Vaccination Fraud

"If I had a child now, the last thing I would allow is his/her vaccination." Retired vaccine researcher.

“Our children face the possibility of death or serious long-term adverse effects from mandated vaccines that aren’t necessary or that have very limited benefits,” said Dr. Orient.

“This is not a vote against vaccines. This resolution only attempts to halt blanket vaccine mandates by government agencies and school districts that give no consideration for the rights of the parents or the individual medical condition of the child.”

“It’s obscene to threaten to seize a child just because his parents refuse medical treatment that is obviously unnecessary and perhaps even dangerous,” said Dr. Orient. “AAPS believes that parents, with the advice of their doctors, should make decisions about their children’s medical care — not government bureaucrats.”

Let look at some quotes from Doctor's about whether Vaccines are safe or even needed at all.

● "Knowing what I know now, I would not vaccinate my children and run the risk of them getting diabetes, asthma, eczema, becoming more susceptible to meningitis and ending up chronically disabled."--- Dr Jayne Donegan 

“Smallpox attained its maximum mortality after vaccination was introduced. The mean annual mortality for 10,000 population from 1850 to 1869 was at the rate of 2.04, whereas after compulsory vaccination, in 1871 the death rate was 10.24. In 1872 the death rate was 8.33 and this after the most laudable efforts to extend vaccination by legislative enactments.” Dr. William Farr (1807-1883), Compiler of Statistics of the Registrar General of London

"Vaccination enables the selection of populations to be decimated. It facilitates targeted genocide. It permits one to kill people of a certain race, a certain group, a certain country. And to leave others untouched. In the name of health and well-being, of course."--- Dr Lanctot MD 

● "The medical authorities keep lying. Vaccination has been a disaster on the immune system. It actually causes a lot of illnesses. We are changing our genetic code through vaccination." --Guylaine Lanctot M.D. Canadian author of the best-seller 'Medical Mafia'. 

● "The greatest threat of childhood diseases lies in the dangerous and ineffectual efforts made to prevent them through mass immunization..... There is no convincing scientific evidence that mass inoculations can be credited with eliminating any childhood disease." Dr Robert Mendelsohn, M.D.

● “The incidence of asthma has been found to be five times more common in vaccinated children.” The Lancet, 1999

●“There is no doubt in my mind that in the U.K. alone some hundreds, if not thousands, of well infants have suffered irreparable brain damage needlessly (due to being vaccinated).” Prof. G. Stewart, Dev. Biol. Sta...nd. Vol. 61: pp 395-405. 1985

● "The HEW reported in 1970 that as much as 26 percent of children receiving rubella vaccination, in national testing programs, developed arthalgia or arthritis. Many had to seek medical attention and some were hospitalized to test for rheumatic fever and rheumatoid arthritis."
(Science, US, March 26, 1977)

“As bizarre and unbelievable as it sounds, the theory of vaccination is to inject poisons, viruses, diseases into the body in order to prevent disease. How can something that causes a long list of diseases be used to prevent disease? Something intended to prevent disease shouldn’t cause more diseases than it’s supposed to prevent. It defies common sense and logic.Prior to 1963, measles was considered a benign illness (not a disease); parents would encourage their children to visit friends who had measles so their children could contract measles and get it over with. Measles, due to the drug industry’s disease mongering, is now a life threatening disease.New diseases that were unheard of by the public decades ago: cervical cancer, zika, ebola, swine flu, avian flu, bovine flu. Diseases, like wars, are manufactured for profit. For example, the Zika virus (small head birth syndrome) was caused by insecticides introduced into Brazil’s water system to kill mosquitos. This was widely reported by the Brazilian media and common knowledge in Brazil. However, according to the US media, Zika was caused by a virus of speculative origin. Nevertheless, the US drug companies were more than happy to provide the Zika vaccine to people around the world.There are over 200 infectious diseases capable of causing death. However, only the diseases with vaccines are presented to the public as life threatening and a public health risk. Moreover, in 2018, the drug companies use disease incident and mortality rates from developing and third world countries as part of their disease mongering campaigns. The more you study the history of vaccination, the more you’ll conclude that it is one of the biggest frauds in history. It’s certainly the biggest medical fraud in history— vaccines never saved a single life and never prevented a single disease” - DR. Eleanor McBean, PhD, ND


“It is known that infants and children succumb to more infectious diseases than other groups. The reason is that newborns only fully develop their immune system when they’re 3 to 5 years old. The antibodies infants require to ward off diseases are passed to them from the mother through the placenta. The amount and type of antibodies the infant receives from the mother depends on the health of the mother herself, and the antibodies in her own immune system. At roughly 6 months old, the infant is capable of producing its own antibodies. However, again, a child’s immune system is only fully developed when it is 3 to 5 years of age.The theory of vaccination is to trigger and train the immune system.However, if the infant lacks a fully developed immune system until it’s 3 to 5 years old, then vaccination is useless. Yet, babies are being vaccinated immediately after birth. As of 2018, the US has the highest infant vaccination rate, and it also happens to have the highest infant mortality rate among developed countries”. DR. Eleanor McBean, PhD, ND

● Jonas Salk, inventor of the IPV, testified before a Senate subcommittee that nearly all polio outbreaks since 1961 were caused by the oral polio vaccine.

● Research led by Dr. Shaw shows a link between the aluminum hydroxide used in vaccines, and symptoms associated with Parkinson’s, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease), and Alzheimer’s.

● "We have exchanged chicken pox for autism, flu for asthma, ear infections for diabetes...and the list goes on and on. In the zeal to eliminate relatively benign microbes, we have traded temporary illnesses for pervasive, life-long diseases, disorders, dysfunctions and disabilities. High vaccination rates and low infection rates must not be the only measure of health. Indeed, North American, highly vaccinated children are the most chronically ill, most heavily medicated persons in the world. True health, no matter how it is packaged and sold, cannot come through a needle." --- Dr Sherri Tenpenny, D.O.

● "I think that the biological case against Thimerosal is so dramatically overwhelming anymore that only a very foolish or a very dishonest person with the credentials to understand this research would say that Thimerosal wasn't most likely the cause of autism."
--- Dr. Boyd E. Haley

● "There is no safe level of mercury and no one has actually shown there is a safe level. " --- Dr Friberg MD Ph.D. Former head of Toxicology WHO.

● "In my medical career I've treated vaccinated and unvaccinated children and the unvaccinated children are far healthier than the vaccinated ones."
--- Philip Incao, MD, Denver, CO

"Vaccination is child abuse and a crime against humanity.” ~ Dr. Buchwald MD

‘No matter how paranoid you are, what they’re actually doing is worse than you can possibly imagine!’ ~  Ralph Gleason

''In my view, the evidence against vaccination is so strong that anyone who vaccinates a child (or allows one to be vaccinated) should be arrested for child abuse. ''  ~ Dr. Vernon Coleman GP

Vaccination Fraud

According to CDC scientist and whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, the CDC knew over a decade ago that childhood vaccinations caused a significantly increased risk of autism in African-American boys. Dr. Thompson and other CDC scientists actively conspired to alter the study data in order to erase any such correlation. Two years ago, Dr. Thompson publicly admitted to taking part in this scientific fraud.

The ENTIRE mainstream media -- without exception -- blackballed this story and refused to report it. No one in Congress ever called Dr. Thompson to testify about the CDC's vaccine fraud.

In 2010, two Merck virologists filed a False Claims Act with the United States government, asserting that they were ordered by Merck management to commit scientific fraud by spiking antibody samples with animal antibodies. This was done to defraud the FDA into thinking that MMR vaccines worked to prevent disease when, in reality, they utterly failed to work at all.

That's because the vaccine industry, the CDC and the mainstream media are all deliberately pushing an epidemic of vaccine violence against children. That violence against children is not merely ignored but even condoned by the CDC, drug companies, doctors, hospitals, universities, media outlets and lawmakers. The systematic maiming of children has become the mantra of modern medicine, where countless children now suffer under a medical dictatorship that demands the sacrificial destruction of children in order to appease the profit gods of Big Pharma.

There is not even a shred of legitimate science to be found in the vaccine industry. It is nothing but vaccine voodoo and medical mythology carried out by the Church of Medical Mysticism where all "evidence" is faked in order to support the faith-based beliefs of the devout followers who profit from harming children. Far from "evidence-based medicine," today's vaccine industry makes a mockery of science and obliterates any possibility that vaccine risks vs. possible rewards might be assessed through rationality and critical thinking. Instead, vaccines are pushed under a totalitarian demand of absolute, mindless obedience... a position that stands in utter contradiction to the very principles of scientific discovery.

As children continue to be maimed and murdered with vaccine injections, the conspiracy of silence across every institution in America reveals what can only be called a modern-day medical holocaust. Yet those who are the most seriously injured by these vaccines are so damaged that they cannot speak for themselves anymore. Who will speak for them if not us?

And if "science" is whatever we are told it is by health authorities -- but it cannot be questioned or challenged or even validated by independent scientists -- then it isn't really science at all, is it?

The British Medical Association is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Big Pharma,

despite its facade of independence and recently, its former chairman, Sir Sandy

Macara (significantly, recently out-ed by new GMC disclosure rules as a freemason),

called for the highly controversial MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) triple vaccine to be made compulsory.

Big Pharma has been increasing its influence and control over medicine for decade

after decade and by funding, cajoling, incentivising and bribing corrupt politicians and

senior medical professionals, it has in effect made its own laws and in doing so has become ‘above the law’. 

Now it wants forced vaccinations so that every child, in facteveryone, must be injected 

with its venomous poisons. It is the latest stage in Big Pharma's war on the human immune 

system designed to cause still more death and disease by devastating the body's natural defences.

These horrendous cocktails of destruction contain toxic chemicals such as

thimerasol (mercury), DNA from animal tissue and aborted human foetuses and 

foreign proteins in the form of live or dead viruses and bacteria. Small babies and

toddlers with their immune defences still forming, are now given in some cases twenty

five vaccines, including combinations, before the age of two. One simply cannot

imagine the havoc it is wreaking on their tiny, immature immune systems. 

No wonder that once virtually unheard of problems such as Cot Death (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) 

and Autism are absolutely rife and increasing exponentially year on year in

the Western World.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a British vaccine expert was indeed struck-off the medical

register for publishing proof and refusing to retract his view that vaccinations were a

huge contributory cause in Cot Death and Autism cases. This is what happens when the ‘little man’ 

stands-up to these bullies. He is ruthlessly destroyed.

"The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's heading up to about nine billion.

Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive healthservices, 

we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent. But there we see an

increase of about 1.3 billion." Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, eugenicist and Elite ‘gofer’, speaking in 2010

What more proof do we need that vaccines and ‘healthcare’ in general are being

actively used for de-population?

“The bloodline families (Elite) and the higher levels of the Big Pharma pyramid

couldn't give a damn about protecting the health of the population. Like almost

everything else in this crazy world we need to reverse their statements to see their true motivation.

They want to cull the global population and reduce human numbers dramatically

and there can be few more effective ways to access the body than compulsory

vaccination. Once these laws are passed anything goes with regard to vaccine content

because you will see the demands increase for another kind of immunity - immunity

from prosecution for drug companies who kill and brain-damage people with their witches brew.

Those they don't kill directly they plan to do so indirectly by devastating the

immune system and opening people to death by other means that the human

defences would otherwise eliminate. This is why the number of vaccines and

combinations go on being increased for children under 2 while the immune system,

and indeed the brain, is still developing and getting up to speed. They want their

immunity to disease and their potential for clear thought dumbed-down and ideally

eliminated.” David Icke, researcher, 2009

Strong stuff, but absolutely true. Vaccinations are nothing less than part of an

elaborate Elite plan to reduce the population of the world to their own stated

‘desirable’ levels whilst making obscene amounts of profit from their victims in the process.

The ‘safety’ of vaccines is a complete myth. Under the 1986 National Childhood

Vaccine Injury Act, the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System was established. Annually,

it reports about 11,000 serious vaccine reactions, including up to 200 deaths and many

more permanent disabilities. However, worryingly the FDA estimates that only 1% of 

serious adverse reactions are actually reported. And worse still, several medical school

students testified before the US Congress that they are instructed not to report these incidents.

According to the National Vaccine Information Centre, only one in 40 New York

doctors reported adverse vaccine reactions or deaths yet international studies show vaccines 

cause up to 10,000 US SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or ‘cot death’)

deaths annually and at least half of them are from vaccines.

Another American study revealed that 3000 US children die annually from

vaccines and that the measured incidence of non-reporting of problems in America

suggests that annual adverse vaccine reactions, in fact number from 100,000 to one million!

Between the years 1850 to 1940, well before mandatory vaccination programmes,

the British Association for the Advancement of Science reported a 90% decrease in

childhood diseases due to improved sanitation and hygiene practices. By 1945, US

medical authorities noted a 95% drop in deaths from the leading childhood infectious

diseases (diphtheria, pertussis, scarlet fever and measles) again well before mass 

immunisation programmes began. This is the real reason for the decline in mortality, 

disingenuously attributed wholly to vaccines.

A recent WHO report found that third world disease and mortality rates had no

direct correlation with immunisation programmes, but were closely related to hygiene

and diet standards. There is no evidence whatsoever that links vaccines with the decline of 

infectious diseases. Proper hygiene, clean water and diet are proven to be

far more effective.

HPV Vaccine

Dr. Diane Harper, who was involved in phases II and III of the manufacturer’s testing of the vaccine, reports there are normally no symptoms and 90% of infections are resolved by the body in as little as two years. Only half of the remaining infections have a rare chance of developing precancerous cells that could lead to cervical cancer. While the majority of cervical cancers are caused by HPV, most women who have HPV do not develop cervical cancer. However, the pharmaceutical company who makes the HPV vaccine wants every girl and young woman and now boys to get another vaccination “just in case".

It was only tested for 6 months (instead of the usual 4 years) and was then fast-tracked by the FDA at which time Merck stopped testing and began to market it. There is no proof that Gardasil or Cervarix prevents HPV.

The Gardasil vaccine harm includes:  anaphylactic shock, seizures, paralysis, motor neuron disease, blood clots, eye, ear and vascular problems affecting the nervous system, the immune system, the musculoskeletal system, the blood and lymphatic system, the respiratory system, the gastrointestinal system, the vascular system, sterility, and even death.

In 2012, 528,000 women globally were diagnosed with cervical cancer. Approximately 90% of HPV infections clear up on their own within two years. North America has the lowest incidence of cervical cancer.

The lack of realistic risk factors involved in not receiving this vaccination simply don’t support this vaccine and the damage it’s been known to cause.

"Gardasil will become the greatest medical scandal of all time because at some point in time, the evidence will add up to prove that this vaccine, technical and scientific feat that it may be, has absolutely no effect on cervical cancer and that all the very many adverse effects which destroy lives and even kill, serve no other purpose than to generate profit for the manufacturers." Dr. Diane Harper.

