black men charged with raping a white teenager in a Pulaski County (Arkansas) Jail. The five blindfolded the victim and forced him to perform oral sex on them. At least one of them raped him anally. A prosecutor noted that the blacks were “bragging that they were pimping this white guy.” (Elizabeth Caldwell, “LR Teen Pleads Guilty to Jail Rape,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, August 19, 1993.)

Caffey, Fedell; Ward, Levern; and Williams, Jacqueline — Three blacks from the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg killed a white woman, Debra Evans, who was pregnant with a mulatto child, because Miss Williams wanted a “light-skinned” baby. They cut open Miss Evans and took the baby, who lived. They then killed two of Miss Evans’ other children, Samantha, 10 and Joshua, 7, who were white. (Dan Rozek, “DuPage Jury Told of Murder Plot,” Chicago Sun-Times, March 12, 1998, p.8.)

White woman Carlie Beaudin, the 33-year-old Greendale nurse practitioner who died at Froedtert Hospital Friday, Jan. 25 2019 after she was found trapped under a vehicle in a parking structure at the hospital.Black man Kenneth Freeman, 27, of Milwaukee was found guilty of her murder.

On March 5, 2008, two black thugs shot and killed white college student Eve Carson (photo below) in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The crime was seemingly part of a random robbery, as the autopsy revealed no signs of sexual assault, but Miss Carson’s ATM card was used almost immediately after her murder. The killers — Demario James Atwater and Laurence Alvin Lovette Jr. — evidently decided to kill her because she had seen their faces. Witnesses testified that right before her end, Miss Carson begged for her life, telling Mr. Atwater and Mr. Lovette that they didn’t have to do what they were doing and that she wanted the three of them to all pray together. Both men shot her a total of five times, all across her body: “the right shoulder, right upper arm, right buttocks and right cheek.” The fatal shot was “with a shotgun to the right temple.”

Miss Carson (below) had been a model citizen, even at her young age. She was her high school class’s valedictorian, was active in social life at her university, and a frequent volunteer.Her life was extinguished because of that great social ill that our society cannot bring itself to name, much less tame.

Savannah Walker (below) was a four-year-old little girl with blond hair and blue eyes. She was murdered by a convicted Black criminal Marcus Hightower who was out on parole since 2014. She was found mangled and burned in an abandoned house in 83 percent BlackDetroit.

Did you ever hear of little Savannah in the media, probably not and that is because it is black on white crime and they don't want you to know that!

A seven-year-old British girl was stabbed to death by a woman in a park on Mother’s Day, Sunday, March 22nd 2020.Emily Jones, the victim, was riding her scooter in the Queen’s Park, Heaton while on an outing with her father when she was senselessly and viciously attacked by a 30-year-old woman, a Somali immigrant.

This black on white crime happens every year but do you hear any of this on the lying media, no you don’t.Where is the marches and rallies for poor 7 year old white girl Emily Jones above, does anyone even care?But thousands upon thousands will march through the streets of America and Britain and sportsmen and celebrities will get on their knees for the killing of criminal George Floyd.Is his life worth more than an innocent 7 year old girl?

Their Lives Matter Too.

There is no (white) war on black America. That’s BS. Cops actually gun down many more white suspects each year than black ones. Academic studies (including FBI crime statistics) also indicate that white cops are no more likely to shoot a black suspect than would a black cop or a Hispanic cop. These facts alone pretty-much deflate the entire BLM narrative.The actual problem is this: black males, when compared to all other racial groups, are statistically most violence-prone and most involved in criminal activity.African misbehavior is what primarily puts that community in harm’s way. Misconduct is what gets black men thrown into jail. It is not about white racism. It is about black choices

There is no double standard in America, there is only ‘the standard’ because violent interracial crime can only be reported if a white person is the suspect.That is why you never will see reports such as the examples above reported in the mainstream media.They only report when a black person is killed by a white person.

The fact of the matter is that there is massive systemic racism against whites by the Jewish-dominated elite, with blacks currently being the shock troops used to abuse whites. The Jewish-dominated media has abused whites for decades, subjecting them to lying propaganda about how whites have caused harm and suffering on to all other races in the world.Until these lies are stopped racial hatred and race wars will continue in America.