In January 2016, the American College of Pediatricians (ACP), one of the world's foremost organizations dedicated to the health and well-being of children, issued a press release warning the public of the dangers of administering the HPV vaccine to children.

In their report, the ACP referenced numerous cases of sterilization experienced by young women who had received Gardasil (a brand of HPV vaccine), as well as the research conducted by Dr. Sin Hang Lee, exposing fraudulent studies conducted by pharmaceutical companies in attempts to falsely alter their products' safety marketability.

Scott Field, M.D., and current member of the American College of Pediatricians board of directors, warned: "It has recently come to the attention of the College that one of the recommended vaccines [HPV] could possibly be associated with the very rare but serious condition of premature ovarian failure (POF), also known as premature menopause."

Field also outlined in the ACP's report that many cases of adverse reactions to HPV vaccinations often go unreported, because healthcare professionals have failed to receive the proper training in order to recognize an association between HPV vaccinations and cases of POF.

Additionally, Vaccine Impact reported that an "overwhelming majority (76%) of VAERS reports [Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System] since 2006 with ovarian failure, premature menopause, and/or amenorrhea are associated solely with Gardasil."

A recent national survey including almost 600 doctors claims that most physicians don’t urge the HPV vaccine on pre-teens, even though more than 80 percent of pediatricians frequently discuss it with their patients.

The HPV vaccine, Gardasil, was licensed in 2006. It was manufactured to protect against only four of the more than 100 different human papillomavirus strains, which are spread by sex and can cause several types of cancer, including cervical cancer. The government wants girls and boys to get the vaccine before they are sexually active, around the ages of 11 and 12

This skepticism is well-founded. Gardasil, for instance, is touted as being 100 percent effective. However, this is a chicanery tactic peddled by the medical industry. Gardasil is only effective in combating two strains of cancer-causing HPV, but researchers have discovered at least 15 cancer-causing HPV strains!(3)

Gardasil will not thwart infections from HPV types that are not in the vaccine. During clinical trials, hundreds of women who received Gardasil still ended up contracting the HPV virus. Furthermore, makers of the drug caution women that “vaccination does not substitute for routine cervical cancer screening.

HPV Vaccine causes death of Girl (UK)

A girl of 13 (UK) died (April 2016) four days after being given a HPV vaccine for cervical cancer.  Shazel Zaman went to hospital with attacks of vomiting, headaches and drowsiness.  The doctor blamed a stomach bug but later her skin turned blue and she was rushed to hospital where she died.  Her family believe the problems happened after she was given the second HPV vaccine at school.  According to the family she had the injection on the Wednesday and on Friday had a sore arm, by Saturday she had a severe headache and was vomiting.  On Sunday she was pale and the family took her to hospital where she passed out after feeling drowsy.  Shazel was discharged from Fairfield Hospital in Bury and sent home.  She was then put to bed by the family and soon after she went blue and had no pulse.  Paramedics came but sadly she did not respond. She was declared dead four hours later in hospital.  Her family have said that before the HPV vaccine Shazel was healthy and well.

Since 2008, girls aged 12 and 13 in the UK have been routinely given a vaccination for the human papilloma virus (HPV) as part of the NHS childhood vaccination programme.

Dr. Dianne Harper, one of a select few specialists in OB/GYN (in the world) who helped design and carry out the Phase II and Phase III safety and effectiveness studies to get Gardasil approved. There are only 50 HPV experts in the world, and Dr. Harper is one of them, inarguably making her an expert on the subject. 

Since Harper's involvement in getting Gardasil approved, she has condemned the vaccine, stating that it is neither safe nor effective. She has mentioned that the tested length of the efficacy of the vaccines in preventing HPV infection is not long enough to prevent cervical cancer, which, as she states, can take decades to develop. She has also stated that vaccination will not decrease the number of cervical cancer cases, but a routine of regular pap smears will. 

Of all the women who get an HPV infection, approximately 70 percent of those will clear that infection all by themselves in the first year. You don't even have to detect it or treat it. Within two years, approximately 90 percent of those women will clear it all by themselves. By three years, you will have 10 percent of that original group of women left who still have an HPV infection, and 5 percent of this 10 percent will have progressed into a pre-cancerous lesion. So, "now you have that small group of women who have pre-cancerous lesions and now let's look at that moving into invasive carcinoma. What we know then is that amongst women with. . . [pre-cancerous] lesions. . . it takes five years for about twenty percent of them to become invasive carcinomas. That's a pretty slow process. It takes about thirty years for forty percent of them to become invasive cervical carcinomas."

This begs the question, why do nine-year old girls need vaccinations for symptomless venereal diseases that their immune systems kill anyway? 

Harper has told CBS that these vaccines are essentially useless, explaining that "the benefit to public health is nothing, there is no reduction in cervical cancers, they are just postponed, unless the protection lasts for at least 15 years, and over 70% of all sexually active females of all ages are vaccinated." 

"It is a vaccine that's been highly marketed, the benefits are over-hyped, and the dangers are underestimated." - Dr. Chris Shaw, Professor at the University of British Columbia, in the department of Neuroscience, Ophthalmology, and Visual Sciences.

"When one looks at the independent literature, so studies which are not sponsored by the vaccine manufacturers, so with relation to Gardasil there have been several reports documenting multiple sclerosis and encephalitis, which is brain inflammation, in girls who have received their Gardasil vaccine. So just because a study sponsored by the manufacturers does not identify problems with the vaccine does not necessarily mean that the vaccine is safe. In fact if one looks at the manufacturer studies, they're often not designed to detect serious adverse events. There was a study done by a group of researchers sponsored by Glaxo Smith and Kline and they were looking at Cervarix, which is another HPV vaccine, and the authors acknowledged that none of the studies that they evaluated have been designed to detect autoimmune diseases. So obviously, you're not going to find what you're not looking for. And in spite of these obvious flaws, they concluded that there is no evidence that Cervarix is associated with increased risk for autoimmune diseases, and this is absurd because you haven't looked for it, the study has not been designed to detect autoimmune diseases."

A Girl (UK) left paralysed by the HPV Vaccine

A 16-year-old girl has been left paralysed in three limbs and is in hospital on a drip after having the controversial HPV jab, her parents claim.  Ruby Shallom was vaccinated at school to protect her against cervical cancer as part of the routine NHS programme.

But just weeks later, the keen horse-rider and runner started to suffer from stomach spasms, dizziness, pain, headaches and fatigue.  Her muscles became weaker and in May - two years after she was given the jab - she woke up with no feelings in her legs whatsoever. 

She has since lost all sensation in both her legs and one of her arms and is virtually bed-bound - unable to eat, lift or dress herself, incontinent and often too weak to lift her head.

Doctors have been unable to diagnose her with anything and have dismissed it as being psychological, refusing to acknowledge any link to the jab.

But her parents Aron and Nicola, 45, are convinced her condition was caused by the jab.

'We are 100 per cent sure that it is down to the HPV vaccination,' said Mr Shallom, an engineer from Bracknell, Berkshire.

Her parents have spoken out after former glamour model Melinda Messenger said on This Morning that she stopped her 12-year-old daughter, Evie, having the jab over fears of chronic illnesses.

Known side effects include headaches, fever and nausea, but experts around the world remain adamant there is no evidence to link the vaccine to anything stronger

But Mr Shallom added: 'The way the doctors dismissed her was disgraceful.

'She doesn't want her daughter to go through what we are going through. We back her totally.

'Ruby was healthy before but now she is paralysed - you could hit her legs with a hammer and she wouldn't feel anything.

'We thought it was going to do her good but in hindsight it has done the complete opposite.

Ruby had the course of three injections with classmates at the end of 2013 and start of 2014. 

She, who has since missed two years of school, said: 'It is so scary. The doctors keep telling me it’s all in my head. It’s not just a coincidence.

'This has totally changed my life. I’m in pain all the time. If I hadn’t have had it, I wouldn’t be like this.

'It needs to be recognised because they are still giving it out. It will continue to happen to more girls until they stop.'

Another Girl Wheelchair Bound after having the HPV Vaccine

Another girl, dancer Lucy Rebbeck, 15, from Wokingham, Buckinghamshire, suffered the same ordeal after having the HPV jab. Her muscles were so weak she was confined to a wheelchair for six months.

She fell ill with similar symptoms in autumn 2014 and is being treated at the same hospital - Frimley Park in Surrey.

Doctors diagnosed her with coeliac disease and later removed her appendix - but nothing helped.

Her mother, Diane, 47, said: 'Her legs were getting weaker and weaker. They would just buckle and give way and in February she went downhill very rapidly.

'She couldn’t feel them at all and within two weeks they gradually went more and more numb.

'She was in a wheelchair for six months and was having to shuffle up the stairs on her bottom.'

Lucy, who has dropped four GCSEs because of the illness, has regained strength in her lower body after undergoing rehabilitation, including hydrotherapy.

But her family have no idea what caused her condition in the first place and MRI scans show that indeterminate patches of inflammation remain on her brain.

Mrs Rebbeck added: 'It has been horrendously awful - it has been life changing.

'Lucy is on the road to recovery but what is scary is that we don’t know what caused it.

'I don’t know how many girls of this age have these illnesses, but this definitely is not a coincidence. Why is it happening to so many girls?'

She called for more testing of the vaccine and urged parents to research it independently.

Chris Exley, a professor in bioinorganic chemistry at Keele University, said it contains an aluminium adjuvant which can be toxic in humans.

He said research is in a 'very early stage' and neither of the jabs has 'undergone satisfactory safety tests to demonstrate that they are safe for use in humans'.

Schoolgirls should stop being given a vaccine which helps protect them from cervical cancer until a "proper investigation" is held into side effects, a campaigner has insisted.

Freda Birrell, of UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID), called for a moratorium on the use of the controversial HPV vaccine until more is known about "serious adverse reactions".

She made the plea as she called for the Scottish Government to hold a roundtable discussion on the safety of the vaccine, involving medical and scientific experts from both sides of the debate.

She said AHVID, which was set up earlier this year, represented those "who have had their lives turned upside down after HPV vaccine".

It has 208 members, including 15% who are in Scotland, but Ms Birrell said: "We don't know how many others are out there but for now there appears to be no end in sight."


Irish girl injured by HPV vaccine

A woman is suing the Irish government to compel it to withdraw the license for Merck's Gardasil brand HPV vaccine, alleging that her daughter suffered "horrendous adverse effects" after receiving the vaccine as recommended under the Irish school vaccination program.

HPV refers to a large family of viruses, some of which can lead to cervical cancer, others of which can lead to warts, and many of which are harmless. Most HPV infections clear up on their own. Gardasil is a vaccine designed to prevent infection with two strains of HPV believed to be responsible for 70 percent of cervical cancer cases. Another HPV vaccine, GlaxoSmithKline's Cervarix, protects against those two strains as well as against two strains that cause 90 percent of genital warts.

Court to hear evidence of severe side effects

The lawsuit was brought by Irish nurse Fiona Kirby, a member of the parental support group, Reaction and Effects of Gardasil Resulting in Extreme Trauma (REGRET). She is asking for the court to rescind Gardasil's license for use in Ireland. She is also asking the court to issue an order preventing the Health Products Regulatory Agency (HPRA) from including Gardasil in any Irish vaccination programs.

Gardasil was added to Ireland's school vaccination program in 2010, recommended for girls aged 11 to 16.

According to REGRET, approximately 100 Irish girls have reported illness following Gardasil vaccination since that time. Kirby's lawsuit claims that her daughter developed severe flu-like symptoms within 24 hours of her first Gardasil shot in October 2011. The symptoms cleared up, but then returned after her daughter received the second dose. For this reason, Kirby did not give her daughter the third dose.

But following the second dose, Kirby says, her daughter suffered from severe nausea and fatigue leading to weight loss, muscle wasting and missed school. Kirby's daughter was also hospitalized for bilateral pneumonia in March 2012. She is now disabled and needs permanent care.

The lawsuit claims that other girls have also experienced "similar continuous life changing health problems" following vaccination with Gardasil.

Girls in Denmark suffer from HPV Vaccine

As the number of girls suffering horrible health effects after receiving the Gardasil shot for HPV (human papilloma virus) continues to increase, skepticism about the safety of this new vaccine continues to grow, as well. In fact, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced their decision to launch an investigation on the controversial vaccine back in 2015.

A documentary that aired in Denmark — which exposed the potential dangers of Gardasil and showcased the wave of detrimental health effects following the vaccine — is what prompted European officials to study the vaccine further. At least 100 Danish girls have filed for compensation with the government for vaccine injuries, and at least 800 more women in Denmark alone have experienced deleterious effects but haven’t yet filed for compensation.

In spite of this quite large number of affected women, which is likely to continue to grow, in February 2016, the Danish Medicines Agency released a statement explaining their decision not to change the safety profile of Gardasil. The agency states, “The conclusion is that the benefit/risk balance of the vaccine remains unchanged and consequently no changes to the product information of the vaccine are recommended.”

The Danish Medicine Agency also states, “In November, the EMA completed an extraordinary safety assessment upon a request from Denmark and found no evidence supporting a causal link between HPV vaccination and the two syndromes, CRPS and POTS.”

While this may sound like all is well and good, Vactruth reported that in 2013, in the then-latest statistics from the United States Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), that at least 140 deaths were attributable to the Gardasil vaccine. And that is just how many people died, never mind how many people experienced other types of harm from being vaccinated. According to VAERS statistics, there have been around 30,000 adverse events in response to the Gardasil vaccine. But don’t worry, the EMA says it’s totally fine. Of course, by narrowing their focus to a select few conditions, they easily avoided having to include most of the people who have been harmed by the HPV vaccine. 

Though no changes are being recommended for the product, the agency does state that for 2016, it would be utilizing Ceravix — an equally controversial vaccine for HPV — for its “childhood vaccination program.” However, Ceravix is really no better for anyone. According to the website The Truth About Gardasil, upwards of 9,000 women have reported serious, adverse reactions to the Ceravix vaccine alone, and it has been attributed to at least three deaths. Does that sound like something you want to put into your child?.

Boy Paralyzed by HPV Vaccine

Colton Berrett was a regular adolescent boy before he received the Gardasil vaccine. While getting a routine check-up at the doctor’s office before going off to scout camp, Colton’s doctor recommended he get the HPV vaccine. The doctor told Colton’s mother that he needed the vaccine to prevent cancer, and to help prevent him from giving cancer to his future wife.

Colton finished his last round of the Gardasil series on February 1, 2014. In the following weeks, he would eventually become paralyzed from the neck down. On February 17th, just over two weeks after his final vaccine, Colton was admitted to the hospital and proceeded to spend 88 days in intensive care.

The young teen has spent many, many months trying to recover from this horrible experience, but he still requires assistance from a breathing apparatus and suffers from some paralysis.

Sadly, Colton is not the first child to be harmed by Gardasil. In 2008, another 13-year-old had a frighteningly similar reaction to the toxic vaccine. Jenny’s family also reported that her paralysis began after receiving her third and final dose in the series. Jenny developed a degenerative muscle disease that left her almost completely paralyzed. Her family contends that Gardasil caused her condition, though the manufacturer Merck seems to believe otherwise. A statement released by Merck claimed, “Based on the facts that we’ve received, the information does not suggest that this event was causally associated with vaccination.”

Of course, the manufacturer will never admit that something could be wrong with their precious vaccine. After all, they did testing! Never mind the fact that their studies are far from what most people consider “reliable.” How can we trust a vaccine manufacturer to provide unbiased data?

When asked if he was angry about what happened to him, Colton said, “I’m angry that they’re still giving out the vaccine. They don’t care that people are getting hurt. It’s a joke.”

Reports Of Serious Side Effects And Deaths Linked To HPV Vaccines Are Kept Secret

Countless numbers of precious young girls all over the world have been told blatant lies, that the HPV vaccines are safe. Thousands have fallen seriously ill, have had their health completely ruined after these vaccines and many have died.

Records from Judicial Watch reveal that Gardasil is linked to thousands of serious adverse reactions and debilitating side effects, including seizures, blindness, paralysis and dozens of deaths, and that attempts are made to keep the information secret.

Injuries From HPV Vaccines Are Not Psychosomatic

The grief and pain of the injured has been ignored by vaccine promoters, including health authorities and doctors. Many of those who are suffering have been told that the reason for their symptoms is due to psychosomatic conditions, yet they were perfectly healthy before vaccination.

Truth About The Dangers Of HPV Vaccines Is Spreading Across The World

Cries from countless thousands of vaccine-injured individuals have gathered force. The truth about these dangerous vaccines will no longer be hidden. Proof of the lies and deception committed by those who have grossly violated public trust is being spread to all corners of the globe. 

64 Women in Japan sue the government over HPV Vaccine Injuries

A group of lawyers for 64 women who are suffering health problems from cervical cancer vaccines said Tuesday the victims will file damages lawsuits against the government and two drugmakers that produced the vaccines through four district courts on July 27.

Of the 64 women, 28 will lodge their suit with the Tokyo District Court, six with the Nagoya District Court, 16 with the Osaka District Court and 14 with the Fukuoka District Court, according to the lawyers.

Initially, the victims, mainly teenagers, will demand ¥15 million in damages each, for a total of ¥960 million, and increase the amount later depending on their symptoms. The victims’ health problems include pain all over the body.

The average age of the 28 planning to file their suit with the Tokyo court is 18. They received the vaccination when they were between 11 and 16 years old.

Noting that the cervical cancer vaccines have caused nerve disorders and other problems due to the excessive immune reactions they caused, the lawyers claimed that the government’s approval of the ineffective vaccines was illegal. The drugmakers bear product liability, they added.

Masumi Minaguchi, one of the lawyers, said, “We aim to clarify the responsibilities of the government and the drugmakers through the lawsuits so that the victims can live without anxiety.”

Cervical cancer vaccines were included in routine vaccination programs in April 2013. But the government stopped its recommendations for the use of the vaccines in June the same year after receiving reports on complaints of health damage.

Evidence of the deceit was received by Dr. Sin Hang Lee, former Associate Professor at Yale University, pathologist of Milford Hospital, and director of the Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory of Milford, Connecticut, and was published in a press release from Sanevax, dated January 15, 2016:

“Is HPV Vaccine Safety an Illusion Maintained by Suppression of Science?

“On January 14, 2016, Dr. Sin Hang Lee sent an open letter of complaint to the Director General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Margaret Chan, charging members of GACVS, the CDC, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and others with manipulation of data and suppression of science in order to maintain the illusion of HPV vaccine safety in the face of valid contradictory evidence.

According to Dr. Lee’s letter, a series of emails recently uncovered via a Freedom of Information request submitted in New Zealand revealed evidence that Dr. Robert Pless, chairperson of the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS), Dr. Nabae Koji of the Ministry of Health of Japan, Dr. Melinda Wharton of the CDC, Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris of Auckland University, New Zealand, and others (including WHO officials) may have been actively involved in a scheme to deliberately mislead the Japanese Expert Inquiry on human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine safety before, during and after the February 26, 2014 public hearing in Tokyo.

The complaint letter states that the emails provided clearly demonstrate this group of WHO officials and government employees charged with the responsibility of advising the expert committee from the Japanese government on HPV vaccination safety knew before the February 26, 2014 Tokyo public hearing that one of their own experts showed scientific evidence that HPV vaccination does increase cytokines, including tumor necrosis factor (TNF), particularly at the injection site compared to other vaccines. Yet, they chose to suppress this information at the public hearing.” [1]

The cytokines, which include tumor necrosis factor TNF, have been shown to increase the risk of several serious conditions, including septic shock, autoimmune illnesses, life-threatening heart reactions, and death. The 16-page, open letter of complaint to the Director General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Margaret Chan, includes copies of the many emails exchanged between those who collaborated to hide the information and to mislead the public hearing on HPV vaccine safety.

Does the HPV Gardasil Vaccine destroy the reproductive systems

A newly-published study has revealed that Merck & Co., the corporate mastermind behind the infamous Gardasil vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV), conveniently forgot to research the effects of this deadly vaccine on women's reproductive systems. And at least one young woman, in this case from Australia, bore the brunt of this inexcusable failure after discovering that her own ovaries had been completely destroyed as a result of getting the vaccine.

Published in the peer-reviewed British Medical Journal (BMJ), the harrowing recount of this young 16-year-old girl's experience should give pause to all parents currently being pressured by their doctors into having their young daughters jabbed with Gardasil. Robbed of her natural ability to experience full womanhood, this young woman experienced early menopause, in which her ovaries completely shut down before they were even able to fully develop.

Entitled Premature ovarian failure 3 years after menarche in a 16-year-old girl following human papillomavirus vaccination, this latest case study provides solid evidence that Gardasil is, at the very least, a serious threat to normal ovarian function. Not only was the damaged girl examined and verified to have had healthy ovaries prior to the shots, but there were no other identified factors besides Gardasil that could have possibly been involved in her sudden ill-fate.

Worse is the fact that information later obtained from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for the case -- TGA is Australia's equivalent of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S. -- revealed that Merck had never even conducted safety testing on Gardasil in relation to its effects on women's ovaries. According to the report, Merck had only tested Gardasil's effects on male testes.

"Although the TGA's Australian Public Assessment Report for Human Papillomavirus Quadrivalent Vaccine, February 2011, does report on the histology of vaccinated rat testes and epididymides, no histological report has been available for vaccinated rat ovaries," explains the report. "[A] histological report of the ovaries of vaccinated rats remained unavailable beyond a numbering of the corpora lutea present at postweaning euthanasia following the first litter."

In other words, Merck either intentionally or accidentally -- either option is completely unacceptable, by the way -- failed to check whether or not Gardasil has the potential to damage young women's reproductive systems, even though young women have always been the primary target market for the vaccine. Only recently have young boys been pulled into the Gardasil fray, despite the fact that the long-term side effects of the vaccine in males is still largely unknown.

As reported by investigative journalist Heidi Stevenson, there are at least two additive ingredients in Gardasil that may be responsible for damaging women's ovaries. These ingredients are polysorbate 80, an emulsifying preservative, and L-histidine, a natural amino acid. Both of these ingredients are, of course, used in processed foods, which millions of people consume every day. But injecting them into the body has a much different biological effect than simply consuming them.  As it turns out, polysorbate 80, which also goes by the names Tween 80, Alkest, and Canarcel, has been shown in studies to damage female reproduction. Not only does this chemical additive greatly accelerate sexual maturation in women, but it also tends to reduce the weight and function of both the ovaries and the uterus.  Polysorbate 80 is known to cause damage to female rats' reproductive system, and there is no reason to believe that the human reproductive system is spared.

HPV Vaccine Not Needed

There have been 44 confirmed cases of young girls who have died due to these HPV vaccines. Some of the most disturbing adverse events associated with the vaccines include lupus, blood clots, inflammation of the brain, seizures and paralysis. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), contains 15,037 documented cases of young girls who have experienced health complications due to HPV vaccines such as Gardasil. The number of adverse events is likely much greater due to lack of awareness by medical providers and due to the hurdles that families must take to prove they were damaged by the vaccine. During the studies, children aged 15 and above were used to test out the vaccine's effectiveness. Now the vaccine is being marketed to 9 year-olds, many of whom have reported ensuing health complication to VAERS.

Dr. Harper was a lead developer of the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine. Once a strong believer in Gardasil and Cervarix, she was part of the team that approved the vaccines for safety and effectiveness. But now she confesses they are nothing but a deadly scam. Dr. Harper came clean at the 4th International Convergence on Vaccination in Reston, Virginia. She has been speaking out ever since about the deadly risks associated with the vaccines and the false protection they give to women.

Dr. Harper is now trying to disseminate the fear surrounding HPV and cervical cancer. She explains that cervical cancer risk is extremely low in the US and that 90 percent of all HPV infections clear up on their own within two years. According to Dr. Harper, "About eight in every ten women who have been sexually active will have HPV at some stage of their life." She says there are normally no symptoms with HPV and 98 percent of cases clear up on their own.

The small percentage of cases that become cancerous, that overtake the immune system, do not occur because the person failed to vaccinate. There is no data showing that Gardasil protects one from HPV beyond five years. Dr. Harper iterates that there is no way of proving that the vaccines prevent cervical cancer. Even if there was a way of proving that the vaccine worked, the vaccine makers admit that the vaccine only targets 4 strains out of 40 for a specific venereal disease that usually just dies out on its own in a short period of time.

Furthermore, women who fear they have HPV are better off just getting checked with a routine Pap smear. If there is evidence of a rare venereal disease, the patient can be treated so the condition does not develop into cervical cancer. By putting all faith in faulty HPV vaccines, young girls are literally given false protection and led down a slippery slope that encourages the very behaviour that leads to sexually transmitted diseases.

To top it all off, the vaccines put women's lives at risk due to vaccine complications that could leave them paralyzed for life. Young girls should be empowered to respect their own bodies. They should never be treated as an experimental corpse for vaccine chemicals. Women and men should be given real knowledge on prevention of disease through nutrition and be encouraged to engage in healthy relationships behaviours.


Gardasil has been the subject of controversy for many years now. In fact, it has even been regarded as one of the most dangerous vaccines on the market today. Perhaps what is most alarming about this treacherous vaccine, however, is the fact that its manufacturer, Merck & Co, now wants to begin marketing their product to infants – and trials on babies have already begun. Merck recently launched a Gardasil vaccine trial on children at least one year old, and it's set to conclude in early 2017.

You read that right. A pharmaceutical giant is testing a vaccine for an STD on babies. It doesn't really get more corrupt and outrageous than that, now does it?

Gardasil was developed for the STD known as HPV, and was approved by the FDA in 2006. The disease did not become of concern until the 1980s, when research first suggested that there may be a link between HPV and cervical cancer. However, whether this link actually exists has been a major point of contention. There are several hypotheses that explain why HPV may not actually cause cancer, but one particularly interesting theory was expressed by McCormack et al in their paper published by the journal Molecular Cytogeneticsin 2015. The research team also raised several significant questions about the prevailing theory on the connection between HPV and cervical cancer. For example, HPV is present in 70 to 80 percent of the American adult population, so why does cervical cancer only effect one out of ever 10,000 women?

According to their paper, neither HPV nor genetic predisposition is required for the onset of cervical cancer. In fact, all of the cervical cancer cells analyzed during the course of their study contained new abnormal karyotypes. The genetic makeup of these new abnormal karyotypes suggested that the cervical cancers originated within the karyotypes, and not from a virus. A karyotype is the size, number and shape of chromosomes within an organism. Their theory, called the Karyotypic Speciation Theory, essentially suggests that "carcinomas are generated de novo from cellular chromosomes, genes and proteins, which are not immunogenic in the host of origin (just like all other cancers)." As explains, in this theory, hypothetical cancer cells that are generated by viral proteins (such as HPV) would be eliminated by antiviral immunity.

So to put it simply, the researchers posit that these changes to cell chromosomes were occurring independent of viral stimuli (which would be HPV), rather than because of it -- which in turn renders vaccination for such a thing relatively useless. notes that even after 25 years of research on HPV's link to cancer, no definitive answers on how or why it causes cancer have been found.

While the link between HPV and cancer remains obscured, there is no shortage of evidence that the Gardasil vaccine does more harm than good. The vaccine has been linked to causing cervical cysts, crippling autoimmune diseases and even destroying women's ovaries. Merck has even admitted that they "forgot" to see how a vaccine that was initially targeted at young women might effect a key component of their reproductive systems – their ovaries. Some have even died almost immediately following vaccination.

Despite the claims of safety being pushed out by the media, the medical industry and Big Pharma, the evidence that the Gardasil vaccine is a damaging injection continues to pile up. Even industry professionals have come forward to express their concerns. Dr. Dianne Harper, a leading HPV researcher that was involved in the approval of Gardasil, has cautioned, "Gardasil has been associated with at least as many serious adverse events as there are deaths from cervical cancer developing each year."

Jabbing infants with this vaccine isn't just unwarranted, it's barbaric. If it wasn't for independent research, and the bravery of those who speak out, the propaganda machine would continue to run unopposed and without consequence.

Bill Gates Forces HPV Vaccine on Indian Girls

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is praised for its philanthropy around the world, but much of the foundation’s good deeds are merely no-consent vaccine experiments carried out on the poor. Under the pretense of providing healthcare to third world countries, the Gates Foundation instead coerces tens of thousands of children to test out various vaccines for pharmaceutical companies.

Bill Gate’s massive wealth from selling computers is being redistributed to pharmaceutical research, as human rights-violating corporations such as Merck and GlaxoSmithKline test out new vaccines on multiple thousands of unsuspecting victims.

In India, the propaganda campaign is in full force, as the natives are instructed to get their “well-being” shots. The resulting health problems have been noticeable and devastating, raising questions about the sinister motives behind the Gates Foundation and their extraordinary vaccine push.

Young girls’ health rapidly deteriorated following Gates vaccine push

In 2009, the tribal children of the Khammam district in Andhra Pradesh were gathered together and told they would be receiving healthcare shots. Even though the Gates foundation has the wealth to give these tribes access to clean water, sanitation services, nutrition and low stress living conditions, they instead push for HPV vaccines and call them “well-being” shots. The shot these young girls received was an HPV vaccine manufactured by Merck and administered by the state’s health department. The young girls, aged 9–15, were instructed to line up for three doses of the vaccine. As the months rolled on, the health of the 16,000 girls rapidly deteriorated. Five of the girls died shortly thereafter.