“You are getting a glimpse of the future with the black insurrection/antifa insurgency across the nation. Corporate America and the entire power structure in the US is firmly on the side of the black insurrection/antifa insurgency, and with demographic change putting more and more radically anti-white politicians into positions of power, you will soon see the day when it is against the law to call the police on an alleged black criminal.Even if they are breaking into your house.Even if they are threatening your life. It won’t matter.Black-Run America (BRA) indeed.Black privilege indeed.Democracy is just a racial headcount, and the rising tide of color is going to punish white America – using state power – by making it illegal to call the police on blacks” -

“This summer (2020), three shockingly violent mob attacks on white victims in downtown Minneapolis were captured by surveillance video. On August 3, in broad daylight, a dozen black assailants, some as young as 15, tried to take a man’s cellphone, viciously beating and kicking him as he lay on the ground. They jumped on his torso like a trampoline, stripped his shoes and pants off as they riffled through his pockets, smashed a planter pot on his head, and rode a bike over his prostrate body. On August 17, another large group kicked and punched their victim until he was unconscious, stealing his phone, wallet, keys, and cash. In July, two men were set upon in similar fashion. Such attacks have risen more than 50 percent in downtown Minneapolis this year.The Minneapolis media have paid fleeting attention to these videos; the mainstream national media, almost none (CNN blamed the attacks on police understaffing and ignored the evident racial hatred that was the most salient aspect of the attacks). This year’s installments of the usual flash mob rampages on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile and in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor have also been ignored. If the race of perpetrators and victims in any of these incidents were reversed, there would be a universal uproar, with public figures across the board denouncing “white supremacist” violence and calling for a national reckoning regarding white racism. But because the violence does not fit the standard narrative about American race relations, it is kept carefully off stage” - Heather Mac Donald is the Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a contributing editor of City Journal, and the author of the bestselling books The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture

The following information is from Chuck Maultsby’s website and it shows you what happens when ‘whites’ are the minority in an American city or any city.This is what is in store for the whole of America.

‘Anyone who doubts the long-term effect of the swamping of the Western White countries with third world immigrants, need look no further than Detroit, where a new report has revealed that almost half of all adults in the city are “functionally illiterate” and essentially unable to operate in normal society.

The report, issued by the “Detroit Regional Workforce Fund” (a government-private sector partnership organization set up by race-blind liberals), said that the “National Institute for Literacy estimates that 47% of adults in Detroit are functionally illiterate, referring to the inability of an individual to use reading, speaking, writing, and computational skills in everyday life situations.

“Generally, those adults who score at Level 1 (on a scale of 1 to 5, lowest to highest) have difficulty performing such everyday tasks as locating an intersection on a street map, reading and comprehending a short newspaper article, or calculating total costs on an order form,” it continued.

The report admitted that the shocking illiteracy levels could not be explained solely by a lack of high school education.

“We also know that of the 200,000 adults who are functionally illiterate, approximately half have a high school diploma or GED, so this issue cannot be solely addressed by a focus on adult high-school completion,” the baffled liberals said.

In addition, the report said, these figures are “aggregates and communicate a city-wide issue. We also know some neighborhoods and census tracts within the city have more significant concentrations of adults who are functionally illiterate and/or lack educational credentials.”

The report ignores the obvious: Detroit is now a “black” city, and has been utterly destroyed after the whites were driven out by a combination of horrendous black crime levels, collapsing standards and an inefficient bureaucracy. In a nutshell, whites have found it impossible to live in an area where there is no longer any semblance of functioning modern white western society.

Detroit’s violent crime rate is one of the highest in the United States. The official crime rate is 62.18 per 1000 residents for property crimes, and 16.73 per 1000 for violent crimes (compared to national figures of 32 per 1000 for property crimes and 5 per 1000 for violent crime). Official records also show that up to 70 percent of homicides are drug related.

Black crime has run every last major grocery store out of Detroit. Massive shoplifting, stock theft and inoperable Third World conditions saw the last major store, Farmer Jack, leave in 2007. Since then, Detroit, one of America’s largest cities, hasn’t had a single grocery chain store within the city limits.