In Vadodara, Gujarat, another 14,000 or more tribal children were put to the test. This time the Gates Foundation carried out their humanitarian healthcare mission by providing the HPV vaccine called Cervarix, made by Glaxo SmithKline.

Giving no informed consent, the Gates Foundation coerced the tribal people on the belief that the shots were beneficial and necessary. However, when virus material, heavy metals and other preservatives foreign to the body are injected into young, developing women, drastic changes are bound to occur in their bodies. Having no idea that they were being signed up for vaccine trials, thousands of young girls were injected with these experimental vaccines purported to prevent cervical cancer.

Instead of seeing their health improve, the tribes reported numerous, bizarre adverse events in the days, weeks and months following vaccination. Young girls in India lost weight, appetite and stamina. 16-year-old Aman Dhawan had no idea he was even signed up for the vaccine trial. Soon thereafter he began to lose weight and energy, as the life was sucked right out of him. The same problem broke out among girls in Colombia, where the same vaccine had been doled out to the young girls there.

NGO activists speak out about young girls being used as guinea pigs for vaccine experiments

When health reporters and activists visited Andhra Pradesh, they met more than 100 young girls who were now having epileptic seizures, severe mood swings and migraine headaches. The toxins that had been deliberately injected into them caused additional health problems such as early menstruation, heavy bleeding and menstrual cramps – problems the tribes had not experienced before in such severity or magnitude.

The push was started by the NGO Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH). The group coordinated with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to test the cervical cancer vaccines on thousands of young females across India and Africa. The Gates Foundation has also coordinated with the NGO to study the effects of the Rotavirus and pneumococcal vaccines in Africa and Asia.

Whistleblowers from another NGO, Sama, witnessed the horror and spoke out about what was really going on, revealing how the young girls were being used as guinea pigs for vaccine trials all under the guise of receiving healthcare. Sama reported that the administers of the vaccine were giving no informed consent; in fact, authorities made the people give thumb prints, treating them as subjects, not intelligent human beings with human rights.

When billions of dollars are behind a mission, authorities will gladly follow along and do as they are told. Testing chemicals and viruses out on human subjects is easy in third world countries where human life seems to be expendable

Facts you probably don't know about HPV and Gardasil

In August, the Health Ranger interviewed neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D. on Dr. Blaylock shared some little known facts about the human papillomavirus (HPV) and the quick development of a vaccine to address it. Dr. Blaylock says the vaccine is "predicated on an absolute lie."

Some empowering facts you may not know about the human papillomavirus and Gardasil:

1. First, the basis is wrong. HPV by itself does not cause cervical cancer. Evidence shows it takes a combination, or co-infections - multiple viruses or virus/bacteria combinations to cause cervical cancer. Examples include Epstein Bar virus, HIV, and Chlamydia, along with HPV.

2. Birth control pills and other hormonal drugs also increase the risk of HPV.

3. It has never been proven that the HPV vaccine prevents cervical cancer. There is no scientific evidence of any kind.

4. There are over 100 strains of HPV, only about 15 of which can contribute to cervical cancer.

5. HPV vaccines only include two to four strains, leaving you open to more than two-thirds of the dangerous strains. You will still need to get routine screenings for cervical cancer.

6. You don't change or reduce the incidence of cancer by receiving the vaccine. Studies show that the human immune system develops resistance to the strains given in the vaccine, allowing others to become predominant.

7. The CDC website states that the human body's immune system clears HPV within two years, 90 percent of the time (70 percent in one year). Without the vaccine.

8. One of the most powerful connections proven to increase the risk of cervical cancer is smoking. Women who smoke have 2.3 times higher incidence of the precancerous lesions that lead to cervical cancer.

9. Diet is key. A poor diet increases risk while a diet that includes high amounts of vitamin B12 and folic acid have a 79 percent reduction in HPV infections and cervical cancer. Vitamin C, curcumin, quercetin, and other flavonoids are powerful inhibitors against cervical cancer.

10. Dietary combinations have been proven to have far greater effect against HPV than any vaccine.

11. All the marketing assertions are false. It is one of the largest, most harmful medical hoaxes of our time.

12. Officially, the vaccine has been associated with approximately 100 deaths, and 500 have been left permanently disabled.

13. Those numbers are based on voluntary reporting, which historically means only two to ten percent of cases are represented. The vast majority of cases are never reported. So, conservatively, 5,000 young girls and women have been harmed by the vaccine.

14. Cervical cancer is one of the rarest cancers in the U. S., with 12,000 cases reported per year and 4,000 deaths.

15. The number of girls and women that experience serious complications from the vaccine meets or exceeds the number of deaths.

16. Side-effects include: Multiple sclerosis, encephalitis, blindness, pericarditis, coma, and death among many others.

17. The vaccine Gardasil was "fast tracked." This was illegal. The FDA requires new vaccines to undergo testing and a waiting period of 4 years. Gardasil was developed and on the market in 6 months, with FDA approval.

18. Texas governor Rick Perry tried to force all girls in Texas entering the sixth grade to receive the vaccine in 2007, despite the fact that the incubation period for HPV averages 20 years with the median age of sufferers being 48. He mandated it over the legislature's objections.

19. People thought they were required to receive the vaccine, but that too was untrue as it wasn't an actual law.

20. Perry received huge amounts of money from the manufacturer.

21. Perry's former chief of staff became a hired lobbyist for Merck, the maker of Gardasil in 2009, exposing the connection to the pharmaceutical giant, and the motivation for pushing the vaccine.

22. The Texas Legislature overturned Perry's executive order requiring girls to get the vaccine due to the huge backlash from the public. However, the precedent had been set, and other states and countries began to follow suit.

23. Pap smears alone prevent over 80 percent of cervical cancer. A yearly pap smear reduces your chance of getting cervical cancer to .002 percent.

24. HPV vaccines have been illegally administered to millions without informed consent as the risks are rarely disclosed.

25. What people don't know is that there are Informed Consent laws that are there to protect patients. They provide a legal strategy for people who have experienced vaccine damage.

26. Vaccine manufacturers do not want doctors to discuss and disclose the risks associated with vaccines because they don't want people to realize they can opt out. This has been documented in multiple medical journals. Yet it is illegal for doctors NOT to disclose the risks.

27. The vaccine was only tested on 21,000 girls and women before being pushed on millions of children, teens, and adults worldwide, according to the FDA website.

28. The FDA website has no mention that the vaccine was ever tested on males, yet the CDC says the vaccine is "recommended for all teen boys and men through age 21."

29. The Informed Consent laws also address questions about the efficacy of vaccines. Meaning you have a right to ask questions and receive answers about how well it works, why you should allow it to be administered, as well as the risks.

30. Vaccine manufacturers have gone to the legislature(s) to get a law passed that you cannot sue over vaccine complications.

Baby Boy Dies from Vaccinations

Elijah Daniel French was born on May 4, 2007. Days after receiving eight routine vaccinations in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommended vaccine schedule, the once healthy baby boy quickly declined into poor health and suffered from breathing problems and high fever. After a few more visits to the doctor and even more recommended vaccine injections, at only 14 months of age, young Danny died.

According to his family, Daniel was vaccinated for seven different diseases at five-and-a-half months old, including with DTaP, hepatitis B, polio, Hib and pneumococcal vaccines. Despite suffering immediate adverse effects, Daniel was brought back to the doctor’s office just a few months later and jabbed again with all the same vaccines

Though Daniel’s pediatric visits constantly left him feeling unwell, his mother, Rachel, believing that the doctor knew what was best for her child, brought him back for another round of vaccines at 14 months old. Danny was given eight vaccines in four separate injections: MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), Hib, varicella and DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis).

“By the next day, he was extremely fatigued, irritable and had a loss of appetite. He did not have a fever at this time. He was red and warm where they injected him. These symptoms only worsened.

“By the third day, Danny was unable to stay awake for longer than thirty minutes, he had zero food intake, his fluid intake diminished and he cried excessively. Seventy-one hours after his doctor visit, Danny developed a fever from the vaccines

A few hours after being given another round of Children’s Tylenol, Danny’s body became cold and unresponsive. At 14 months old, the pride and joy of Rachel and her husband had passed away. And the cause of death, as Danny’s mother would only find out years later after conducting her own thorough investigation, was the vaccines he was given.

Medical experts whom Rachel consulted all unanimously determined that, based on blood and tissue samples taken from Danny’s body, vaccines were the cause of the boy’s death.

“Everything was reviewed by three separate pathologists,” she said. “All three confirmed the same findings. The pathologists stated vaccine-induced hypercytokinemia as the cause of my son’s asphyxiation. They were able to determine this in large part to the blood panel taken prior to Danny receiving his vaccines, in contrast with the samples I had stored.”

“They also agreed encephalopathy was likely responsible, as it’s a cytokine storm syndrome. Danny’s pathology report stated his cause of death was asphyxiation, secondary to hypercytokinemia, caused by vaccines received approximately 72 hours prior.”

Vitamins instead of Vaccines to treat Diseases

Several doctors are beginning to speak out against the danger of vaccines. In her recently released bestselling book A Mind of Your Own, holistic, functional medicine trained psychiatrist Kelly Brogan explains why she opposes vaccinations.

Brogan shares a fascinating example of how the nutrient selenium was used to prevent and treat Keshan disease in China, replacing the vaccination proposed by Western researchers. Brogan also discusses how vitamin A can be used to treat and prevent measles, along with vitamin C to address tetanus, in place of toxic, dangerous vaccinations.

Vitamin C Treats Tetanus

Vitamin C, given at one gram daily, was found to be 100% effective in preventing mortality in children, diagnosed with tetanus, aged 1-12, by a study reported in the Cochrane library and the National Institute of Health. In older individuals with tetanus, aged 13-30, vitamin C was found to reduce mortality by 45%. In rare cases of tetanus, this protocol makes more sense than dangerous, ineffective mass vaccination against tetanus.

Vitamin A Reduces Complications of Measles, a Normally Mild Childhood Disease

The National Institute of Health reports on a study identifying vitamin A deficiencies as a risk factor for serious cases of measles. The World Health Organization recommends administering an oral dose of 200,000 IU of vitamin A to adults and 100,000 IU to infants for 2 days in areas with vitamin A deficiency.

Measles is generally a very mild childhood disease, while the MMR vaccine is linked to serious health consequences. Using vitamin A to treat and prevent very rare cases of serious measles is a much safer health protocol than dangerous mass vaccination programs.

Weston Price and Nutrition to Prevent Disease

Dentist Weston Price, in his landmark ten-year study of endemic groups around the globe, discovered that the groups who maintained high nutrition were naturally resistant to tuberculosis, the common disease at that time. When individuals broke away from their nutrient-dense foods, consuming modern, processed, vitamin-deficient diets, they became susceptible to tuberculosis and suffered immensely.

Vaccinated Versus Unvaccinated

If more evidence is required pointing to the importance of nutrition to prevent disease, in place of dangerous, ineffective vaccinations, one only needs to examine the comparative studies on vaccinated and unvaccinated children. In multiple studies, the outcome is unanimous that unvaccinated children enjoy far superior heath compared to those vaccinated.


Numerous diseases have been linked to vitamin deficiencies including measles, tetanus, tuberculosis and Keshan disease. Rather than vaccinate with dangerous, ineffective vaccines, never proven to be safe or effective, one should focus more on improving nutritional status as a safe, effective means to improve heath and prevent disease.

If your doctor, your child's school administrator, or a friend or family member is pressuring you to inject your child with genetically modified (GM) viruses, heavy metals and preservatives, and you're not sure how to make the best and most informed choice in the matter -- or even how to respond back to these people intelligently in order to shut them up -- consider the following 10 reasons not to go the vaccination route.

1) Vaccines don't work. When printed on a poster or repeated ad nauseam by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the embedded claim that vaccines prevent communicable disease and impart lasting immunity might sound nice to the low-information masses. But the science simply doesn't reinforce it, with outbreak after outbreak proving that vaccinated people are the most immunocompromised, and are always the ones contracting the diseases against which they were vaccinated.

Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych addresses this and many other vaccine facts in her powerful book Vaccine Illusion, which destroys many modern myths surrounding vaccination. Not only do vaccines not impart lasting immunity, but they actually destroy the body's natural immune capacity, leaving many vaccinated individuals immuno-debilitated throughout their lives.[2]

2) Vaccines have never been proven safe or effective. Every single study used as "evidence" that vaccines are safe erroneously compares side effects from one vaccine to side effects from another vaccine, effectively cancelling them out. None of them compare the health outcomes of vaccinated versus unvaccinated individuals, which would be the true test of vaccine safety.

"True, scientific, double-blind placebo studies have never been conducted on vaccines to determine their safety," explains

3) The first vaccine was a complete failure, which the industry tried to cover up. Little do most people know that the first vaccine ever produced, for smallpox, was a complete disaster. The health consequences in those who received it included syphilis and death, though a concerted effort was made at the time to cover up these outcomes and push vaccines anyway because they're highly profitable.[3]

4) Vaccines are highly profitable for drug companies, which aren't held liable for damages. Let's face it -- vaccines are a major cash cow for the drug industry. Not only are vaccine companies completely shielded from liability when their vaccines injure or kill children, but they are typically "sponsored" by government agencies that push them on families and children using outrageous and unfounded scare tactics.[4]

5) All vaccines contain deadly chemical additives. The average paediatrician would be hard-pressed to provide package inserts outlining vaccine ingredients to their clients prior to pushing vaccines. But parents need to know that all vaccines contain deadly, neurodamaging chemicals like aluminium, mercury and formaldehyde. Many vaccines are also loaded with monosodium glutamate (MSG), antibiotics and even genetically modified organisms (GMOs).[5]

6) Unvaccinated children are generally healthier. International studies looking at the health outcomes of unvaccinated children compared to their vaccinated peers have repeatedly shown that the unjabbed are generally less afflicted with allergies, autism, behavioural disorders, autoimmune dysfunction and respiratory ailments.

Concerning the flu vaccine, for instance, a study published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases found that individuals jabbed for influenza are 550 percent more likely to have respiratory problems.[6]

7) Vaccines cause lifelong, incurable diseases in some children. It's one thing to have localized swelling or temporary fever symptoms following vaccinations. But if your child is one of the unfortunate ones who develops permanent nerve damage in the form of Guillain-Barre Syndrome, for instance, he or she could require lifelong care and treatment for vaccine damage. If you choose to vaccinate, are you prepared to potentially have to reorient your life in the event of autism or brain damage?[7]

8) Vaccines kill children and adults. Though young children and babies are most prone to incurring permanent harm from vaccines, adults are also at risk. One prevalent example of this is the infamous Gardasil vaccine for HPV, which to date has injured and killed 
tens of thousands of adolescents and teenagers.[8]

"US children are given far more vaccines at younger ages compared to other countries," explains, noting that vaccines are also linked to the fatal condition SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), which the medical establishment blames on genetics or child abuse in order to protect the vaccine sham.