Vast areas of the city are utterly smashed and lie in ruins, making this once-thriving home of the American automobile industry, into a wasteland which resembles a war zone.

And the reason for all of this?

According to the US Census Bureau’s 2010 census, 1.23% of Detroit’s population is Asian, 81.84% is black, 10.42% is white, and 6.51% is “other.” Interestingly, the “Hispanic” population, which could be of any race, is counted as 6.56%, whatever that might mean.

The racial sea change in Detroit provides the key to understanding the collapse in that city.

In 1930, 92.3% of Detroit’s population was white.

In 1940, 90.8% of Detroit’s population was white.

In 1950, 83.63% of Detroit’s population was white.

In 1960, 70.8% of Detroit’s population was white.

In 1970, 56.0% of Detroit’s population was white.

In 1980, 35.7% of Detroit’s population was white.

In 1990, 22.2% of Detroit’s population was white.

In 2000, 12.3% of Detroit’s population was white.

And in 2010, the white population had dropped to around 10%, although this figure will also no doubt include “Hispanics” and Middle Easterners.

The destruction of the once-great city of Detroit into a Third World hell-hole is one of the most obvious glimpses into western civilization’s future if current racial demographic trends continue.Only the willingly blind will not see it.

Scores of black residents of the city of Birmingham, Alabama, lined up to scream and shout their hatred of whites at the Birmingham City Hall in 2016 during a council meeting meant to discuss development projects in the 80 percent nonwhite city. One after the other, blacks spoke in the council chamber against the idea of allowing any whites “back” into the city, saying that this would “destroy everything that was fought for in the 1960s.”

Shocked journalist—and apparent liberal—John Archibald described it as “Birmingham’s saddest day,” saying that he had never seen anything like it in his life before.

“I’ve seen a mayor walk the street in shackles. I’ve watched mayors and governors hauled to jail. I’ve covered peaceful protests and riots. I’ve seen families mourn the deaths of their innocents, and guilty men die in the electric chair. But I’ve seen nothing quite like the events in Birmingham City Hall this week. Nothing that reached into my heart to snatch the shreds of hope that hide there. Nothing that took my words, and left me with only sadness. I barely know what to say. Or how to say it. For what took place in the council chambers, at a Thursday town hall to discuss proposed changes to the Birmingham Mayor/Council Act could not be blamed on the mayor, or the council. It is not as simple as a power play nor as easy to define as greed. Or politics. Or business as usual. Resident after resident stood to complain — loudly.Not so much about the rift between the mayor and council.Not much about the failure of schools to give Birmingham students an adequate shot at success in the wide world.Not about increasing violence and crime in a city that is historically high in those things.The complaint was about white people. That development in the city put Birmingham in danger of drawing more of them.‘White supremacists run Birmingham because gentrification runs Birmingham’, one speaker said, adding that Mayor Bell is the “puppet” of white people”.

The US Census Bureau says that whites make up 20.1 percent of Birmingham’s population. As a result, the city has collapsed like every other black city center in America, both economically and socially.

According to, some 24.7 percent of residents subsist on an income below the federally mandated poverty level, and of that, some 12.1 percent have an income less than half of the poverty level.

In September 2015, Birmingham took the fifth spot in violent crime, property crime, and overall crime among large cities, according to statistics released by the FBI in the annual report, Crime in the United States.

With a population of 212,115, Birmingham’s homicide rate ranked 7th among cities with populations of more than 100,000, beaten by six other majority nonwhite cities: St. Louis, Detroit, New Orleans, Jackson, Baltimore, and Newark.

Birmingham’s violent crime rate runs at 1,483 per 100,000 residents, something which the FBI attributed to it’s “drug trade and its high poverty rate.”

According to a study released by the Neighborhood Scout data analysis company, which produces research revealing the one hundred most dangerous cities in America with 25,000 or more people, Birmingham ranked number twenty on the list of America’s most dangerous cities.

“With a crime rate of 85 per one thousand residents, Birmingham has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes — from the smallest towns to the very largest cities,” Neighborhood Scout said.

Birmingham residents have a 1 in 66 chance of being a victim of a violent crime, a 1 in 14 chance of being a victim of a property crime, and a 1 in 205 chance of having their car stolen.