9) Vaccine companies can't be sued if you or your child is harmed by vaccines. If vaccines really are as safe as the jab-pushers constantly claim they are, then why was the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act passed in 1986, exempting vaccine and drug companies, as well as health practitioners, from liability in the event of injury or death?

In 2011, the Supreme Court affirmed that injured parties can't sue vaccine companies for injury or death related to vaccines [9]. Is this really a risk that you want to take with your child?

10) Natural exposure to disease is the best vaccine. Truth be told, the only way to truly develop vibrant, lifelong immunity is to live your life as you normally would, but without injecting dead (and in some cases live) viruses and chemical adjuvants into your muscle tissue. Natural exposure to whatever diseases are lurking in the world is the only way for the body to develop permanent antibodies that will forever protect against disease.[10] Eating fresh, nutrient-dense organic food and living a healthy lifestyle also helps boost your immune system, allowing you to overcome and develop resistance to diseases naturally.

Learn more at:

The Real Truth about the Flu Vaccine

A new scientific study published in The Lancet reveals that influenza vaccines only prevent influenza in 1.5 out of every 100 adults who are injected with the flu vaccine.

Let's start with the actual numbers from the study.

The "control group" of adults consisted of 13,095 non-vaccinated adults who were monitored to see if they caught influenza. Over 97% of them did not. Only 357 of them caught influenza, which means only 2.7% of these adults caught the flu in the first place.

The "treatment group" consisted of adults who were vaccinated with a trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine. Out of this group, according to the study, only 1.2% caught the flu.

The difference between these two groups is 1.5 people out of 100.  Or, put another way, flu vaccines do nothing in 98.5% of adults.

Given their 1.5% effectiveness among adults, the marketing of flu shots is one of the most outrageous examples of fraudulent marketing ever witnessed in modern society. Can you imagine a car company selling a car that only worked 1.5% of the time? Or a computer company selling a computer that only worked 1.5% of the time? They would be indicted for fraud by the FTC!

Flu Vaccine Causing Seizures

The Sanofi-Aventis flu vaccine known as "Fluzone" is causing febrile seizures in children, the FDA (USA) revealed yesterday. According to the FDA, 42 cases of seizures have been reported in children receiving the Fluzone vaccine. Most of the children suffering seizures are under the age of two.

The FDA went out of its way to claim that even though these children suffered seizures, they're all fine now. "All children recovered and no lasting effects have been seen," the FDA said. Can you imagine them making such a statement about an herb that was found to cause seizures? This is a case where the FDA has clearly put itself in the position of defending the safety of the vaccine and downplaying the risk that it sends children into convulsions.

Nearly all the reported seizures occurred within 24 hours after the children received the Fluzone vaccine. This, according to vaccine apologists, is mere "coincidence."

It is well established that only 1% - 10% of vaccine side effects are ever reported to the FDA. This means that potentially thousands of children have suffered seizures due to this flu vaccine.

Not surprisingly, the maker of the vaccine claims there's no proof that the vaccine caused any seizures at all. "At this point no correlation between influenza vaccine and febrile seizures has been established," said Sanofi-Aventis. "Adverse events after vaccination may be causally related to vaccine or may be coincidental."

Both the drug maker and the FDA take the position that "vaccines are safe until proven dangerous." This is the opposite of what commonsense precaution would require: That vaccines should be proven safe before being injected into the bodies of children

Grandmother Dies of Swine Flu After been Vaccinated

A 68-year-old UK grandmother named Eleanor Carruthers has died from the swine flu. Importantly, she was given the swine flu vaccine shot several months ago and was told the shot would offer her absolute protection from the flu.

Her daughter, Carole, was quoted in a Dailymail article saying, "'What we don't understand is that mum had the vaccine in October, because she was in an at risk group."

Carol goes on to explain how doctors assured her the vaccine would offer her mom bulletproof protection against the flu: "I had been ill at New Year, and asked the doctors whether I should keep away from mum, but they said the vaccine would protect her from flu." 

What Carole was not told, of course, is that she was lied to about the flu vaccine. Flu vaccines are not 100% effective at protecting people from the flu. They're not even 50% effective. In fact, a critical analysis of available data reveals that the flu vaccine is effective in only 1 out of 100 people. 

Carole was also not told that doctors lie about the effectiveness of flu vaccines and make outrageous claims of protection which are entirely unsubstantiated by the scientific data. This exaggeration of the benefits of flu vaccines is also repeated through advertising and promotional literature, much of which implies a "100% protection" promise for flu vaccines -- even though such a claim is actually fraudulent.

Mercury in Flu Vaccine

Flu vaccines contain over 50 ppm mercury, an extremely toxic heavy metal linked to kidney failure, birth defects, spontaneous abortions and neurological damage. This finding has never been refuted by anyone. In fact, it was affirmed by vaccine proponents who insisted that it is perfectly safe to inject pregnant women, young children and senior citizens with mercury even though the flu vaccine insert itself readily admits there is no scientific evidence whatsoever to support the safety and efficacy of the vaccine in such groups.

Believe it or not, there are still millions of people, doctors, pharmacists and even journalists who do not yet realize there is a very high concentration of mercury in influenza vaccines given to pregnant women, children and senior citizens. Most people, you see, have been lied to by the media which has stated over and over again that mercury was removed from all vaccines.

That's simply not true.

It's still there. And toxic mercury is present in influenza vaccines at a level that's literally 25,000 times higher than the EPA limit of mercury in drinking water.  It's 100 times higher than the highest level of mercury contamination I've ever tested in ocean fish.

As you can see below, the box for this Flulaval Influenza Virus Vaccine readily admits the use of thimerosal which contains mercury. (Of course, you have to use a magnifying glass to see this.) In microscopic text on the package insert, it says straight out, "Register women who receive Flulaval while pregnant in the pregnancy registry by calling 1-888-452-9622."

Yet, at the same time, the insert also admits that "safety and efficacy have not been established in pregnant women."

In other words, this vaccine containing mercury is being promoted for use in pregnant women even when no safety in pregnant women has ever been established.

It's also important to note that when people are being given flu shots, they are never handed the package or the insert, so they have no opportunity to read any of this information unless they specifically ask for it.

It's not like a food item with a "Nutrition Facts" label. Vaccines are sold in "stealth" mode where patients have no idea what's in them and no opportunity to read possible warnings.

Mercury is Lethal

Mercury is the second most poisonous element known to mankind, second only to uranium, yet for some reason, it’s still used in vaccines as a preservative, even when there are several other options that are not toxic that would do the same job. It is scientific FACT that human brain neurons permanently disintegrate in the presence of mercury within one hour of exposure. Thimerosal is a mercury containing preservative  (about 50% mercury) and the World Health Organization warned about its use in vaccines way back in 1990. Plus, mercury, an unstable metal, is a cumulative poison, meaning the body has difficulty removing it and it accumulates significantly over time. Some infants receive more mercury in one day than the WHO recommends as a MAXIMUM FOR ADULTS for three months worth of exposure. The maximum amount of mercury for any human to ingest should actually be ZERO. There is NO safe amount of mercury for the human body, and to suggest that there is would be like setting a maximum amount of uranium intake, or plutonium, or cesium 137 (radio cesium), for that matter.

There are three kinds of mercury that cause health problems. There is elemental mercury, also known as liquid mercury or “quicksilver,” and there are inorganic mercury salts and organic mercury. Symptoms of mercury poisoning, as listed by NIH (National Institutes of Health),  include liquid stool, liver disorder, deafness, loss of side vision, loss of speech, myoclonic movements, mania, difficulty understanding ordinary speech, paresthesia of the tongue, and death. Sounds like they are describing autism. Plus, neurologic symptoms caused by mercury compounds have a delayed onset after exposure–which is why autism begins in the early years of life and usually worsens with more vaccinations, booster shots and flu shots administered, not to mention more mercury consumed in foods and vapors emitted via dental “amalgam” fillings.  Elemental mercury can also be found in glass thermometers, certain electrical switches, fluorescent bulbs, and some medical equipment.

The U.K.'s government-run National Health Service(NHS) is trying to implement a new mass vaccination scheme that involves vaccinating every single child in the country with AstraZeneca's nasal influenza shot Fluenz, also known as FluMist in the U.S. According to Reuters, the program, which is expected to cost the equivalent of about $155 million a year in taxpayer dollars, will deliver live attenuated flu viruses to nine million British children annually beginning in 2014.

Once implemented, the program will make the U.K. the first country in the world to vaccinate all of its children, including healthy children, for influenza on the taxpayers' dime. It will also make the U.K. the first country in the world to abandon traditional injection flu vaccines, which typically contain inactivated virus strains, for a nasal spray version that actually contains a supposedly weakened, but potentially more virulent, version of the live virus.

Because the idea is so controversial, authorities are still in the investigatory stage, according to reports, and are testing the waters to see how the public will react as the plan is gradually unleashed. But in the process of this, British authorities are basically now admitting that injection-based flu vaccines are a failure at preventing the flu, which we here at NaturalNewshave long been saying.

This shocking admission is being used to claim that inhalation-based flu vaccines work better, of course, which is in turn supposed to convince the public that the mass vaccination campaign is beneficial for public health. But these authorities have no evidence to prove that Fluenz works any better than traditional flu vaccines at preventing the flu, as both types of vaccines, when you really take a look at the numbers, do practically nothing to prevent the flu.

It is no surprise, really, that an increasingly oppressive, "big brother" country like the U.K. is trying to mandate the flu vaccine for all children, especially since MedImmune, the division of AstraZeneca that produces FluMist, already tried to mandate the shot for all childrenages five through 18 back in 2004. According to reports, MedImmune several years ago tried to lobby the U.S. government to include FluMist in its Vaccines for Childrenprogram, a taxpayer-funded vaccine program

The CDC (The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, USA )and the vaccine industry are fronting a similar bit of contradictory logic. "Our vaccines work so well that they offer almost total immunity from the flu," they claim. And yet somehow they also work so poorly that they "wear off" after a year and require you to be re-vaccinated annually.

This is The Great Big Lie of the vaccine industry: The lie that says you have be re-vaccinated each and every year, often with the exact same strains you were vaccinated with the previous year. The coming winter flu vaccines for 2016, for example, are being manufactured with the same strains as the 2015 flu vaccines.

But if vaccines work so amazingly well as the CDC and the vaccine industry (fraudulently) suggests, then why do you need the same shot year after year?

But hold on a minute. There's something fishy about this. Because human antibodies normally last a lifetime, remember? That's why you don't get the chicken pox over and over again; because the first time you got the chicken pox as a kid, your body created chicken pox antibodies and those antibodies last a lifetime.

Thus, your immune system offers you lifetime immunity from the chicken pox.

The vaccine industry false tries to claim its vaccines work exactly the same way: They cause the body to produce antibodies against a certain viral strain. But there's something you're not being told about vaccines: They don't really produce the same quality and strength of antibodies that your own body would produce from a natural infection and recovery. That's why the vaccines "wear off" and leave you with zero protection from the very strains they inoculate you against.

In other words, vaccines don't work as advertised. And that's why the vaccine industry has to keep pushing the same vaccine strains year after year. Because, think about it: If vaccines actually worked as intended, they would give you lifetime immunity against whatever strains you were injected with, right? And yet the CDC now openly admits vaccines don't offer that at all:

"This year's flu shot will be a duplicate of last year's because the same flu strains are still circulating," reports the Associated Press in an article about the CDC. "Government health officials are urging nearly everyone to get this fall's flu shot. They say a vaccine's protection can fade significantly after several months."

Vaccine protection fades after a few months? Well then, vaccines must not actually cause the body to react with producing its own antibodies, because those antibodies, we're told, offer lifetime immunity.

Another way you can confirm this yourself is by remembering your history. Remember when the Europeans came to America centuries ago and killed off masses of American Indians by accidentally giving them smallpox? Well, if the Indians died of smallpox, why didn't the Europeans die of smallpox? (There were no vaccines in the 1600's and 1700's.) The answer is because the Europeans had already been exposed and built up lifetime immunity to the disease.

Thus, the reason the European invaders of North America did not die from smallpox wasn't because they were vaccinated; it was because they had already been exposed to the disease and had built up active immunity against it (by producing their own antibodies which last a lifetime). Thus, the Europeans could be exposed to smallpox over and over again with no symptoms of infection. They were effectively "immune" to smallpox, in exactly the same way a human being living today becomes immune to a winter flu strain by first being exposed to the full strength strain (in the wild) and then building up their own antibodies in an automatic adaptive response.

But don't expect the vaccine industry to educate anyone on how infectious disease and antibodies really work. They're too busy selling annual flu shots to bother with scientific facts.

"Five vaccine manufacturers announced plans to make between 166 million and 173 million doses for the coming season," says the same article mentioned above. That's the highest vaccine manufacturing output for the USA in the history of vaccines.

With all these 170 million (or so) vaccines sitting around by the time the winter rolls around, the CDC is obviously going to have to kick its propaganda and fear mongering into high gear to convince people to buy all these vaccines. This is going to be doubly difficult considering the inconvenient fact that all the people who got vaccinated last year already received vaccines against these same viral strains!

So, in other words, the CDC must now convince 170 million people that last year's vaccine was such a complete failure that they need the exact same vaccines this year -- and somehow this year's vaccine will work better even though it's exactly the same as last year's vaccine. How will they accomplish this?

It's simple: They won't talk much about the fact that this year's flu vaccine is identical to last year's flu vaccine. They'll just repeat their blatant lies about vaccines offering near-100 percent protection against the flu -- an insinuation so blatantly false that the FTC should actually charge the vaccine manufacturers with false advertising.

And the great unknowing masses will, of course, line up to be injected yet again with the same cocktail of viral strains and vaccine preservatives that didn't work for them last year! Because the hilarious truth about flu vaccines is that most of the people who get sick from the flu each year are the same people who were vaccinated against the flu!

Yep, it's the devastating secret of the vaccine industry: Most of the flu victims each year are precisely the same people who took the flu shots. And now you know why that is so -- because the flu vaccine shots simply don't work. Even if you do believe they work at first, even the CDC openly admits -- on the record -- that "flu vaccines stop working after several months."

They fade out like a set of old batteries, in other words. And that right there is proof that flu vaccines don't produce a true antibody response.

In doing this, the CDC is now running a criminal marketing racket to falsely push vaccines as the solution even though flu vaccines simply don't work. For every 100 people vaccinated against the winter flu, by the way, 99 of them will experience no difference whatsoever in their flu outcomes. Even using the industry's own best evidence, flu vaccines are no more than one percent effective at actually preventing the flu and that's only during the first few months before they "fade out."