Given all these facts, it seems incredible that any whites would even want to live in that city.The greatest irony of the vicious anti-white outburst in the Birmingham City Hall in 2016 is not the fact that the residents publicly expressed their hatred of whites.

Rather, it lies in the fact that their anti-white outbursts have been blacked out by the controlled media as if it did not happen.

Contrast this with what would have happened had a white-filled town hall meeting anywhere in America engaged in such rhetoric against blacks.

The press would then broadcast day and night about “white racism”—showing once again the institutional anti-white nature of the controlled media.

There are ten shootings per day in Chicago perpetrated by blacks and Hispanics, and, over the Fourth of July weekend 2016, 13 were shot over a 17-hour period—but there is no mass “outrage” over this nonwhite gun crime rampage.White people are 32% of the population of Chicago

Instead, the controlled media prefers to focus on alleged “white racist police” and thereby incite hatred against whites.

And the facts are not even hard to come by. The Chicago Tribune, for example, in an article dated July 1, 2016, reported that there were ten shootings every day in the 70 percent nonwhite city.

The report said that as of the middle of this year, “homicides have jumped by 49 percent citywide to 312,” and that “shooting incidents have risen by even more, marking the third consecutive year of double-digit increases.”

Chicago is the “the runaway leader in the sheer volume of killings,” for the entire US, the report continued.

“New York and Los Angeles don’t even come close,” the report said, pointing out that through June 19, Chicago had more homicides than those two larger cities combined.

New York and Los Angeles together had fewer than 1,000 shooting victims during that same period, while Chicago topped 1,900—about ten per day.

The cause of the violence is, the report admitted, “Linked to gang conflict over everything from petty disputes to control of drug dealing, as well as the splintering of gangs into smaller cliques fighting over a few blocks at a time.”

The controlled media’s agenda is obvious to all: when nonwhites commit gun crime, then all manner of excuses—which mainly center on blaming “racism” which “causes poverty”—are found, and the statistics are buried.

However, when a white police officer shoots a nonwhite criminal—whether in the line of duty or not—then this same media broadcasts this fact to the world, blaming “white racism” once again.

And the Safest Cities in America

Statistics do show that cities that have a mostly black population also have the highest crime rates and cities that have a mainly white population have lower crime rates.

The average statistics for crime in America (2019) per 1000 of the population is 0.05 for murder, 0.43 for rape, 0.86 for robbery and 2.47 for assault.

Now let us look at the stats for American cities which have a majority black population.First Detroit’s Violent Crimes: per 1000 of the population is 0.39 for murder, 1.48 for rape, 3.43 for robbery and 14.78 for assault.So that is way above the average.Compare them to the average for the whole of America above.Detroit has a majority black population of over 80%.

Next is Birmingham in Alabama. Violent Crimes: per 1000 of the population is 0.42 for murder, 0.86 for rape, 4.49 for robbery and 13.56 for assault.Birmingham has a black majority of 75%

Next is Jackson, Mississippi.Violent Crimes: per 1000 of the population is 0.23 for murder, 0.42 for rape, 2.90 for robbery and 3.79 for assault.Jackson has a black majority of 80%

Now let us look at cities that have a mainly white population.The number one safest city in America to live is Hopkinton, Massachusetts which has a population of 17,348 and has a 91% white majority.Violent crime in Hopkinton per 1000 of the population is 0.00 and property crime rate is 3.401.

Madison in Connecticut has a 96 percent white population and it is the third safest city in America.Violent crime in Madison per 1000 of the population is 0.00 and property crime rate is 4.7.

Next the twelfth safest city in America is Monroe, New Jersey with an 81.55 percent white majority population with a 0.087 violent crime rate per 1000 population and a 3.34 property crime rate.

I think you get the general point here that I am making.In fact you can have a look for yourself at:

The Ogden Hi-Fi Murders

It was one of the most heinous acts in Ogden’s history and was seen nationwide as one of the most horrid and cruel murders at the time.

Forty years later, its impact lives on.

It was first reported in the Standard-Examiner that on April 22, 1974, at least two black men entered the Hi-Fi Stereo Shop located on 2323 Washington Boulevard around 7 p.m. where employees 20-year-old Stanley Walker and 18-year-old Sherry Ansley were working. Courtney Naisbitt, a 16-year-old boy was also in the store.

With the intent to rob the store, the men took the employees hostage. However, two more people entered the store. Walker’s father. Orren Walker, came in to pick up his son and Naisbitt’s mother, Carol Naisbitt, came in looking for him. The two were taken captive and stowed into the basement with the rest.

It soon became apparent that the robbers were going to kill all witnesses to the crime. The captives were made to drink drain fluid, burning their mouths and faces. When they did not immediately die as intended, the robbers resorted to executing each victim by gunshot.

Stanley Walker was killed at the scene from a gunshot to the head. Orren Walker was shot, but survived. After the attackers realized he was still alive, one of them shoved a pen into his ear and kicked it in while at the same time choking him with a wire. Unbeknownst to the robbers, he survived that as well.

Courtney Naisbitt was shot in the head, but also survived. He sustained critical brain damage and was kept in the hospital for nearly a year afterward. Carol Naisbitt was shot and died at the hospital.

Sherry Ansley was raped by one of the attackers before being shot in the back of the head, dying at the scene.

After loading up $24,000 worth of stereo equipment, the robbers left the store. The entire episode lasted about two hours.

The elder Walker pretended to be dead and was able to make his way to the outside parking lot where he collapsed and was later found by family members looking for him.

The shocking murder scene was immediately investigated by Ogden City Police’s newly formed Tactical Investigations Unit.

Staff members of the Standard-Examiner also scrambled to cover the scene which was only a block away from their current office building.

Flora Ogan, city editor at the newspaper, said the incident was very traumatic for the entire community.

"In all my years at the Standard-Examiner, it was the most exasperating, exciting and personally traumatic events to happen," Ogan said.

It was especially shocking to the community since the Naisbitts were a prominent family.

The murders prompted a statewide manhunt for the suspects who were believed to be two adult black males as described by Walker.

The investigations had led detectives to Hill Air Force Base, after an anonymous employee confided to police that two fellow airmen had talked about robbing the Hi-Fi store. Additionally, a few possessions of the victims were found by police in a dumpster near the base.

Police suspected Dale Shelby Pierre, 21, and William Andrews, 20, and issued a warrant to search their barracks. There they found stolen stereo equipment and the two were arrested and charged with multiple counts of murder. They were promptly convicted by a jury a few months later.

Ogan wrote in a 2006 column that the emotional high point of the trials came when Orren Walker testified.

"He recounted how he and the other victims had endured the horrors heaped on them by the unmerciful suspects. His tears flowed as he told of seeing his son shot in the head. When the suspects ran out of bullets they pushed a pencil in his ear and pushed and pushed hoping they had silenced him by attempting to strangle him at the same time," Ogan wrote.

A third suspect, Keith Roberts, 19, was also charged, but only found guilty of robbery, as he was the apparent getaway driver.

The aftermath and court cases lasted years due to multiple appeals and challenges to the state’s intent to execute the two airmen.

The long drawn out case complicated race relations in the area, particularly when detectives suspected that there may have been more suspects on the loose, prompting whites in the community to suspect and ostracize black residents at the time as well as advocates accusing police of racially targeting the suspects.

James Gillespie, Jr, an African American Ogden native, was just beginning his law enforcement career at the time and said the murders reprehensibly changed the community.

"Ogden was a unique city, it was more open than other areas as far as race relations went," Gillespie said. However, after the murders, tensions had never been higher, he said.

Joe Richie, former mayor of Roy, was a sergeant with Ogden Police and still remembers the day of the murders.

"At first we didn't know for sure what we had. Fortunately, they made a a lot of mistakes that led us right to them," Richie said.

Of everything that Richie has experienced as a law enforcement officer, it was the worst, he said.

"Afterwards, more people began locking their doors," he said.

Survivors Orren Walker and Courtney Naisbitt , were able to live on, but undoubtedly changed by the experience.

Walker passed away in 2000, while Naisbitt lived on until 2002 when he died of a unusual circumstances, believed to be attributed to his brain injuries.

Eventually Pierre was executed on August 28, 1987 and Andrews on July 30, 1992

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