You can immunize yourself against the winter flu

But here's the other dirty little secret the CDC absolutely does not want you to know: If you skip the vaccine, boost your vitamin D intake, and encounter the flu naturally, you will build your own lifetime antibodies against the infection

Vitamin D prevents influenza at a rate that is 8 times more effective than flu shots.

Got that? So the best way to immunize yourself against a particular strain of the winter flu is to dose up on vitamin D, boost your nutritional intake, get healthy and then just go out into the world and stop worrying about exposing yourself to the flu. You'll pick it up somewhere, and if your immune system is functioning well with high levels of vitamin D (that's the vitamin that "activates" your immune response to flu infections), your body will build its own antibodies, and you won't even know it! You will have what's called a "symptomless infection" and won't even know your body successfully fought off the viral invader.

Better yet, because you were exposed to the real viral strain in the wild (and not some weakened strain in a flu vaccine shot), your body will maintain lifetime immunity to that viral strain. And isn't that the goal of immunization in the first place?

Immunizing yourself, you see, works far better than relying on the vaccine industry to immunize you through some artificial means (an injection). Their immunization, it turns out, simply doesn't work reliably. And that's why the sad sellouts and prostitutes of the vaccine industry have to keep pushing their same lame flu shots year after year, with no improvements and virtually zero effectiveness.

And the same ignorant consumers line up year after year to get the same failed flu shots year after year... then they wonder why they still get sick year after year.

Do the math, folks. This is not rocket science. If flu shots worked as well as your own immune response to a natural infection, then you would only need one shot in your entire life for any given viral flu strain. But that, of course, would be bad for vaccine profits. They need suckers to believe in annual flu shots so they can keep raking in the big bucks year after year.

Do Flu Vaccines cause Alzheimer’s

Recently, Dr. Hugh Fudenberg, a world renowned immunogeneticist announced that you have a ten-fold increased chance of Alzheimer's after receiving five flu shots. That's ten times more likely than no flu shots or one, not ten percent more likely.

Dr. Fudenberg did his study covering the years 1970 through 1980. He and other researchers consider this increased risk of Alzheimer's has resulted from the combination of mercury (thimerosal) and aluminum that builds up over time in the brain.

Interestingly, Alzheimer's has been on a steep rise over the last few decades, coinciding with the advent and increased promotion of flu shots for senior citizens. A 1998 John Hopkins newsletter predicted a quadrupling of Alzheimer's cases over the next decade.

Flu vaccines clear and present danger

According to the CDC, "The following substances are found in vaccines: aluminum,(brain toxin) antibiotics, egg protein, formaldehyde (now listed as carcinogenic), MSG or monosodium glutamate (a known neurotoxin),and thimerosal(neurotoxic mercury)."

Not all of these additives are used in all vaccines all the time, but many flu vaccines do contain most of them most of the time. Some flu vaccines contain other toxins not mentioned, such as Triton X 100, a detergent.

Neurosurgeon/author Dr. Russell Blaylock says that many attenuated (weakened) viruses in flu shots remain in the body, mutating to possibly turning virulent. The nasal spray flu vaccines for kids contain live viruses.

There have been many vaccine injury reports for the H1N1(swine flu) shots. Recently, Finland agreed to pick up the lifelong medical tabs for treating several children with narcolepsy, characterized by uncontrollably falling asleep at any time. Their cases were conclusively linked to their swine flu shots.

Just in case you're thinking the swine flu shot is the only dangerous flu shot out there, remember the Washington Redskin cheerleader Desiree Jennings from a couple of years ago?

Desiree's words (with author's emphasis) that she wrote defending the authenticity of her condition against claims her condition was psychogenic (in her head):

"On August 23, 2009, I received a seasonal flu vaccine at a local grocery store that drastically, and potentially irreversibly, altered my future. In a matter of a few short weeks I lost the ability to walk, talk normally, and focus on more than one stimuli at a time."

Her drastic Dystonia (uncontrollable muscle spasms) condition from vaccine toxicity was confirmed by John Hopkins and another hospital. She was eventually cured by Dr. Rashid Buttar, who used chelation and orthomolecular (massive supplementation) medicines to nurse her back to health after some months.

Her case got lots of media attention and slanderous attacks from vaccine advocates. But hers wasn't the only flu vaccine injury. There are much better ways to stay healthy during flu seasons.

How many people are harmed by influenza vaccines?

Much the same is true with vaccines. In this influenza vaccine study just published in The Lancet, it shows that you have to inject 100 adults to avoid influenza in just 1.5 adults. But what they don't tell you is the side effect rate in all 100 adults!

It's very likely that upon injecting 100 adults with vaccines containing chemical adjuvants (inflammatory chemicals used to make flu vaccines "work" better), you might get 7.5 cases of long-term neurological side effects such as dementia or Alzheimer's. This is an estimate, by the way, used here to illustrate the statistics involved.

So for every 100 adults you injected with this flu vaccine, you prevent the flu in 1.5 of them, but you cause a neurological disorder in 7.5 of them! This means you are 500% more likely to be harmed by the flu vaccine than helped by it. (A theoretical example only. This study did not contain statistics on the harm of vaccines.)

Much the same is true with mammograms, by the way, which harm 10 women for every 1 woman they actually help.

Chemotherapy is also a similar story. Sure, chemotherapy may "shrink tumors" in 80% of those who receive it, but shrinking tumors does not prevent death. And in reality, chemotherapy eventually kills most of those who receive it. Many of those people who describe themselves as "cancer survivors" are, for the most part, actually "chemo survivors."

The real story on flu shots that you probably don't want to know

Want to know the real story on what flu shots are for? They aren't for halting the flu. We've already established that. They hardly work at all, even if you believe the "science" on that.

So what are flu shots really for?

You won't like this answer, but I'll tell you what I now believe to be true: The purpose of flu shots is to "soft kill" the global population. Vaccines are population control technologies, as openly admitted by Bill Gates and they are so cleverly packaged under the fabricated "public health" message that even those who administer vaccines have no idea they are actually engaged in the reduction of human population through vaccine-induced infertility and genetic mutations.

Just to recap what Bill Gates said "The world today has 6.8 billion people... that's headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent."  So what does it mean when Bill Gates says "if we do a really great job on new vaccines... we could lower [world population] by 10 or 15 percent?"

Clearly, this statement implies that vaccines are a method of population reduction

Vaccines ultimately have but one purpose: To permanently alter the human gene pool and "weed out" those humans who are stupid enough to fall for vaccine propaganda.

If vaccines are to be used to reduce world population, they obviously need to be accepted by the majority of the people. Otherwise the population reduction effort wouldn't be very effective.

And in order for them to be accepted by the majority of the people, they obviously can't just kill people outright. If everybody started dropping dead within 24 hours of receiving the flu shot, the danger of vaccines would become obvious rather quickly and the vaccines would be recalled.

Thus, if vaccines are to be used as an effective population reduction effort, there are really only three ways in which they might theoretically be "effective" from the point of view of those who wish to reduce world population:

#1) They might kill people slowly in a way that's unnoticeable, taking effect over perhaps 10 - 30 years by accelerating degenerative diseases.

#2) They might reduce fertility and therefore dramatically lower birth rates around the world, thereby reducing the world population over successive generations. This "soft kill" method might seem more acceptable to scientists who want to see the world population fall but don't quite have the stomach to outright kill people with conventional medicine. There is already evidence that vaccines may promote miscarriages 

#3) They might increase the death rate from a future pandemic. Theoretically, widespread vaccination efforts could be followed by a deliberate release of a highly virulent flu strain with a high fatality rate. This "bioweapon" approach could kill millions of people whose immune systems have been weakened by previous vaccine injections.

Who will be left alive? The smart people

The interesting thing about all this is that this campaign to reduce global population through vaccines will obviously not impact people who consciously avoid vaccines. And those people, by and large, tend to be the more intelligent, capable people who actually have an improved ability to move human civilization forward with thoughtful consideration.

I can only imagine that those people designing this vaccine-induced population control measure might be sitting around a table chuckling to themselves and saying, "It's only the stupid people that are going to be killed off anyway, so this is actually helping the future of humankind!" (Their words, not mine.)

In a weird world government kind of way, this effort might actually be based on some distorted vision of philanthropy where some of the most powerful people in the world quite literally believe the way to save humanity is to kill off as many of the gullible people as possible. Vaccines are, in effect, an "evil genius" kind of way to conduct an IQ test on the population at large: If you go get vaccinated every flu season, you're not too bright and probably don't engage the kind of strong mental faculties that humanity will no doubt need if it is to face a future where it is now all but obvious we are not alone in the universe.

If humanity is to save itself from its own destruction and compete as an uplifted species in our universe, killing off the least intelligent members of society (or making them infertile) may appear to the world controllers to be a perfectly reasonable approach. I disagree with that approach, but it may be precisely what they are thinking.

In any case, choosing to receive a seasonal flu shot is undoubtedly an admission that you have failed some sort of universal IQ test, whether or not this is the intention of world influencers such as Bill Gates. More importantly, it is also a betrayal of your own biology, because it indicates you don't believe in the ability of your own immune system to protect you even from mild infections.

Perhaps the world vaccine conspirators figure that if people are willing to betray themselves anyway, it's not much different for governments and institutions to betray them as well. In other words, if you don't even care enough about your own health to take care of your health, why should any government care about protecting your health, either?

As you ponder this, also consider something else: The U.S. is going broke due to sick-care costs which are rising dramatically under the new federal health care reform guidelines. Can you guess the fastest and easiest way to reduce those health care costs? If you guessed, "unleash a hard-kill pandemic that takes out a significant portion of the weak or sick people" then you guessed right. Sadly, killing off those most vulnerable to sickness could save the U.S. government literally billions of dollars in sick-care expenditures. Plus, it would save Social Security yet more billions by avoiding ongoing monthly payouts. (Again, I am completely against such an approach because I value human life, but I also know we live in a world where the people in charge have little or no respect for human life and will readily sacrifice human lives to achieve their aims.)

As far as Bill Gates goes, consider his statement in the context of what we've discussed here: "The world today has 6.8 billion people... that's headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent."

It suddenly seems to make a lot of sense when you understand that reducing the population reduces CO2 emissions, and using more vaccines on more people increases the death rate of the population.

My advice? Try to avoid being among those 10 to 15 percent who get culled through global vaccine programs. You will not only save your life, you'll also pass the "universal IQ test" which determines whether you're smart enough to know that injecting your body with chemicals and viral fragments in order to stop "seasonal flu" is a foolish endeavor.

Be healthy and wise, and you'll survive the world depopulation effort that victimizes conventional thinkers who don't have the intelligence to question what they're being told to do by their own corrupt governments.

Vaccine Ingredients

Most likely your western Big pharma doctors don’t have a clue what’s inside the vaccines they are injecting into your children. So it is probably best to be armed with knowledge. Here is a list of eleven of the most toxic ingredients. Print this out and share it with your friends and family  and maybe your pediatrician.

Bovine cow serum: Extracted from cow skin. When injected causes connective tissue disorders, arthritis and lupus; also shortness of breath, low blood pressure, chest pain and skin reactions.

• Sorbitol: Synthetic sweetener [that] aggravates IBS and gastrointestinal issues.

• Gelatin: … from the collagen inside animals’ skin and bones. Injecting gelatin poses the risk of infection from synthetic growth hormones and [mad cow disease].

Sodium chloride: Raises blood pressure and inhibits muscle contraction and growth.

• Egg protein: … May contain growth hormones, antibiotics, and salmonella bacteria.

• Thimerosal: A neurotoxic mercury which causes autism …

• Human albumin: The protein portion of blood from pooled human venous plasma; when injected causes fever, chills, hives, rash, headache, nausea, breathing difficulty, and rapid heart rate. … [And] can result in a loss of body cell mass and cause immunodeficiency virus infection, or contain SV40, AIDS, cancer or Hepatitis B from drug addicts.

• Formaldehyde: Highly carcinogenic fluid used to embalm corpses. Ranked one of the most hazardous compounds to human health; can cause liver damage, gastrointestinal issues, reproductive deformation, respiratory distress and cancer. 

• Phenoxyethanol: A glycol ether/chemical; highly toxic to the nervous system, kidneys, and liver. The FDA warns “can cause shut down of the central nervous system (CNS) …

• Aluminum phosphate: Greatly increases toxicity of mercury…

• MSG (monosodium glutamate): When injected becomes a neurotoxin, causing CNS disorders and brain damage.

As vaccines doubled between the 1980s and the 1990s, thousands of kids were now exhibiting peanut sensitivities, with many violent reactions, sometimes fatal.

There is some compelling evidence that vaccines given in the first year of life can be a trigger for autoimmune disorders and allergies. This is one of the many reasons that I recommend delaying some infant vaccines. There has been a huge jump in children being diagnosed with increasingly severe food allergies at younger and younger ages.

Other studies, in particular those by Neil Cox and Angela Forsyth in 1988, Lars Forstrom in 1980, and JoAnn Royhans in 1984, pointed out the unsuitability of Thimerosal in vaccines because of its inherent toxicity, its capacity to induce allergic responses in upward of 29 percent of persons exposed to the preservative, and its poor antiseptic effectiveness. In the Cox and Forsyth study, the authors wrote that "severe reactions to thiomersal [Thimerosal] demonstrate a need for vaccines with an alternative preservative."
- Thimerosal - Let the Science Speak - The Evidence Supporting the Immediate Removal of Mercury -- a Known Neurotoxin -- from Vaccines by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

The recipe for the vaccines your child is taking may include the following ingredients: .

Aluminum: This metal is added to vaccines, in the form of gels or salts, to promote the production of antibodies. Aluminum has been named as a possible cause of seizures, Alzheimer s disease, brain damage, and dementia. A study published in Pediatrics, for example, found that children who received a pertussis vaccine containing aluminum experienced allergic responses while children who received a non-aluminum pertussis vaccine did not have such reactions.
- What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations by Stephania Cave, M.D., F.A.A.F.P.

Glutamate: Glutamate is used to stabilize some vaccines against heat, light, and other environmental conditions. It is known to cause adverse reactions and is found in the varicella vaccine. Neomycin: This antibiotic is used to prevent germs from growing in vaccine cultures. Neomycin causes allergic reactions in some people. It is found in the MMR and the polio (IPV) vaccines.

Phenol: This coal-tar derivative is used in the production of dyes, disinfectants, plastics, preservatives, and germicides.
- What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations by Stephania Cave, M.D., F.A.A.F.P.

A link between vaccines and autism seems to grow clearer and clearer as the evidence mounts. There is also an apparent association between autism and autoimmune disorders, as the majority of autistic children also have gastrointestinal problems, asthma, allergies, or other autoimmune diseases. This is not to say that every child who gets any of these vaccines will develop autism or behavioral problems. But parents should be aware that the risk exists.
- What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations by Stephania Cave, M.D., F.A.A.F.P.

As such, a large body of case material has emerged suggesting that vaccines tend to weaken the immune system of many individuals. In addition to immediate reactions (high fever, aberrant behavior, and others), chronic illness (asthma, eczema, allergies, recurrent otitis media, learning "disabilities," and more) has been linked to several of the vaccines.
- Vaccination The Issue of Our Times by Peggy O'Mara

The stabilizers and sterilizers in vaccines include aluminum derivatives, mercury-based products (through the 1990s), antibiotics, and formaldehyde (effectively used to preserve corpses). "Most of these components challenge the human immune system, leaving people at greater risk of infections," Dr. Horowitz explains. "Vaccine proteins have been implicated in making people more sensitive to environmental allergens, such as dust and pollens, that would typically be ignored by stimulated white blood cells."
- Alternative Medicine - The Definitive Guide (2nd Edition) by Larry Trivieri

The use of multiple vaccines, which prevents natural immunity, promotes the development of allergies and asthma. A New Zealand study disclosed that 23% of vaccinated children develop asthma compared to zero in unvaccinated children. Cancer was a very rare illness in the 1890's. This evidence about immune system injury from vaccination affords a plausible explanation for Dr. Clarke's finding that only vaccinated individuals got cancer.
- A Physician's Guide to Natural Health Products That Work by James A Howenstine

In addition to its use in vaccines, thimerosal was used as a topical antiseptic until it caused the deaths of ten babies in Canada when it was applied to their umbilical cords. It was also used as a preservative in contact lens cleaning solutions, but this practice was discontinued in the 1990s as many users developed an allergic reaction to it. In 1980, an FDA advisory committee on ethyl mercury determined that thimerosal was unsafe and should not be added to over the counter preparations such as skin creams and ointments and other over the counter drugs.

MMR Vaccine and Autism

Hidden documents about vaccines that have been locked away for more than two decades reveal that the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella does cause autism, and regulators, drug executives and various others have known about this for a long time.

The UK Department of Health was forced to reveal confidential documents outlining the details of MMR’s initial approval in the 1980s, following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The FOIA request was filed in response to the growing number of children afflicted with debilitating gut problems, brain problems and other symptoms believed to be associated with MMR, following their vaccination.

As it turns out, the fears regarding the adverse effects of vaccines are not completely unfounded. The uncovered documents reveal that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the manufacturer of the MMR vaccine Pluserix, knew that the vaccines could cause serious complications in children, some of which are encephalitis and other conditions associated with autism.

“We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease,” admitted Tina Cheatham, Senior Advisor to the Administrator of the Health Resources and Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). “Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behaviour, autism, or seizures.”

This admission has huge repercussions, since encephalopathy following vaccination has been known to produce autism symptoms. GSK, the British government and various other players all kept this information secret, even after brave whistleblowers, such as Dr. William Thompson, came forward publicly with data linking the MMR vaccine to autism-related health outcomes.

While health authorities have previously made allusions to the link between MMR and autism, none has, so far, made a direct to the point statement about it.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), for instance, has admitted that rubella, the German measles component of MMR, has been known to be a cause of autism since the 1960s. Even Merck & Co., a major manufacturer of MMR vaccines, has made admissions to the effect that vaccines in general can cause autism.

“Rubella (congenital rubella syndrome) is one of the few proven causes of autism,” stated Walter A. Orenstein, M.D., former Assistant Surgeon General and Director of the National Immunization Program, in a 2002 letter to the UK’s Chief Medical Officer.

Dr. Julie Gerberding, M.D., M.P.H., the current president of Merck’s Vaccines Division, has also previously admitted that people with a predisposition to mitochondrial dysfunction can develop autism following vaccination. A minimum of 20 percent of vaccine-induced autism cases are associated with mitochondrial dysfunction.

“Now, we all know that vaccines can occasionally cause fevers in kids,” stated Dr. Gerberding back in 2008 during a segment on House Call with Dr. Sanjay Gupta titled “Unraveling the Mystery of Autism.”

“So if a child was immunized, got a fever, had other complications from the vaccines. And if you’re predisposed with the mitochondrial disorder, it can certainly set off some damage. Some of the symptoms can be symptoms that have characteristics of autism.”

The rampant explosion of autism, going from approximately 1 in 5,600 to 1 in 150

Thanks to Dr. William Thompson, the CDC cover is blown and the truth is out for good. Thompson told an interviewer regarding his confession that

It’s all there–this is the lowest point in my career, that I went along with that paper. I have great shame now when I meet families of kids with autism, because I have been part of the problem.”

My name is William Thompson. I am a Senior Scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where I have worked since 1998. I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.

Vaccinated children are the prime carriers and shedders of live viruses – most people do not know this


There were 13.3 measles deaths per 100,000 population in 1900.  That death rate had declined by 97.7% to .03 deaths per 100,000 in 1955.(66)   Eight years later in 1963 a measles vaccine was developed and mass vaccinations soon began.  The death rate from measles in the mid-1970's after mass vaccination remained exactly the same as in the early 1960's before the measles vaccine.

 The chances are about 14 times greater that measles will be contracted by those vaccinated against measles than by those who are left alone. There is considerable question as to whether there is any effective immunity with the measles vaccination.  In some measles outbreaks over 95% of cases had previously been vaccinated against measles.   58% of the U.S. school age children that contracted measles in 1984 had previously been vaccinated for measles.  80% 0f the reported 1,984 cases of measles in 1985 were of people who had been previously vaccinated against measles. There are more recent measles outbreaks reported where essentially 100% of the cases were previously vaccinated against measles.


Rubella vaccine -   When contracted by children Rubella, a contagious virus disease, is usually so mild it often escapes detection.  However, if a pregnant woman develops the disease during her first trimester, her baby may be born with birth defects.  These include impaired vision and hearing, limb defects, mental retardation, and heart malformations.

 It is not necessary to protect children from this harmless disease, and it confers natural immunity to those who contract it so they are unlikely to experience a recurrence as adults.  In one study at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 36 percent of adolescent females who had been vaccinated against Rubella lacked serological proof of immunity.   In general 25% of the people vaccinated for Rubella show no evidence of immunity within five years following their Rubella vaccinations.   In a Casper, Wyoming Rubella epidemic 73% of the cases occurred in Rubella vaccinated children.  In a study from Australia, it was reported that among the reported cases of Rubella, 80% of all army recruits who had been vaccinated for Rubella just four months earlier still contracted Rubella.

 A recent survey of sixth graders in a well - vaccinated urban community revealed that about 15% of this group was still susceptible to Rubella.  Nearly 85% of the population was naturally immune to Rubella before the Rubella vaccine was available. So where is the so called benefit of this and other vaccines?  Perhaps we will have to look in corporate bank accounts and allopathic medical doctors' bank accounts to find the only true benefits of vaccines.


Mumps vaccine - Mumps is a contagious viral disease which attacks the salivary glands.  Mumps is rarely serious and usually clears up in about ten days.  Mumps is rarely harmful in childhood, and almost always confers life long immunity.  Recent studies show that mumps occurrence among persons previously vaccinated for mumps is common.


Tetanus vaccine - Tetanus is a bacterial spore caused disease associated with the spores trapped in aerobic conditions inside improperly cleaned wounds.  After contraction of tetanus, the death rate is over 50% if not treated and around 20% when properly treated.(80) 

 The incidence of tetanus has been steadily declining due to increased attention to wound hygiene. In the American civil war there were 205 cases per 100,000 wounds, as compared with .44 cases per 100,000 wounds in World War 2.(82)  

There is no credible scientific evidence indicating how often tetanus boosters are required or whether they are required at all". In fact, government statistics show that until the last few years, 40 percent of the child population was not protected.  Yet infection rates from tetanus continued to decline"

Vaccinated children are the prime “carriers” or “shedders” of live viruses that they’ve been injected with recently, for at least two weeks. It is a scientific fact that any person injected with a live virus, even if it’s weakened or “inactive” due to toxic formaldehyde, can shed that virus via saliva or mucus to any person whether they are inoculated or not. This is even true when the inoculated “shedder” doesn’t come down with the disease or those particular viral strains of measles, mumps, or influenza themselves.

When you also consider the fact that injecting mercury (thimerosal), aluminum, MSG and formaldehyde weakens the immune system by unnaturally shocking it into “fight or flight” mode, it turns out that the vaccinated children are even more vulnerable to their vaccinated counterparts who are carrying around and shedding the live viruses with which they themselves were injected.

Children are given the first dose of MMR vaccine between one year of age and fifteen months. They also tell you that the second dose “can be given 4 weeks later.” Measles is a respiratory disease accompanied by an uncomfortable rash and fever illness that anyone with a normal immune system will likely survive. The fever begins more than a week after being exposed and lasts 4 to 7 days, usually accompanied by a cough, watery eyes, and small white spots inside the cheeks. Then comes the rash, about two weeks after initial exposure to the virus, which spreads for another 3 days or so, and that lasts for about 6 days, then fades. People that catch the measles and survive are immune for life. Complications, like ear infections, diarrhea and pneumonia, can arise for people with compromised immune systems and for people who are malnourished.

Most measles deaths occur in countries with low per capita income, like in the Philippines, China and Brazil, and in countries with weak health infrastructures and/or malnourished children, like Africa or America. With so much processed food, genetically modified food, fluoridated water, chemical pharmaceuticals, chemical-laden personal care products, and flu shots, Americans are compromising their own immunity and creating an environment in their bodies where any virus they catch could be the death of them.

In America, most children are given 30 vaccines before the age of 5, some of them beginning on the very day they are born. As listed above, many chemical adjuvants are used in vaccines, including mercury (listed as thimerosal), which can be deadly to humans at any parts per billion, especially when injected. So where is the logic? Vaccine science is not evidence-based medicine, as most people would pure-heartedly believe.

Antibiotics are useless against a virus, and they kill your good gut bacteria (flora) – leading to compromised immunity. Many US doctors will prescribe antibiotics for measles patients anyway, claiming they’re needed for pneumonia or ear and eye infections. The side effect of the antibiotics could be death, but the CDC  statistics will show the person died from measles, and this ups the scare tactics and propaganda to another level where people think it’s common to die from measles, and that most certainly is NOT the case.

Mumps (swelling of parotid glands) was actually discovered by Hippocrates in 5th century BC

Mumps, or epidemic parotitis, is a viral disease with symptoms of muscle pain, headache, lethargy and fever. Then comes the swelling of the parotid glands,that Hippocrates identified way back when. Symptoms usually occur more than two weeks after exposure and are resolved after a week. Some people have mild or no symptoms at all. Complications can include infection of the covering of the brain, deafness and testicular swelling.

Rubella, or “German Measles” only last 3 days and is often mild

Many people who catch Rubella will never even know they are sick. Rubella’s itchy rash is not as bright as measles rash, but does usually start on the face and spread to the rest of the body. The rash only lasts about 3 days. The infection is mild and joint pain, sore throat and fatigue may also occur; however, infections during early pregnancy can result in miscarriage, though problems are rare after the 5th month pregnancy.

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that appears during infancy or childhood, with a broad array of communication and learning impairments, from mild to moderate to severe. Autism is rarely ever inherited, but rather brought on by an overload of neurotoxins either consumed, injected or ingested from environmental factors, or all of the above. Mainstream medicine and the allopathic “regime” deny that vaccines are a culprit, but the CDC has been implicated in covering up research  that proved otherwise, according to top experts and the CDC’s own lead scientist (2). Autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, is a broad umbrella term for autism, Asperger (or Asperger’s) syndrome, and any other pervasive developmental, cognitive, behavioral, social communication and language disorders. Autism occurs when nerve cells and synapses in the brain are altered, blocked, disrupted and disturbed.

 In 1998, a study done by Andrew Wakefield found a link between the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, and rubella) and autism. When the word started getting out, millions of people stopped getting vaccines. Meanwhile, at the CDC, top scientists had found out that in fact the MMR vaccine was contributing to African American boys getting autism at MUCH HIGHER RATES if they got the jab before age three. This research was completely covered up, altered and some of it thrown in trash cans before the FDA could fully investigate, but one of the head and senior scientists, Dr. William Thompson, would completely BLOW THE WHISTLE on the fraud ten years later, via alternative media, his attorneys, and Natural

Autism spike coincides with vaccine schedule increase per CDC

Currently, autism affects over 20 million people, or about two people per thousand, worldwide. Oddly, autism occurs in boys four to five times more often than girls (there are only hypotheses as to why). One in every 68 children in the US has been diagnosed with some form of ASD as of 2014, a 30% increase from just two years prior, in 2012. This autism spike directly coincides with the vaccine schedule frequency and combination increase, per recommendations by the CDC. United States children receive up to 50 inoculations of various sorts before age seven, many of which are combination vaccines that contain several known carcinogens implicated in autism, cancer, and CNS malfunctions, including mercury, formaldehyde (embalming fluid), monosodium glutamate (MSG), and aluminum, to name a few.

Autism is NOT traceable to a single gene mutation nor to single chromosome abnormality. In other words, the mutation that causes the autism IS NOT PRESENT in the parental genome 99% or more of the time. Therein lies the crux of the whole vaccine-autism connection that mainstream media will not publish nor speak a word about.

Mercury is the second most poisonous element known to mankind, second only to uranium, yet for some reason, it’s still used in vaccines as a preservative, even when there are several other options that are not toxic that would do the same job. It is scientific FACT that human brain neurons permanently disintegrate in the presence of mercury within one hour of exposure. Thimerosal is a mercury containing preservative (6) (about 50% mercury) and the World Health Organization warned about its use in vaccines way back in 1990. Plus, mercury, an unstable metal, is a cumulative poison, meaning the body has difficulty removing it and it accumulates significantly over time. Some infants receive more mercury in one day than the WHO recommends as a MAXIMUM FOR ADULTS for three months worth of exposure. The maximum amount of mercury for any human to ingest should actually be ZERO. There is NO safe amount of mercury for the human body, and to suggest that there is would be like setting a maximum amount of uranium intake, or plutonium, or cesium 137 (radio cesium), for that matter.

There are three kinds of mercury that cause health problems. There is elemental mercury, also known as liquid mercury or “quicksilver,” and there are inorganic mercury salts and organic mercury. Symptoms of mercury poisoning, as listed by NIH (National Institutes of Health), (14) include liquid stool, liver disorder, deafness, loss of side vision, loss of speech, myoclonic movements, mania, difficulty understanding ordinary speech, paresthesia of the tongue, and death. Sounds like they are describing autism. Plus, neurologic symptoms caused by mercury compounds have a delayed onset after exposure–which is why autism begins in the early years of life and usually worsens with more vaccinations, booster shots and flu shots administered, not to mention more mercury consumed in foods and vapors emitted via dental “amalgam” fillings. (5) Elemental mercury can also be found in glass thermometers, certain electrical switches, fluorescent bulbs, and some medical equipment.

Complete intolerance to thimerosal

Complete intolerance to thimerosal is known to develop from previous vaccines. The massive boom in autism cases,, including learning disabilities and behavioral disorders, can be directly correlated to the incessant inoculations administered to pregnant women, newborns, infants, and children, and these problems DID NOT EXIST in these mass numbers in previous generations. Corporations, the AMA, the FDA, and the CDC (13), have attempted to suppress this information for decades. (14)

The connection between vaccines (overdose) and autism has been repeatedly established, not to mention other horrendous and usually lifelong medical conditions caused by vaccines, including Asperger’s syndrome and other pervasive developmental, cognitive, behavioral, social communication, language disorders

The chance of catching many of the diseases supposedly prevented by vaccines is actually quite remote, and a normal human immune system that is not compromised by the vaccines themselves is usually enough to beat these diseases and provide natural immunity FOR LIFE, whereas vaccines only provide temporary (and artificially induced) immunity, if that. Some vaccines have been reported to spread the very diseases they were meant to offer protection from, as they often contain LIVE (dormant, “inactive” or weakened) viral strains

Chemical in foods can only exacerbate poor behavior and cognitive functions. Take for instance a child with moderate-to-severe autism that is being given fast food, micro-waved meals, artificial sweeteners, fluoridated water, MSG, HFCS, GMO, mercury dental fillings and flu shots.

A child named Hannah Poling got autism from vaccinations for NINE diseases given at eighteen months, two of which contained thimerosal. Within 48 hours of the shots, Hannah became ill and couldn’t even walk or sleep through a night. Within 3 months, she showed signs of autism. The shots were revealed to “significantly aggravate” an underlying mitochondrial disorder and therefore resulted in a brain disorder “with features of autism spectrum disorder.” The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has determined that Hannah’s family is entitled to compensation from the federal vaccine injury fund–the same “slush fund” built on taxpayer money made from the sale of toxic vaccines. There are more than 5,000 autism cases pending right now in the Federal “Vaccine Court.” Without admitting it outright, the feds basically admitted that Hannah Poling is a victim of mercury overload via vaccines. Maybe they should continue to evaluate how much aluminum was contained in those NINE vaccines given to Hannah, and that may further explain the ultimate toxicity encountered by Hannah’s body that horrific day.

Polio and Diptheria

Polio vaccine - The polio death rate in the United States declined on its own by 47% from 1923 to 1953.  A similar decline occurred in European countries as well.   There is no credible evidence that the polio vaccines caused polio to disappear.  When the polio vaccines became available (Salk vaccine 1955 and Sabin 1959 ) many European countries questioned their effectiveness and refused to systematically inoculate their populations.  Despite these refusals to use the vaccines, polio epidemics also ended in these countries.

 The number of reported cases of polio following mass inoculations with the Salk vaccine jumped dramatically.  For example, when comparing the number of polio cases over a one year period just prior to the Salk vaccination to a one year period just following the vaccinations, we have:  Vermont (266% increase), Rhode Island (454% increase), New Hampshire (239% increase), Connecticut (92% increase) and Massachusetts (642% increase).

Diphtheria vaccine -  An upper respiratory disease, diphtheria is contagious and caused by a bacteria.  In the United States, from 1900 to 1930, years before the diphtheria vaccine was introduced, a greater than 90 percent decline in reported deaths from diphtheria had already occurred.   The disease is generally conveyed by direct contact with the diphtheria germ.  Thus, diphtheria is readily controlled through simple sanitary measures.  And some researchers attribute the diphtheria decline to increased nutritional and sanitary awareness.

  In 1939 Germany began compulsory vaccinations for diphtheria.  Following this country-wide vaccination program Germany had a diphtheria epidemic of 150,000 cases.   After the German occupation of France, France was forced to have a mass diphtheria vaccination program and France suffered a diphtheria epidemic in 1943 of 47,000 cases following the vaccinations.   In nearby Norway, which refused vaccinations, there were only 50 diphtheria cases in 1943.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has once again been caught removing pertinent but indicting information about vaccines from its website. This time it involves the infamous polio vaccine, up to 98 million doses of which have been exposed as containing a cancer-causing virus that is now believed to be responsible for causing millions of cancers in America, according to the CDC.

The information was posted on an official CDC fact sheet entitled Cancer, Simian Virus 40 (SV40), and Polio Vaccine, which has since been removed from the CDC's website. Fortunately, was able to archive the damning page before the CDC ultimately removed it, presumably because SV40 has been receiving considerable attention lately due to its connection to causing cancer.

The SV40 virus was allegedly first discovered in monkeys back in 1960, and not long after began appearing inexplicably in polio vaccines. The SV40 virus, according to this same page, has been linked to causing a variety of human cancers, including childhood leukemia, lung cancer, bone cancer, and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Though the CDC denies a definitive causal link between SV40 and cancer, it implies that the virus, which was supposedly removed from all polio vaccines in 1963, was problematic in relation to cancer development. More than 98 million people, in fact, may have been exposed to SV40 as a result of receiving government-recommended polio vaccines back in the 1960s, and many of these may have developed cancer as a result.

"More than 98 million Americans received one or more doses of polio vaccine from 1955 to 1963 when a proportion of vaccine was contaminated with SV40," explains the CDC. "[I]t has been estimated that 10-30 million Americans could have received an SV40 contaminated dose of vaccine."

SV40 virus in polio vaccines linked to bone cancer, mesothelioma

So why the sudden removal of this important information from the CDC's website? The cached CDC page, as you will notice, makes sure to dissuade its readers from thinking that SV40 has been conclusively linked to causing cancer, even though it was demonstrated back in 1961 by the National Institute of Health (NIH) that SV40 is directly linked to causing tumor formation.


Before England passed a compulsory vaccination law in 1853, the highest death rate for any two year period was only 2,000 cases, even during the most severe epidemics.  (Jenner himself admitted that smallpox was relatively unknown before he began his vaccinations.  In fact, there were only a few hundred cases of smallpox in England at that time).  After more than fifteen years of mandatory vaccinations, in 1870 and 1871 alone more than 23,000 people died from the disease.

In Germany, over 124,000 people died of smallpox during the same epidemic.  All had been vaccinated.  In Japan, nearly 29,000 people died in just seven years under a stringent compulsory vaccination and re - vaccination program.

Compare these devastating figures to Australia, where the government terminated compulsory vaccinations when two children died from their smallpox shots.  As a result, smallpox virtually disappeared in that country (three cases in fifteen years.

"Every examination of the facts indicates that the smallpox vaccine was not only ineffective but dangerous.  Undoctored hospital records consistently show that about 90 percent of all smallpox cases occurred after the individual was vaccinated (166).  "Deaths certified as due to vaccination ... have several times outnumbered those from smallpox." - Dr. Millard, Medical Officer of Health.

The problem is that the great majority of the population has been sold on the lie that vaccines are safe and effective.  Only those who work professionally with vaccines and/or those like myself who go to the trouble of studying the facts, know the ugly truth about vaccines.

The Whooping Cough

In the whooping cough outbreak in the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts (USA) in 2014 it turns out, all of the children affected by the outbreak had been vaccinated.

Around 15 children at Falmouth High School reportedly contracted the respiratory illness, also known as pertussis, thereby sparking a wave of panic about a corresponding increase in vaccine exemptions. No matter how hard the mainstream media tries to cover it up, however, the truth is, those who were vaccinated were not protected at all.

In her story, Leamanczyk quotes the words of Dr. Sharon Daly, Chief of Pediatrics at Cape Cod Hospital, who claimed that outbreaks increase when vaccination rates decrease. The implication, thus, is that the Falmouth outbreak was triggered by unvaccinated children.

A few paragraphs into her story, however, Leamanczyk eventually concedes that all of the children who developed whooping cough had been vaccinated for it. Now, even if some of the unvaccinated children at school acted as carriers of the disease, the fact alone that vaccinated children – only vaccinated children – were actually diagnosed with the cough proves that whopping cough vaccines are a failure.

“If anything, vaccinated individuals are actually the ones responsible for spreading disease. In the case of whooping cough, a study out of the Netherlands found that whooping cough has mutated genetically and become more virulent as a result of whooping cough vaccines, which would explain why outbreaks are escalating.

The Controlled Media

The mainstream media plays a key role in protecting and furthering the interests of powerful corporate entities, including those that make up the pharmaceutical industry, Big Agriculture, Big Oil and other massively profitable business sectors.

They do so by over-reporting and fear-mongering, as exemplified by the current Zika virus scare, but they also do the bidding of their corporate masters by under-reporting, ignoring and burying stories that might threaten their profit margins or even put them out of business altogether.

Such is the case regarding thimerosal (a vaccine additive which contains as much as 50 percent mercury) and its link to cases of autism in children. It's true that most people have at least heard something regarding the issue, but all one ever sees in the mainstream news are denials that there is a link, and reassurances by federal agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that the mercury added to vaccines poses no risk to children.

The official CDC stance is: "There is no evidence of harm caused by the low doses of thimerosal in vaccines, except for minor reactions like redness and swelling at the injection site."

What if that statement turned out to be a complete falsehood, and the CDC knew all along that there was a clearly demonstrated connection between exposure to mercury in vaccines and a heightened risk of autism?

You would probably expect that story to generate some headlines in the news, right?

The smoking gun

The truth is that it has been undeniably proven, through a whistleblower's successful efforts to obtain the relevant documents through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), that the CDC indeed did know – all along – that thimerosal in vaccines does indeed cause autism in children.

Dr. Brian Hooker, a PhD scientist whose son developed autism after being injected with a thimerosal-laced vaccine, took it upon himself to force the CDC to reveal what it knew about the dangers of thimerosal.

After 10 years of submitting more than 100 FOIA requests, Dr. Hooker was able to obtain "smoking gun" documents clearly showing that the CDC was well aware of the connection between thimerosal and the incidence of autism and other disorders.

From Health Advice:

"According to Hooker, the data on over 400,000 infants born between 1991 and 1997, which was analyzed by CDC epidemiologist Thomas Verstraeten, MD, 'proves unequivocally that in 2000, CDC officials were informed internally of the very high risk of autism, non-organic sleep disorder and speech disorder associated with Thimerosal exposure.'"

How is this not news?

Of course, Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, covered the story soon after it broke in May 2016, but aside from his article and a handful of others from independent news agencies, the story never reached the mainstream press.

How is it possible that a story of this magnitude could be completely ignored by the major news outlets?

After all, it would almost certainly be of great interest to the average American – especially parents – and would blow the lid off the collusion between the vaccine industry and the CDC. Is that not important news?

The fact is that the mainstream press is owned by corporate interests, just like our government is, along with all of its agencies – such as the CDC and FDA – and any story that might pose a threat to the corporate overlords is promptly buried under an avalanche of meaningless pseudo-news and distractions like Kim Kardashian's butt and Donald Trump's toupee.

You'll never hear the truth or anything of real importance from CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC or any of the other major news outlets. They are all owned – lock, stock and barrel – by corporate interests, and their mission is not to inform or enlighten, but rather to confuse, distract and befuddle an already dumbed-down populace.

So, if you want the real news, turn off the TV and seek the truth from independent online news sources such as this one – and keep in mind that the mainstream media does not exist to serve your interests, or to tell you the truth about anything.


There are pictures of children who got polio and lost the use of their limbs! There are pictures of babies covered from head to toe with smallpox and measles and chicken pox ... OMG! There are nine-year-old girls being injected with a toxic jab for a benign sexually transmitted disease that's a form of contagious cancer! Just how many nine-year-olds are engaged in sexual activity? One thing is for sure: many of those girls are going into anaphylactic shock and comas shortly after the HPV vaccine, and it's not because they are promiscuous.

Then there are the fake diseases conjured up by the nefarious multi-billion-dollar vaccine industry, and propagated by the CDC, and hyped to the fullest extent by the mass media, with lies about breakouts and pandemics, so that everyone will rush to the nearest doctor, pharmacy or Walmart and get stuck with a needle full of MSG, mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum, not to mention combinations of genetically engineered organisms, bacteria and live viruses there really may not be a cure for. Who wants some of that?

The fact is, people don't want to "take a chance," because they've been brainwashed into believing that the only medicine that works for sickness and disease is chemical medicine made in a laboratory and "approved" by the FDA and CDC. Big mistake. Huge mistake. These are the same people who will have compromised immune systems, unpredictable pathogens in their blood, and actually become more susceptible to the very infectious diseases they're paranoid about catching. How ironic. That's capitalism for you. So shut up and go get stuck with poisons, or do a little homework and find out that the real conspiracy is Western medicine trying to make a fortune off the ill health they create and then treat with more damaging "medicine."

The 9 vaccines you NEVER need, that won't protect you from anything, especially the diseases they're labeled to prevent

Chicken pox vaccine (Varicella)

Measles vaccine (or MMR: measles, mumps, rubella)

Zika virus vaccine

Influenza vaccine (flu shot)

Swine flu vaccine (H1N1)

Bird Flu vaccine (H5N1–Avian)

Polio vaccine

HPV (human papillomavirus)

Anthrax vaccine

The real reason many children and babies have weaker immune systems than adults is because they receive over 50 toxic vaccines before age 7, as recommended by the CDC and the state department – and enforced at gunpoint in certain states, like California.

Chicken pox is a common childhood disease caused by a virus that lasts two to four days, and then most children are immune to it for life. Measles is like a cold that can include a cough, fever and a blotchy rash that fades after a few days and peels. Mumps is an acute viral infection usually accompanied by a mild fever lasting a couple of days, with a sore throat and swollen glands. What the medical industrial complex doesn't want anyone to know is that the normal human body that's not beaten down and infected by vaccine toxins and food toxins beats these infections easily. Same goes for the Zika virus, which does not cause deformations in babies; that's all a huge lie and scare tactic. The swine flu was a hoax, as was the vaccine, and those vaccine manufacturers have paid out millions in damages due directly to that toxic jab. Then there's the MMR vaccine that causes autism, as confessed by the head CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson.

The anthrax vaccine is highly experimental and dangerous, and the polio vaccine, given by injection or through oral or nasal application, actually spreads the disease, with those children themselves becoming carriers, infecting other children and family members. It's criminal and the vaccine industry knows it, but the profits from selling the vaccine to all the paranoid parents and brainwashed, uneducated folks through fear-mongering far outweigh the damages paid out in settlements for health detriment. It's a simple formula for evil capitalistic success: sell millions of toxic vaccines and create a slush fund from about 1 percent of those profits to shut parents up who try to sue the industry when their kids and babies become crippled and maimed.

The only thing parents should be scared of is the vaccine industry. Take measures to build immunity with organic food and holistic medicine, and don't fall for all the propaganda and fear-mongering spread by the CDC in America. End of story.

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